Server maintenance tomorrow 7am pacific timr


Tomorrow I'll be switching our MongoDB server provider so the site will be down for about 20 minutes in the morning.

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Owner14 months ago

Looks like we ended up having about 15 minutes of unexpected downtime from a smaller change that I wouldn't normally expect to break things. Sorry about that!

14 months ago

And of all the fifteen minutes to try and do stuff, I had to pick those fifteen haha

Owner14 months ago

Migration complete! Downtime was only 12 seconds too.

Premium User14 months ago

Totally unacceptable! :P

Supporter14 months ago

This was an outrageous length of time. I'm calling customer service. where are you?

Premium User14 months ago

I take it that everything went well, since the site is up?

Owner14 months ago

Still in the process actually, haha. It looks like I'll actually be able to do a live cutover though so there should be very little downtime.

Premium User14 months ago

Oh cool. Good luck!