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My daughter and I "played" a demo copy of Inis at the local game store when she was 4, but haven't played for real myself. Looks fun!

The upgraded bits are amazing, but I wouldn't say essential. 

They significantly increase the cost of the game, but I really enjoy the game, so it was worth it for me. 

I also got the Meeple Reality storage... and the Quacks bags...

@cbrady748 Quacks has a ton of variety. The chips remain the same, but their effects depend on the "books" chosen for the round. This makes for a TON of variety and replayability. I also like pulling things out of a bag! I upgraded the bags and the chips, and it is a really satisfying experience. As you bag fills up, and you put your hand in to stir up the chips, and they are clanking around... just a fun experience. It is easy to teach and the components look great. The playtime isn't too long, and there is something fun about being sure you are safe... and then pulling the 1 chip that will cause your pot to explode! I've had a lot of fun with this game, and the expansion only adds to the variety and interesting choices you can make.

To restart...

I'd go with Cribbage first (all time favorite game).

Pandemic (our favorite co-op)

Just One (for a party game)

Tiny Epic Galaxy Blast Off

Love Letter

Then probably Quacks of Quedlinburg (my favorite modern game at the moment)

All are games we enjoy in our family. I would certainly be slower and more intentional in collecting than I was at the start of the hobby!