Agreed.  I'd definitely prefer we keep politics to the minimum.  However, politics is part of everything and will and should be discussed sometimes.  Keeping it civil is key as we have both said.

I think you are saying the same thing I have been, it's all about civil discussion; that doesn't mean you have to agree at all with someone, but you should debate and discuss the idea without turning to nastiness, or attacking the person (you can explain how and why you disagree strongly but civilly). On the flip side though; do we need politicized discussion here unless it strongly and directly ties into board gaming? Sometimes that's hard to avoid, but if we all accept that we all have different viewpoints on things, we can get along just fine.

I hope we all can help evolve it into something superior to BGG! 


I never understood the anger at BGG. Even before all the recent political nonsense some people would just get so bent out of shape if you had a different opinion than they did, or dared interact in any way with them that wasn't deferential enough to their opinion of themselves.

I agree. BGG is so hostile now, Im done there. I hope BGA can grow into something similar to provide that other place to go. 

The wife and I were wondering if you were planning on adding any more breakout content to the graphs? Stuff like being able to hover over the Days of the Week graph to see exactly what games were played on a given day and how many times they were played. 
Keep up the great work. We love what you have done so far and we're looking forward to seeing the site continue to evolve.

Yes. I should edit my post  to say which KS  campaign comment endorsed it.  😊  

Any readers here that haven't checked out the KS Tournament Fishing yet, I encourage them to do so. I own the 1st edition. It's a great game. My game collection has a short shelf life, but TF will always be there. 

Keep at it! It's definitely easier to add to existing pages, which is what I've been doing.

This is a great suggestion. I decided to try this a few days ago, and attempted to add The Return of Kahn expansion to the Star Trek: Frontiers page. I messed it up and had to ask a mod to correct it for me, though. My heart was in the right place!

Hope so! It's been a few weeks since we played and I want to play it haha

GameplayMars Attacks: The Dice Game | Gameplay ( [Mars Attacks The Dice Game]Like| 0 comments | [+]
FileThe Road To Canterbury (Impoverished Pilgrim's Edition) | Unboxing ( [The Road to Canterbury, Illumination & The Road to Canterbury by Alf Seegert]Like| 0 comments | [+]

I've added more images and videos to the Isofarian Guard page here on BGA, the latest videos better illustrate the gameplay.

The link to the pledge manager for late pledges is:

You'll see that the late pledges have far surpassed the Kickstarter funding (now over $635000) and there are now over 5100 backers!

GameplayHow to Play Coloma ( [Coloma]Like| 0 comments | [+]

I think it's all in how things are expressed.   Assertive is fine, aggressive is not.  Being open to criticism and changing of opinions is great.  Repeating mantras and shouting down dissent without listening is not. And that applies for everyone regardless of their opinion.

All of that said, I'm not the boss here so it's just my opinion. :)

That is awesome.  I've added a couple of games here and there and some photos for games that didn't have any but I really should do a bit more fleshing out things.  

Good for you and thanks for doing that!

That was one of my best castles games I think and I still just barely won.  I love the game too!

Nice! Cool that Sarah enjoyed Arnak. My wife and I are both really enjoying that one! I even tried to play it tonight but she was a bit too tired for a game haha

Good week for me last week. Got in a lot of plays both online and in real life lol.

#The Castles of Burgundy - Finished up a couple games of this with a bunch of people on here. Came in last in one very close game against and  and FINALLY won a game against and . Love this game!

#Kahuna - already talked about inviting me to play this one on BGA. After reading the rules, I immediately knew it was going to be super cutthroat lol. He beat me pretty badly, but I still really enjoyed myself trying to figure out a way to make it not look so bad haha. I told a friend of mine about it and we played a game together on there too. I lost yet again, by more than my first play. Definitely not something Sarah would like so there's no way I'd ever be stupid enough to buy it haha.

#Kingdom Builder - Played this on BGA too as a couple other members have mentioned. I really suck at this game...that's about all I have to say about it..didn't get last though!

#Medina (second edition) - Was able to buy a copy of this and spent way too much time cleaning mold off all the pieces lol. Got my brother to play with me and it was just as hilarious to me in person as it was during my plays on BGA. I have no idea why this game makes me laugh, but it does. The fun we had was almost snatched away from me when I dropped one of the palace pieces on the floor and my brother's dog grabbed a hold of it. The crunching noise thankfully sounded way worse than the damage ended up being. Just have an orange palace piece now with a couple of bite marks lol.

#Project L - One of my previously unplayed games that I was able to break out with my brother. This moved suprisingly quick and was a lot of fun. Looking forward to playing more.

#Targi - Yet another previously unplayed game I suckered my brother into playing with me. I really have enjoyed my few plays of this on BGA, but in the physical form, I found it slightly less enjoyable. I think it has something to do with remembering to replace the cards after you take the resources from them. Maybe I'm just lazy or forgetful or both lol.

#Wingspan - My older brother was up this weekend for a family event and was willing to try a game with us. Of course Sarah and I had to introduce him to our favorite game. We played with the #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion which I feel really adds a lot to the game. He did pretty well for his first time playing and I think had we had more time to play again, he would have done a lot better. As a side note, this was our last play of this for our 10x5 challenge, though I'm positive we'll keep playing it throughout the year.

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - My meetup group had their first "heavy gaming" all day board gaming event in quite some time yesterday which I was really happy about. A guy in the group brought this and had never played so I taught it to both him and Sarah. There were a couple of minor things I realized we were doing wrong, most notably not sliding the artifact and item cards down between rounds. Still had a good time playing though. Took a bit longer than expected with Sarah getting some AP. She still said she liked it and would be down to play more. Good thing too since I own it haha.

#Barrage - We really tried to convince someone else to play this with us yesterday so we could get in a 3 or 4 player game. The hope was that I would get blocked at every turn and absolutely hate the experience. However, as it were, no one bit so we just played again at 2. Sarah tried desperately to get in my way but to no avail. I think instead it just set her back a turn or two which definitely didn't help her do well. She hates this so much that I think I'll have to get rid of it when our challenge is over whether I really want to or not...

One thing I've been doing over the last few days, and will probably take a couple more weeks to complete, is adding content to all the game pages of games that I own. I'm trying to ensure every page has at least 8 images, two videos, and a rulebook if I can find one since I can't download it from BGG. If everyone would do the same for at least some of the games they own that don't have that am