I have the other clank expansions. Looking forward to grabbing apocalypse too. The quest for el dorado is a good pickyup for sure. Fun with family and your gaming buddies. 

Played Dune: Imperium

Played at Fjällgatan with 3 players.

Same! I love that movie. Maybe I'll make a post here after I get it and have played it a couple times.

As I mentioned in my WDYPTW post for 11/8, my birthday was the 4th and it conincided with my small game night group (3 friends). One of them gave me two games:

  • #There's Been A Murder, which we played once. It's a social deduction game with each player only receiving two cards.  You have a limited deck size and must win the game before the last card is drawn.
  • #Bamboozled is a bluffing dice game-that's all I know about it.  I haven't played games requiring bluffing since I was in high schoo 35 years ago.  It'll be interesting to see how I do.

I also received these:

  • #The Castles of Burgundy: 20th Anniversary Edition after playing this on Board Game Arena and really enjoying it, I bought it when it appeared here on BGA as a ding-n-dent discounted price. Of course, having to meet a certain threshhold for free shipping, I bought the following which I also 'received' for my birthday.
  • #Clank! In! Space!: Apocalypse! love the base game and am enjoying the app (which doesn't support the expansions), so I'm looking forward to this.
  • #The Quest for El Dorado I've heard good things about this as a family weight game and still trying to find something else that might be of interest to my son (I'm not doing too well with this approach).  It's been on my radar for over a year and I finally found it in stock at a discount.

Left my collection- I reached out to one company about trading/selling #Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition, #Monopoly: Star Wars - Original Trilogy Edition, and #Forbidden Sky, but due to the small number of games and the cost of shipping the offer wasn't what I hoped for.  I did find a store here in Oregon about 100 miles south of me that buys used games.  I'll have to try to remember that whenever I'm intending to drive down there.

Wishlist: I've got a few things that finally released and/or shipped this week in time for Christmas, so there's nothing on here right now.

I'd like to hear your experience with The Rocketeer. It's still one of my favorite movies for no good reason.

Hope you enjoy There's Been a Murder.  We had a good time playing our first game of it.

And TtR:E is one of our familiy favorites-just tonight when my wife teased our son that when she dies he gets all of her Cutco knives, I joked he'd get all of my games. He rolled his eyes, so I told him he could donate them all the the library as a tax write-off. He said he'd probably keep a handful like #Dominion and #Ticket to Ride: Europe!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for all of you!

I actually got some games in over the holiday weekend, and they weren' all solo plays!  Went to the Oregon coast for four nights with some close friends, their parents, and their kids. I took some time to relax and play games. Here's what I played:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - five solo games, two at home and two at the coast. Three with Spiderman (lost one), one with Captain Marvel, and one with Black Panther.
  • #Under Falling Skies - two games, Roswell city, won first one on level two difficulty, then played the second on level four difficulty; lost the city on side A, then won on side B. I have not yet played the other cities nor opened the campaign sets.
  • #Qwixx - one three player game- my wife won, always a good thing
  • #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle - played year three with four of us, two who have only played it once about three years ago.
  • #6 Nimmt! (actually our French version- 6 qui prend!) - always an easy one to take on vacation, and one my wife is likely to play. She won.
  • #Point Salad - introduced our friends to it. Another win for my wife.
  • #Century: Spice Road - another game introduced to our friends. One of them won, another great win.

I don't think I've played twelve games in one week- ever!  I'm happy with last week's game time!

Played at Umma house.

War Machine (Leadership) vs. Green Goblin, Mutagen Formula; Goblin Gimmicks; Standard

Yep, looks good, easy rules, enough game to keep most folks thinking. It really is in that rare sweet spot

This game is always a hit when we bring it out, especially with casual gamers

Thanks for sharing . We invite you to create a game page here on Board Game Atlas and add details.

Played at Umma house.

Nebula (Justice) vs. Green Goblin, Mutagen Formula; Goblin Gimmicks; Standard

Me either! I just happened to buy some gifts from there when they were offering extra Kohl's cash for various holiday related things. And I was thinking "what am I going to do with this?!" until I saw they sold board games haha

As seems to be my usual no matter what I do lol

I'm trying to get it played tomorrow..we'll see how it goes lol

Played at Umma house.

Drax (Protection) vs. Green Goblin, Mutagen Formula; Goblin Gimmicks; Standard

Played at Umma house.

Drax (Protection) vs. Green Goblin, Mutagen Formula; Goblin Gimmicks; Standard

Well considred rtional arguments are holding me back...

At this point it is hard to make a favourites list.

Who are you gonna play it with+when will these people (and you) find a spot in the agenda's?+how long does a session take so it can actually fit in a night if you still have a teach to do as well?

I can come up with titles but the questions above kinda buzzkill titles as #Star Wars: Outer Rim#Root | #Lost Ruins of Arnak | #Xia: Legends of a Drift System | #Gaia Project | #Century: Golem Edition | ....

Just gotten #Formula Dé though, it was on my wishlist for ages! :D

The UX is horrible. I love good digital board game experiences, but generic products like Tabletopia and Board Game Arena aren't that. This may change with a port to whatever Apple's headset end up being, but I suspect it would still take years to not be clunky even there.

Top Kickstarters Ending Soon! (12/3/2021) [Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II, The Realm of Shadows: A Trio of Solo Games, Heroes of the Shire]Like| 0 comments | [+]

Played at Umma house.

Groot (Protection), Rocket Raccoon (Aggression) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

Played at Home with 3 players.

Played at Umma house.

Groot (Justice), Rocket Raccoon (Aggression) vs. Ultron; Under Attack; Expert

I actually just played with the expansion on my last play. It's nothing radical but definitely adds vareity and nudges each player towards specific specialities. The different player boards and abilities are the coolest part but the best addition might be alternative scoring cards you can choose to use instead of colony scoring in era 3.

I'm not a big fan of Boiteajeux.net, but their Concordia implementation is actually pretty good.

I always thought that Worlds Fair looked interesting. I've played a couple of games by the designer and they both feel original. #Gold West and #Sentient if anyone is wondering.

Haha, well I think she was playing it right but I'll keep an eye out for that next time we play!