Farming Game Title?

Game Design
Farmingdale(6 votes) 60%
Farmington(3 votes) 30%
Simple Farm(1 vote) 10%
Agrinomics(0 votes) 0%

10 votes

I am working on a design for Edo's Stuck at Home design contest and was hoping for some feedback on the title. I asked this question in the Love Thy Nerd Facebook group and narrowed down the choices here to the most popular ones. 

Simple Farm - supposed to be an homage to the old computer game Sim Farm but makes the game sound too simple I think

Agrinomics - on the other hand is a good descriptor of the game but makes it sound heavier than it is. 

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Supporter7 months ago

It was the first two choices and Farmingdale seemed friendlier haha

Supporter7 months ago

Yeah I am thinking Farmingdale is the way to go too. Thanks

Supporter7 months ago

No problem!

8 months ago

Farmington. It's a medium name that doesn't sound too much like an app with in app purchases

Supporter7 months ago

Thanks for the feedback!

8 months ago

I'mm glad you're doing Edo's contest! I had a game in the works for that but it ended up becoming not what he was looking for, so now I don't have anything haha But, I do have a new design in the works! I'll never finish my other projects now haha

As for your game's name, I like Farmingdale. The "dale" gives it a nice cultural feel, like I'm visiting the Shire or something. I would think Simple Farm would be super light, and Agrinomics would be a brain burner (although I love the name Agrinomics!). 

Supporter8 months ago

Thanks for the thoughts!

I think the game will fall into the light-medium weight category so yeah I don't think Simple Farm or Agrinomics is quite what I want to go with. And I agree, Agrinomics is a cool name...I was actually on a crop price website earlier today doing research...

Have you seen ButtonShy's latest 18 card game design contest? It has to be a legacy game! Talk about a tough challenge with only 18 cards and no other components. I have an idea for that too but not having other components may force me to not do it but that one at least has a deadline of May 31st, so more time to think about it.

8 months ago

I saw Button Shy was doing another contest, but I didn't realize it was legacy! I may have to get in on that, although dang, that sounds tricky with 18 cards! haha I'd love to give that a try though. Considering I'm pretty much out on Edo's, maybe I'll give this one a try!