BGA Feature #74 Likes instead of Votes (And a better thread collapse button)


I'm more excited about this than I probably should be because no functionality is different and I didn't add anything. It's more of a feeling that's changes where we swapped out the upvote arrow for a like button. Without a downvote it really was functionally a like button and it also looks nicer.

The way cool thing though is the thread collapsing button that has been there for 6 months but just in a weird spot. Now it's better! Take a look if I click this little [-] button.

The thread has 4 nested comments. If I click that button then it collapses and says how many nested comments there are!

I've also move the like button and count next to the reply button which makes more sense to have all the ways to interact with the comment in the same spot.

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Supporter4 months ago

Very cool, I had never even noticed that button. 

4 months ago


Supporter4 months ago

I "like" this very much!

4 months ago

Nice, I literally never even thought about what that button was, just been scrolling copiously.

Supporter4 months ago

I know, the day Trent demonstrated it, I said, "That's what that does!"

It's more visible in its new spot.

4 months ago

Ha, glad I wasn't the only one!

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