Cool Accessory for Azul I saw on Etsy

Looking to upgrade your Azul player boards? Our Azul player boards are stained with a Kona finish and sanded to be smooth and elegant. They sit on top of the original player boards and hold your tile...

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trentellingsen 42 days ago | 3 points

That's pretty amazing

1nf1n1ty 42 days ago | 2 points

Wow. that is beautiful. They have some other nice items as well.

If you didn't know, you can get 'joker' tiles and other specialty tiles directly from the game company.  I bought the jokers.

philryuh 42 days ago | 2 points

I was expecting you haha. The Terraforming Mars ones look really nice. How are joker tiles used? Is it for the backside of the player board? (I've never played with that side) 

1nf1n1ty 41 days ago | 2 points

Of course I would show up when bling is about. :)

The joker tiles are wild but don't count for end of game scoring.

philryuh 41 days ago | 1 point

Ohh ok, sounds like a good way to throw in some strategy

philryuh 42 days ago | 2 points

Has anyone gotten custom boards like this for Azul on etsy? Looks cool but I really have to stop myself from going over budget this year haha. Looks like it would be a great birthday present for a friend though.

1nf1n1ty 41 days ago | 2 points

Want to really go over budget? Have you seen Giant Azul?

philryuh 41 days ago | 2 points

O_______ O that's a thing??? Not sure how worth it it would be hahaha

1nf1n1ty 41 days ago | 1 point

Finding a table that will hold it would be tricky. Sure impressive though.

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