I don't think I need The Gallerist...Change My Mind.


So...Tell me about the Gallerist. I have Kanban and Great Western Trail. Do I need this one too? what does it offer that the others do not?

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27 months ago

What is it about Kanban and Great Western Trail that you like?

27 months ago

I love the complexity for starters. Great Western Trail is fun because you can hire workers, which makes you better at certain actions in the game. It's also great to upgrade your buildings and to chain actions together as efficiently as possible.

I like the thematic wonder of Kanban. I feel like I'm making cars. I need parts, designs, manufacturing, etc. to actually push a car out of the factory, and then, I need to time everything right in order to be able to grab that car and put it in my garage. I like how players can get in the weigh just a bit, but it doesn't ruin everything. It's a thing of beauty.

27 months ago

If it's the complexity of learning a new game that you find appealing, then I definitely think you'll find that in the Gallerist. However, IMO the Gallerist seems to have too many components that you have to keep track of that don't really complement the objective of the game. I think I would rather invest my money and time in Gloomhaven. I am with you on this one, I don't think you need the Gallerist.

27 months ago

Don't buy The Gallerist. Buy Lisboa instead. It's Lacerda's best game, and blows GWT out of the water.

27 months ago

ooo...That's interesting! I do have that on my Amazon wishlist, but it's so expensive!!! If I do get it, I'll grab the deluxe version. It's only $20 more than the normal one.

Owner27 months ago

Unfortunately I haven't played but I felt like Miniature Market wrote a good review on it https://www.miniaturemarket.com/reviewcorner/the-gallerist-review/

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