Top 5 Travel Games

I love travelling about, but sadly when you have to pack light you can't take a dozen massive boxes with you to play while you're away. Here are my favourite games to take on a trip/holiday:

#13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis - the little brother to one of my favourite 2P games, #13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis (which we do someone's take with us). This game comes in a tiny box but manages to keep at least some of the feeling of the main game. It plays astonishingly quickly but packs in some fun decisions.

#The Fox in the Forest Duet - a great relaxing but engaging 2P co-op. The artwork is gorgeous and it is a really enjoyable take on trick taking.

#Coup - you'll need to be travelling with more than two (or maybe you'll meet some people when you arrive) but this quick tactical bluffing game is great fun and the interplay between the characters is really elegant.

#Welcome to the Dungeon - a great push your luck game, kind of like Skull but with a little more to it. The theme is fun and everyone gets invested when one of you finally takes the hero into the dungeon.

#The Grizzled - one of the smallest co-ops I have come across, the theme is really touching and the game is straightforward but with some fun decisions.

What do you guys take away with you on holiday? 


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