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Saddle up cowboys—we are headed west in search of gold. And bandits. And apples. And fishing. Sierra West allows us to pick from four different modes each game, slightly changing how we approach se...

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theDL 2 days ago | 1 point[-]

The low score is surprising. It's rated decently highly on BGG (only 9 reviews here on BGA). If my memory serves me, I believe one of the Brothers Murph is a huge fan of this game and hyped it up a bunch. Even hearing him rave about it, though, it never appealed to me much.

philryuh Supporter4 days ago | 1 point[-]

I've looked into this a while back because I was interested in the theme and its aesthetic. A quick glance at the gameplay gave me the impression that it's not actually a thematically satisfying game. And thematic ties are usually very important to me especially if it's a simpler euro game.

sdirrane Supporter4 days ago | 1 point[-]

I've never heard of this game, but I love the Wild/Old West as a theme in games.

WadeB1977 4 days ago | 1 point[-]

I may convince my family to try out this game soon.  Our county just went on lock down.  There won't be much else to do but get folks to play more; I like Sierra West.  The different modules make it feel like four games in one.

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