Weekly Challenge #4: Top 5 Quick Games In My Collection

As much as I love my deep, heavy games, I also love quick games that build up immediate excitement and keep non-gamers engaged. I also find these games to be helpful for when you and your gamer friends are waiting for the last person to arrive and you want to play a quick game. Plus they are usually low-footprint on the table and my shelves which is always a plus.

1.#Welcome to...  

welcome to is just such a solid and fun game that anyone can pickup. I think it also lends itself to being fast to play since everyone is taking turns at the same time.

2.#Star Realms

 this game is SO good. You can easily play this game in 10-15 min if the other person knows how to play.

3.#Escape: The Curse of the Temple

 besides the 5-10 min setup, this game is capped at 10 min and is real-time. The rules are simple and it is very exciting/intense.


 I just downloaded the PnP version of this alot a week ago and have played it twice. It was so simple that I taught someone else in about 1 min. Lasts about 10-15 min and I'd also very tense.

5. #Oh My Goods!

So I've only played this once... but it seems like this game has some potential to play quick if everyone knows what's going on. Box says 30 min which is fast, but I think I could see this taking 20 min on a good day.


What is your choice of quick game to play when waiting on someone?

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Owner8 months ago

  hmmm looks like I really need to try out #Star Realms!

Since I only play with my wife, I never need another game on hand, but there are rare occasions when we play a game with only 30 min to spare. Our go-to for this is #Welcome to... I'd say #Century: Golem Edition goes well for this too.

Now, if it's quick as in 25-45 min, I'd say #Lions of Lydia: A Strategic Game of Ancient Prestige and #Fort

Premium User8 months ago

Yeah you do! Honestly, get the free app and try it out. It's a really fun and straightforward deck-builder. Definitely can fall under the "easy to learn, hard to master" label.

Premium User8 months ago

Oh man, Star Realms is great. In our 2 plays of Oh My Goods, we didn't even come close to 30 minutes, but I could see it getting there after we're super familiar with the game and strategy.

Another great one (for 2 players) is #Jaipur

Supporter8 months ago

I have two picks in this category. 

Dominion, just the base box, can be blindingly quick. I highly recommend it in this category.

Race for the Galaxy is my my number one pick in this category. Two person games, if you both know how to play, are only 20-30 minutes. A 33 person game will stretch to 30 or 40 which is probably a little too long. But it's still great. Another advantage is that setup takes only 1 minute or so which helps a lot. 

Premium User8 months ago

A 33 person game?? Haha, to this date I've only ever played RftG digital, and only at 2 players. It's extra fast if you're playing against AI!

Supporter8 months ago

Ooooops, that would be quite the game. 

Premium User8 months ago

You could be pretty much guaranteed to get every phase, haha

Supporter8 months ago

There is that. 

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