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I acquired the base game fairly early in my game-buying life when one of my rules "if it won Spiel de Jahres it must be good".  Its one of the few that I got that early that still hit the table every so often.

Played at Home.


Disappointed they couldn't hold it in Vancouver this year but of course it's understandable.

AwShux still does a pretty darn good job of getting that Shux feeling in an online format!

I think #Near and Far is a great one, specifically because it has the fun storytelling aspect to it. 

However, #Champions of Midgard is one of my favorite games of all time. It's not necessarily fantasy in a traditional sense, but it definitely counts. 

I am really curious on the expansions myself.  I like the base game but not enough to buy it and I keep wondering if any of the expansions will add enough to put it over the top.  Unfortunately I can't answer your questions as I haven't tried any.  

Regarding used games, I'd say probably no as a present unless it was something out of print or hard to find.  But it really depends on the person.

Thanks!  Honestly though, just play what you can.  The stage of life I'm at allows for a lot more time but it definitely didn't used to be that way!

Also, playing on board game arena allows for a lot more games to be played as you can just take a turn when you get a chance.  

On used games, if it was one of my "gamer" friends, I'd have no problem with it, because they understand how much these games can cost and how well people usually like to take care of them. If it was someone who didn't quite have that level of experience in the hobby, I'd feel less comfortable with it.

I have been very interested in checking out #Khôra: Rise of an Empire. Good to see the feedback, I know what my first strategy with my unsuspecting game group will be (evil laugh).

Glad to hear about #Snakesss, I am a big fan of Phil Walker-Harding and have wanted to try this one out. Congrats on the wedding!

Wow that is a good week! You have inspired me, I need to get more game time in, this feels like a fantastic time.

I also saved the score and outcome cards from the oringal deck so we could compare.   

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I own it and the Chibis expansion.  I like it but like Roland said, it just doesn't get table time because of competition with other games.  The Chibis expansion hasn't been opened. I keep it because I like it.  Maybe someday my kids will play with me haha.  They will definitely like the cute panda. 

Got to play a 6p game of #Camel Up (Second Edition) with family.  I'm really not good at these kinds of games for some reason and I usually do pretty badly but I wasn't last so I'll count that as a win haha. 

We saved the other deck so when we finish December we're going to go back and read it haha.  December unforunately had to get pushed back because my kids caught a cold.  So another 3 weeks of waiting. =(

My husband and our scientist reaaaally wanted to know what was in there and he had the extra action so they decided to go for it lol.   

Steam Park sounds really fun too!  But also like you said a verrry different game so I'm not sure the gameplay ticks as many boxes for her as Meeple Land does. 

Played Root

Played at Home with 4 players.

Unfortunately I can't delete anything I didn't post. I think they are happy that you did a video, they said several who they sent copies to didn't.

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played at L&R with 2 players.

Played 6 Nimmt!

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played Horrified

Oh interesting! Okay, you can go ahead and delete the copy if that's within your control! Apparently they liked how I talked about the game making me queasy on their kickstarter page ahaha. Cheers! -Ashton