I love it when an online implementation convinces me to get the real game. In this case, I am hoping to get a copy myself because I think it would be a great two player game with my wife, who loves roll and writes. 

www.yucata.de hosts a number of euro games, all sanctioned and supported by the publishers. It is free to play and supports asynch play with lots of different play counts. 

The Castles of Burgundy is a little hard to find (it is in the "T"s instead of the "C"s.)  Here Is the link to the game:


Let me know if you want to try it! I am BoardGameGumbo on Yucata and always up for a CoB game. 

I agree gift cards are the more desirable option. I'm quite picky with the games that I like, often the specific giveaways are a game I passed on, already own etc.

damn, worth asking! i'll try and hunt down a local who owns it and report back... 

It's one of the miniature Oink games. It's not my favourite ever game or anything but I've been loving it recently. People rave about the Oink party games like #A Fake Artist Goes to New York but with that game the tiny box is actually a bit of a drawback, as the pens and whiteboard are really small it's quite hard to see. With #Startups the size is perfect, the game is surprisingly deep and the tabletalk is just awesome. It's the perfect mid point between party game and strategy game imo. 

Sorry, no. I'm in Minnesota in the US. I'd love to play it any time though. 

you dont live in the UK do you? i need to find someone who owns this game loll

1. I think it would be cool for people to make their own top 10 and then you can compile those lists into the contributors top 10s. Plus then someone go to another person's profile and see their top 10s as well as I could see what top 10s are. Maybe even have it so that a person can make their own top 10 and then make multiple 'updates' so they can look at what their top 10 is now compared to what their top 10 was a year ago. I've always wanted to be able to say this is my top 10 but have never had a reason to do that.

Additionally I'd like to see a list of solo games ad a mostly solo gamer as well as games that are sorted by time to play. It would help drive sales to something that may scratch an itch for some people.


2. Right now I'd have to say my favorite game is Marvel Champions. Took way lo ger to decide on what game to call favorite but this one is so good even though I don't play it all the time. It scales so well to solo and multiple players. I feel like the decisions you make matter but the most optimal move stands out to you where a few times you are left with which optimal move to make.

It's so awesome. So much Star Wars theme. It's a longer game (3-4 hours) but you barely notice the time. Playing either faction is a ton of fun and there are so many different strategies to explore that I think you could play it tons of times and never get bored. Unfortunately the expansion is required because combat in the base game is kind of boring. But they added extra combat cards in the expansion and wow it's amazing. 

That would be cool! Personal Top 10 lists. I like it! It would really spark discussion and foster some great forum content. 

I'm not familiar with#StartUps - what's it about?

Damn, now I want to give Rebellion a try. I've never even given it a second thought until now.

Me too. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking though. And maybe someday we will have more time again. 

Yeah. The age spread is my biggest difficulty right now with playing games with my kids. My oldest is in 3rd grade but the youngest is in preschool. It's hard to play a game when they all want to participate. 

Your gaming story sticks out to me because#A Few Acres of Snow is such a unique path into the hobby. And yes everyone should be thankful for#Root.

I got some more Pandemic: Fall of Rome in and although it was only my third time playing solo I almost won. I feel like this game is a lot harder to win than other pandemic games. 


I also got in some Omen: Heir to the Dunes which is a great quick solo go to for me. Very fast puzzley game. I can't wait to play it with others but in the mean time it plays really well solo.

My son and I got in some Clank! In space which he spanked me on. I was actually shocked how high of a score he got. He plays to get a ton of credit and he definitely used that to help him get over 140 points.


Azul with a coworker is super fun. When we get to play its different than playing other people because the emphasis is a lot more defensive and seeing what we can do to stop the other person.

You can be thankful for#Catan! It still counts even if you don't own it. I am thankful for #Catan also. 

i'm trying to be all "$200 voucher eh... no big deal.. i hope a deserving user gets it" but on the inside i'm all "thor if you can hear me, make sure i win that voucher"

1. I've been thinking for a while, it might be nice to have a discover page about a users top 10? Then you can click into it to chat to that user in a thread or something. Atm there are top 10s for various prominent reviewers but maybe every once in a while we could see some games that the community likes because that could generate discussion on the forum which is what I enjoy. I also wondered if we will be voting for our game of the year or something? that could be cool. (caveat: i never click into the discover section, i just look at the spotlight on the front page so im talking about that)
2. fave game at the moment is probably #Startups. It's just such a neat little package and every time I play it the 'amount' of game in the box surprises me.

What is the Yucata implementation? I'm not familiar with that at all. 

Hey you never know. Maybe your FLGS hired a low environmental impact delivery service. 

Awesome! It's always fun to read about how people get into the hobby. A few point salad euros are fun but it's good to have a diverse collection for sure.