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Judging A Board Game By Its Looks

Game Design
This is a question I thought I would ask:
should you judge a game by its looks?

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2 months ago

How a game looks is really important to my wife.  She won't want to play it if it doesn't look nice. Or if it's too strategic.  Or too long.  Or it take more than five minutes to explain the rules.

A game's look is what first catches my attention.  Then I'll look up reviews and more info before thinking about trying it out or eventually purchasing it.

2 months ago

Yup, and that is why it is so important. It needs to look interesting in order to do more research. :)

Owner2 months ago

Yes! Well... not so much in the context of gameplay, but just in terms of aesthetics, I made this post long time ago: I was actually thinking of updating this tier list and making a post again :)

But as for your question, I don't judge the overall quality of the art as much as how well the art enhances the experience. Art is subjective, so while I have my preferences, I'm okay if it's not interfering with the experience. The quality and the style might not suit my preferences but it could still be perfectly fine in complementing the gameplay.

2 months ago

Yout totally should! I would read it. :)


2 months ago

yes. Artwork is important to me and I won't like the game if it looks bad

Premium User2 months ago

If it's #Wingspan, yes LOL

57 days ago

A game like #Photosynthesis actually draws people in to wanting to play it because of how it looks on the table.  Even non-gamers want to give it a try when they see a game mid-progress.

57 days ago

Can confirm. I have not played it, but the awesome components and art really make me want to try it!

57 days ago

It really is one of the prettiest games!

57 days ago

Any plans to get the expansion?

57 days ago

I am planning on picking up #Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight . It's on my second tier list for my annual black Friday shopping trip with my brother-in-law. So, depending on how successful our FLGS are at stocking by the games I want, I may have it before the end of the year is up. Otherwise it will probably show up randomly sometime during 2021. 

It seems to provide a nice bit of variability for the base game.  I think it will act similar to the god cards in #Santorini: adding some variables that can really change the way you have to think about playing the game.

57 days ago

Awesome! I never thought about going to FLGS on Black Friday. I wonder if mine will be doing anything special.

57 days ago

The cover of a game is it's selling point. It's what makes me pull it off the shelf in the first place.  There is also something about a pretty game that makes me want to pull it out more frequently.  One of the reasons I haven't picked up #Teotihuacan: City of Gods is because of how ugly it looks on the table.  I'd never get anyone in my gaming circle to play it with me.

59 days ago

The way a game looks influences me than I'd like to admit... But I wouldn't not try a game just because of how it looks. But I'm obviously going to be drawn to a nice-looking game that appeals to me at first than one that doesn't. I reserve final judgment for when I actually play though.

Supporter2 months ago

Initial impressions are impossible to get away from. If your first impressions are from seeing the game, I think that the initial impression will be outsized.

If your first impressions are in a purely auditory or textual form I feel like the first impressions of the art aren't quite as big a deal. So, for me, I listen to a lot of podcasts. And, I often form my first impressions before I even see what the game looks like.

So, are appearances important for first impressions? Categorically they are. So, to the extant that first impressions are important, appearances are important. In todays market, with the overwhelming flood of choices, first impressions are often the reason one chooses, ultimately, to buy or not to buy based on first impressions. 

2 months ago

Of course, it is part of the enjoyment. However once you get more acquinted with a game it matters less because you will be there for the gameplay.

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