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Saw this meme on a facebook group and wanted to share here! :)


  • How content are you with your collection?
  • Do you notice a lack of certain categories, mechanics, themes, or the ability to support certain player counts?
  • What type of games or specific games are you wanting the most to round it out?

For me...

  • Definitely not content. For at least the next couple of years, I'll usually have 3-5 games that I'll want to add to my collection
  • The more I get exposed to other games out there, the more I realize that I love thematic games. "Hybrid" games that combine elements of deep strategy and the excitement of theme and luck tend to go really well for me, and I'd place #Root in that category. I'd love to add more of these types of games to my collection, rather than acquiring too many "dry euros" with very little theme and immersion
  • Because of this, I recently acquired #Star Wars: Rebellion. I'll also likely buy #Too Many Bones and #Nemo's War (Second Edition) next year

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55 days ago

I'm not content with collection thus far at all for a few reasons. One is silly and jusy how my brain works, but there's still room on the shelves, so there's still room for games. But the main thing is a lot of the games I've bought over the years have been to accomodate other people, what they like, what themes or mechanics interest them the most and so on. I have very few games that I bought for myself. In saying that, I'm reasonably content with my collection if I were to look at it as a wide selection of games to help get people into the hobby. But even on that end, there's still like 2-3 games I'd consider picking up just to flesh it out a bit more on that end. However, as far as a collection for me and my preferences, I'm not at all content. And the biggest problem I have is those two sides of my collection are are odds with each other. For example, I have a copy of Takenoko which is a game that doesn't appeal to me anymore, but people in my group absolutely adore it. I'm hoping to swap it out in the near future with Root or something and maybe gift my copy to someone who enjoys it more. 

Premium User51 days ago

This is an interesting response. The more room on the shelves part is pretty funny. I'm about to test my own brain with that pretty soon as I just bought a shelving system that can hold about 60 games. I have almost 100 now and almost enough places to put them but this new shelf will certainly open up some more space.

As for the rest, I totally understand where you're coming from. I've recently started finding heavier games more appealing. My primary gaming partner, my fiancée doesn't much appreciate those types of games. At all actually lol. She'd be content playing #Taboo for the rest of her life. Well maybe #Monikers now that I introduced her to that. At any rate, I'm always picking up new games while thinking about her tastes or what our families may enjoy. It leaves my collection full of an enormous amount of family weight games that don't really fulfill my desire to play games. I've been trying to cull my collection, but of course she feels like I'm just trying to get rid of lighter stuff. It's a difficult balance for sure lol.

What 2-3 games are you looking at, assuming you had specific ones in mind?

51 days ago

Well I can't argue with her taste, I'm a big fan of #Monikers when there's the people to play it, or if I just want something light as well. It can cause a hell of a lot of laughs. But the urge for a big game constantly calls to me. 

In terms of the 2-3 games I feel are missing from my "introduce people to gaming" selection I managed to pick up one on Black Friday that an old friend had but I never had my own copy, #Mysterium. Which is a game that words for both sides. I find it's a great game for people starting out in the hobby, while at the same time just being niche enough to appeal to my own personal tastes. I'm thinking of getting #Wavelength in the near future but as far as the 3rd game goes it's a toss up between a few party game. Although I did back the #Creature Comforts KS as a way to weave in a worker placement game that's a little more complex than #Carcassonne

Premium User51 days ago

I don't disagree that Monikers is great. I've actually got the expansions high on my wishlist.

Mysterium is something I've always wanted to try. Maybe I should add it to my wishlist as well. As far as deduction games go, we only have stuff like #Cryptid and #A Fake Artist Goes to New York. I don't think either particularly appeal to my fiancée but maybe Mysterium would do it. I'd also like to get #Secret Hitler because I personally love that game.

Wavelength I've played once and it bored me to tears lol

51 days ago

Yeah Monikers is a game that I bought that unfortunately is no longer in my collection as my mother has laid claim to it and kept for it herself. Definitely need to pick up a copy for my own house. 

I played Mysterium to death perhaps 2 years ago and loved it, but it's very much a game that hinges on who you play it with. I'd recommend it, especially if you can get it at a reasonable price, to at least give it a try. Plus the art work is breathtaking on every one of the cards. I'd be tempted to buy a second copy just to frame the cards and hang them around my house they're that good. Secret Hitler is on my list too, but the price always seems to fluctuate the wrong way when I go to buy it. It's such a great secret role/deduction game that it rivals Avalon for me.

Oh really? You're actually the first person I've seen say something negative about it haha. I'm intrigued by it, but at the same time I haven't had a proper go at it yet. It feels like the kind of game where you absolutely need to try it yourself before you'll ever know if it's for you. It looks so pretty though.

Premium User51 days ago

Hahaha I could see my mother in law doing the same with Monikers. Either that or Camel Up. After we played that about 5 times in one sitting she was raving to her coworkers about it.

Secret Hitler is only $35 on Amazon right now! I only know this because I was totally looking for gifts people could get me and I definitely was NOT looking for myself LOL.

I mean I could see Wavelength being fun. For us it was just a lot of downtime waiting for people to come up with good hints. And of course if you're not the one on your team giving the hint, you're basically just doing nothing. I think I'd prefer something like Codenames which seems more similar but with far less emptiness in between turns.

51 days ago

Oh in that case it's best to start saying your goodbyes now because Camel Up is not long for your collection haha. I've lost Monikers, Love Letter and Don't Get Got to my mother and father in the past few years. Who, also in that time, have decided to purchase an extremely over the top Go table for themselves. Seems the thought that maybe their first born son might also enjoy a less extravagant Go set never crossed their minds hahaha.

Damn, right after I did my board game splurge haha. If it stays that price until after the holidays I'll be a happy boy. That or I'll start leaving hints around the house in the lead up to Christmas. 

Ah see that's something I'd be worried about with Wavelength. Speed with clues might be something that comes with time but if there's persistent long periods of downtime than maybe it isn't for me. Codenames is a great game. I got a copy of it and a few of the speciality variations for a friend a few years ago for her birthday and she constantly breaks it out for get togethers. 

Premium User50 days ago

Haha. I don't think I have to worry. There's been a game or two we keep around for them that we straight up tried giving them and they were like nah we'd only play with you guys anyway 🙄 lol

I'd honestly have gotten Secret Hitler already if not for having a couple pending Secret Santa exchanges out there in the world. That's the one bad thing about them. I have to wait so long to find out what I got and can safely ask other people to get as gifts.

And for what it's worth, we did play pretty early on in our meetup group days where we didn't know the people in the group that well. It might be better if we were to play now

55 days ago

What I need is more people to play with. COVID not really helping getting the games on the table.

Overall, my collection is still starting and I need one heavy weights like #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy or #On Mars. Holding off spending for a while til things settle more.

Premium User51 days ago

I think #On Mars would definitely qualify as a heavy weight. What's the heaviest game you have in your collection currently?

49 days ago

I'd say #Twilight Struggle is probably my heaviest one. Looking to add a heavy multiplayer one.

49 days ago

My group loves #Dune :) Only problem is that one is pretty restrictive on player count - it's much better at the full 6 than at any lower player count.

49 days ago

The new #Dune: Imperium is getting good reviews, Rahdo even liked it with 2 players. Adding it to my wishlist.

49 days ago

Yeah it looks awesome! I have pre-ordered it from my FLGS, and I'm super excited to get it!

Premium User49 days ago

Never tried that but the 2 player only aspect doesn't really appeal to me. Did you have any other multiplayer games in mind?

49 days ago

I'm interested in #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, I like #Gaia Project style of games. My main player count is probably 2 to 3. So looking for games that play well at those counts.

Premium User49 days ago

I'm starting to get the idea that space themed games are your thing lol. I'm guessing you've already tried/possibly own #Terraforming Mars but that's among my favorites. Might not be heavy enough for you but it's a start

49 days ago

Incredibly, I don't own it. I have played it, but found it boring at the end and becomes just a simple math problem of trying to maximize the points. It does start well, but I find the end very dull.

I do enjoy Space theme, but I've played a little of everything and enjoy almost any type of game of theme. One of my favorite games is #Root and #Blueprints

I'm on the hunt for #Blood Rage since I remember fondly enjoying it with my brother.

Premium User49 days ago

I can see what you mean. Sometimes games tend to get drawn out too because people refuse to stop running their engines lol. I can't speak to how it plays multiplayer, but I wrote up my solo thoughts about #Underwater Cities not that long ago. It's relevant to this convo because the end was SUPER satisfying to see what you have built. Check it out if you haven't already! It's a great game.

Ah another #Root lover on this forum. Seems that subset of people grows here every day. I don't think I'd ever get a game like that to the table. My better half likes games that aren't as mean and attack-y.

I've heard of Blood Rage but that's about all I can comment on that haha

49 days ago

I will check it out! Thanks!

#Blood Rage is fun because there are strategies for fighting battles, for area control, for dying in battle, for just picking fights, etc etc. So many options...

Premium User49 days ago

Let me know what you think! 

Wait you're saying there would actually be a strategic reason you'd want to die in battle? I may have to check this out.

49 days ago

Yep - the more units you send to Valhalla the more points you get. It's an awesome game, but hard to get a copy.

56 days ago

I'm grateful for my relatively small collection, but all games require me to be in a specific mood to want to play it, so I still want more games to cover all my moods, if that makes sense.

I think my collection somewhat covers all categories, in terms of eurogames and ameritrash games, and cooperative and competitive.

I've had my eye on #Root for a while because this webiste raves how good the game is, and I don't have much games with direct conflict. My most family and non-nerd game is #Escape: Zombie City, so I'd like to get #Kingdomino and #King of Tokyo

49 days ago

#Root I love it. My favorite game, but I find it hard to bring to the table. Make sure your game friends enjoy assymetrical powers and direct conflict. #Root looks adorable but is a cutthroat game, 

55 days ago

I know what you mean about mood. If Sarah and I ever have a conversation like:

"What game are you in the mood for?"
*looks at collection* "hmm... nothing appeals to me right now"

that's when an alarm sounds in my head that I have room for a new game lol

Premium User55 days ago

Perfect thought process 

55 days ago

Buy! Buy! Buy!

56 days ago

I own both #Kingdomino and #King of Tokyo and they are both excellent family games! Kingdomino is even good for a really quick game for gamers, so I like that one a lot.