Interesting! Reminds me of #Province - another micro worker placement.

#One Deck Dungeon is indeed a fun solo game, and a good 2P game as well. I play it with my wife as well as my youngest son.

Well I can say that I have no use for 2P games (in general) so any games that look really cool to me that are exculsively 2P are going to fit into this category for me.  The game series I've most considered but won't pick up because of that are the Undaunted games.  I love the theme, I love how they look mechanically, I need a deck builder... but just no use.

As you know I value higher player counts but I think most of my games fit nicely into that.  

#Clans of Caledonia used to be a problem when my gaming group was about 5P most nights, but now that they are 3-4P most of the time that one is still okay at 4P.  I can understand why it's only 4P though.

I'm sure there are fan-made solo modes, have you tried any of those? Sometimes the fan-made solo rules can be quite good.

Love this post! I haven't heard of any of these either, so that's fun. The art on #Oros is great! And those robot minis 🔥

I think it works well, but yeah you do have to run an AI player, so having more players would be a bit more fun. The AI player is very easy to run, but it's just better to have a third person instead of an AI.

I would have thought that prior to Wingspan. I didn't think a bird theme was terribly approachable at first but I am convinced now that a great game design can mesh with most any theme. I avoided Gloomhaven for a while because the high fantasy theme just wasn't a draw for me. The gameplay is so good though, it drew me toward the theme.

I think a good, well, designed euro around a good-based theme could work quite well. It would be a fun thought experiment to take a random food idea...say, candied bacon...and pair it with euro mechanics.  Hmm...

Today's video, as part of our ongoing break from making content, is all our 2020 reviews, in one bingeable 160 minute format. Everything we reviewed in 2020 from Abyss to Viscounts of the West Kingdom 

45 games reviewed (All 2020 reviews with no breaks) - YouTube image
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I posted this while thinking about the idea of a game where you could alter storylines of a book. I'm imagining character(s) on a set destination and you as the narrator/third party can introduce little changes that alter their course. No idea about the rest of the details though!

Most food themed games I've looked at have been on the lighter side. I wish many of the weighty euros out there had a more approachable/lighthearted theme like food. I can see how focusing a game on a specific food or drink could severely limit the target audience though.

When we were having our third kid, a friend's dad (himself a father of three) said, "The world is made for parties of four." :)

A couple of games that used to bug me have had this problem solved by new editions - #Sushi Go! and #Love Letter. Sometimes an expansion fixes it, like #Village or #ICECOOL.

Things I still wish weren't stuck on 4P - #San Juan (Second Edition), #Nexus Ops, #Lost Cities Board Game, #Imhotep, and #Great Western Trail.

I try to use Untapped on trips to keep up with what I tried.  I'm not great at remembering :P

A rondel that gives more actions for going slower but allows AI to grow faster as a result.  Some resource gathering to purchase "progressions" (basically technology advances but also environmental improvements etc).  A worker placement mechanic in which players "staff" various progressions built on the board and gain benefits when those are fully staffed based on the number of workers placed there (and sometimes type as there are about 10 different worker types).  And a hand-management deck crafting feature for honing in on specific resources.  Exploration, Environmental Rejuvenation, AI, Industry, and Influence are a few different tracts players can pursue but pursuing more than two can be dangerous and dilute overall efforts in general and also leave a player more exposed to AI machinations once the singularity occurs.

That's a slightly more than elevator explanation :)

We went to a local place about 15 minutes away because we were nervous and didn't know what we were doing.  Now that the travel trailer is pretty well stocked it's a lot easier.

I tend toward different things in different seasons as well.  Winter, I go heavy on stouts and quads and BA varieties.  Yeti Imperial Stout is my fav but Hibernation Ale is a good second (same brewery) and Old Rasputin is a nice goto now and again.  KBS, Saint Bernardus, Westvleteren 12, and Prairie Bomb! all great winter beers.

In Spring I like to swing toward some lighter fair so Orabella, Oaked Mosaic, more pilsners, and different IPAs hit the spot.

Come summer I love trying the sour ales a bit more and diving into IPAs.  Julius from Treehouse, Heady Topper, Yellow Rose IPA...there's a ton of good stuff around and I'll find quite a few options on our National Park tour.

Fall tends to bring several options but Firestone Walker is one of y favorite breweries and they tend to have some of their rarer specialties in town near that time of year or a tap takeover at one of the local places.  

It gets hot in Texas during the summer and I imagine that is why I like the sours and IPAs and pilsners during that time.  But even during the summer I will throw back a Yeti.  Yeti is just magic in a can for me.

This is kind of a hybrid of your questions - I wish there was a 3 player mode for #War Chest. I don't know how well it would actually work, but it would be fun to try. I think it'd have to involve a different board layout, but it wouldn't have been too big a of a deal to print an additional layout on the back side of the included board. If they came out with an expansion that was just a new board + rules for 3 players, I'd probably buy it.

Only because we have #Calimala and #Hansa Teutonica: Big Box, which both list a minium of 3 players on the box, and never get to play them because of that, I wish 2 player variants worked better.

As for games I wish played more...anything that is of family weight that plays less than 6. We usually have that many when we're at either of our parent's houses so that would be nice. Some ideas would be #The Quacks of Quedlinburg, #Gizmos, and maybe #Karuba.

Oh and I can't forget about #Chinatown!

Yeah that's what I'm saying! It's always a lot more fun than I expect it to be.

Definitely check it out. The rule book for Caverna would be so easy to get through if you know how to play Agricola. They have sections highlighted to denote the differences between the games for fans of Agricola.

I'm glad I could provide a beer challenge! I will say you've influenced me to try more beers to try and start to remember which ones I actually like best vs random things I remember having lol.

Your game sounds pretty interesting! What types of mechanics would it have?

The theme actually manifests really well. I think it helps that all of the art on the cards and boards give a good visual so you can really picture what it is you're character is suposedly doing. But I hear ya, if a game looks that good, it's gotta deliver. Absolutely mandatory haha

I came across this easy-to-get-into Solo variant in the BGG forums. I gave it a tiny tweak and I've been having a good time with it. This works fine with original Dead of Winter, as well as with The Long Night. It's not perfect, but it does the job when you feel like scratching that solo zombie itch!

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0:08​ Opening Comments
1:40​ How To Play
5:32​ End Comments
6:31​ Emma Han Anecdote
7:30​ End Gag

How To Play Solo (Variant) ➤ Dead of Winter ( [Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game]