BGA Feature #36 Search Autocomplete Click & Game Ratings Change


When you are using the search bar, you'll see game names get put into the autocomplete, before the change you'd select it and it'd do a search with that term to show all the results. It seems clear that if you're clicking a term you want to see that specific game so now it'll jump straight to the game page now.

An issue we saw as a potential problem was having ratings always show even if there's only 1 for a game. It could easily influence others in their own ratings so now they will hide until there's more than 5 ratings for a game so that a small average will show.

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Supporter14 months ago

I tested it, I like it, and think it is a improvement. Thanks. 

Supporter14 months ago


Partner14 months ago

Great feature ! Now it makes sense ! Keep up the good work !

Premium User14 months ago

Beautiful! That's something I hadn't even thought about, but is a clear quality of life improvement for BGA!

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