Space Explorers Giveaway from 90 Second Nerd 🤓

I wanted to share this with you folks here, since I'm really digging this community. The good people over at 90 Second Nerd (featuring Nick Shipley, who also reviews with us at Everything Board Games) has teamed up with 25th Century Games to give away Space Explorers! Follow the link below to enter. Good luck!

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Supporter17 months ago

I've heard that this game is a  Splendor killer? 

17 months ago

I’ve heard the same. I think that’s a bold claim, but only time will tell. 

Supporter17 months ago

It sure is. At this point, I’m thinking it won’t more because Splendor has pretty good market share as a gateway game. It’s just too popular. 

Owner19 months ago

I never win any of these. Maybe I'll have a better chance since you shared it. Thanks!

19 months ago

I hope you do! Space Explorers looks super neat, too. Good luck!