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Civilization: A New Dawn Review - GameCows

The classic video game crafted into a comprehensive tabletop game. Choose from 8 civs then explore, battle, trade and innovate your way to domination....

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Supporter9 months ago

This one is always somewhere on my long wish list and never quite rises to the top. 

9 months ago

Same here. It looks really good, but there are other games that look even better haha

Supporter9 months ago

I've almost bought it several times. I have seen it for $20ish a few times. But I've also always been worried that it has been been too simplified. 

9 months ago

I've had Civ VI for two years now, and I'm just now on the final third portion of my first game haha Hopefully this board game version doesn't take me so long to play :) 

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