Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

I'm not sure why I doubted Quacks for years, but it really is good. I'll have to try witches.

I'm pretty sure you can pick up a copy via the Arydia pledge manager. You may be able to skip Arydia and just pick up Xia and the expansion that way. 

I've been fighting off the shininess of expansions for this one, but I think I have finally met my match. -_-

Played Aquatica

Played at Home, Gilbert, AZ with 2 players.

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played at Home with 2 players.

Played Scythe
Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played Fantasy Realms

Played with 2 players.

Played at Beaumont with 2 players.

We won with 1hr2min. 2 clues. Very nice

I agree with you entirely, this is a fun casual game thats not too thinky.  

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Played Aquatica

Played at Home, Gilbert, AZ with 2 players.

Played Zeus on the Loose
Played Lux Aeterna

Played at Gerani with 2 players.

Played Flotilla

Played at Russ's House with 2 players.

I actually trust gamefound more than kickstarter nowdays; and that's a huge motivator making me look more at Gamefound projects and makes it easier to say no to a Kickstarter project. I've decided against a couple KS projects that I almost certainly would have backed just a few months ago. With Kickstarter ignoring their own rules about unfulfilled projects, allowing publishers to hide critical comments, allowing publishers to knowingly misrepresent costs, and trying to implemment blockchain to reduce transparency further, I'm growing leery of additional projects from the big money publishers especially.  Having said that, there hasn't been a Gamefound project that has appealed to me enough to back one yet, but a couple potentials are upcoming.

Thanks to you both. Very helpful!!  I guess at some point, you just gotta bite the bullet and give it a try!

Today's video is the wacky steampunk engine building and racing game, Steampunk rally fusion. I really enjoyed the original and backed the new version on Kickstarter. Find out why i think this is a fun game here

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I agree both need better filtering and the ability to set default filtering preferences.

Kickstarter needs to separate board games from RPG, dice, minis

Gamefound needs to separate projects currently undergoing crowdfunding from those in PM, also sort by user preference

Both need to show more before you need to hit the show more button, then return to where you were rather than the top of the list again

Both need a way to allow different pledge level.amounts for different countries so differences in VAT and taxes can be correctly and fairly accounted for, and to eliminate currency conversion 

Kickstarter needs to strengthen and actually enforce their policy about creators with too many unfufilled proje ts not being allowed to launch new campaigns

As merely a backer, I like Gamefound for:

- Professional handling of UK/EU VAT, that KS seemed to want to circumvent with blockchain

- Better capabilities inc. polls, better pre-launch & transition to pledge manager. I suspect there is more to come

- Better focus on board games. KS filtering doesn't allow me to filter out the various dice, playing cards, RPGs, STL files, 'zines etc. that aren't of interest. Gamefound seems to be attracting these as well now, and have worse filtering than KS.. if that's possible

I do think they missed a few tricks, mostly by adopting elements from KS that werent a great place to start. Familiarity a factor I guess.

Things that need improving for both:

- Filtering / views

- Comments - both are clumsily formatted. Both have their issues with backers being jerks, but GF seem to apply a light touch moderation, whilst KS appear set on hiding criticism.

- I'd want a single view for all I'm backing / late pledging on their platform, with ETAs updated by creators so I can see all at a glance. Whilst I never have many o/s, there are people with 20, 30 or 40 o/s deliveries, and it's for them that a single view would be ideal. It should also include a checkbox to allow completed projects to be hidden

- Previews start on GF with a parade of comments. For someone new to the platform, this looks like there is no content yet. Put the content at the top and comments below (or have the comments at the top but allow the user the option to collapse/uncollapse them)

- In general, think more about what people are wanting to do on the site and make that journey easier / better for them, and make it easier for them to find a project that appeals and to back it.

- Looking for info in prior updates is a nightmare. It relies on memory of what info was presented roughly how many months ago. A 1 page view would be ideal with a precis of each update e.g.

Update 8. 14 Mar 2022, Focus on combat and vote on 5th character

Update 9. 22 Apr 2022, Negotation, gameplay preview video

Interesting read.  More so if you read the comments.  I know I still prefer the look and functionality of Kickstarter in most respects. Where Gamefound shines for me is the far superior prelaunch pages there.  When you read the comments, and hear about the missed opportunities in Gamefounds platform at this point, It makes me scratch my head and say why didn't they think of that?

My son wants to try resin printing, but we are concerned about the solvents and fumes, and dont have a great way to set up venting (No garage either)

My sons first printer is an Ender (Model 3 I think, not working at the moment since an upgrade seems to have caused a software or hardware tracking issue), his newer larger one is a Creality (It looks like it is probably a 10S looking at Amazon images). The Creality definitely prints nicer and cleaner when we compared both, but it is more expensive too, so you would expect that.

Sounds a lot like our process, we decide if something needs improvement after our first couple play sessions of a new game. If we really love the game even my wife will be like "we need to make this piece better"  If the game is just OK, then maybe not.

As of now the Ender has been large enough for almost all of my print needs.  There have been a couple insert pieces that were too wide to fit on my print bed, but those I was able to move to TinkerCAD and split into smaller pieces that I then glued together or  just used as they were. 

The Ender series feels like a pretty good entry point into the 3D printer hobby.  The stuff I listed is about 1/2 the stuff I've printed over the past 18 months as I've mostly exhausted the 3D items for the games I already own.  Everytime I get a new game one of the first things I do is go to thingiverse and see what upgrades exists though :)

We had a couple Kemet first timers, so it was a big problem when they asked questions that weren't in the rulebook but shoud have been.  

It looks like there are exercise mats that might work, they are cheaper and larger than gaming mats and come in round and rectangle shapes. 4 foot by 6 foot is a standard rectangular size, and I found round in 4 foot and 58 inch

Haha, that's too bad! I learned the game from the rulebook. I don't think I had too much trouble, but I also was not running the game, so we had someone there who was more familiar with the game to guide us.

I have the one from I think it's 3'x5'. It's great!