6 Best Kickstarter Board Games from 2020 You Don’t Know About

2020 is still far ahead but most board game publishers aren’t slacking and keep working on games, that might blow our minds in the following years. What games will it be?

Last week had a look at industry giants and their projects for 2020. This time we’ll discuss different games that might come from less-giant publishers but still have a huge chance to become colossal successes. Happy reading!

Saknokushin: Five Sacrifices

Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices is the new game by a bunch of passionate Italians from Axis Mundi (Daimyo’s Fall, So Long My World). Sankokushin is aimed at 1-4 players and seems pretty standard when it comes to game length. You play as a happy group of adventurer’s in a medieval Japanese setting.

There’s a campaign, scenarios full of treasures, difficult decisions by each of the players, atmospheric town where you take a breather and level up, teahouses, gambling and god (kami?) knows what else. Heroes have combat stances, develop the city and can even talk to bosses to manipulate them. I absolutely adore the concept and with my love for Japanese settings consider me a day 1 backer! 🌸 


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