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That's great!  I wasn't sure what to expect-ended up playing one game with the family and two with just my sister-in-law.  Better than nothing!

Yeah, try it!

Have you played #18EU? That's another good one with minors that merge. There's a "minor powers variant" that lets you draft the minors and their starting locations.

I've only played it at 3 and 4.  I think perhaps 3 times at this point?  

I don't know if it is a priority or not.  It's a good game for sure.  Trying to think of things that are decidedly different from other games:

  • If you don't make it up the palace track your score is zero.  It's not hard to get up the track though but you still have to keep an eye on it.
  • It's got an interesting combination of different things.  Board travel, cards that may activate an area or thing different from the one you are on.  A river boat ride. :)  

I'd say definitely give it a couple of tries. 

That's what I figured.  Maybe my group will go through it online at some point.

i've played the first 16 games of My City and it definitly improves as you get past the first 3 games.  The game really starts to pick up by game 10.  We usually end our game night by doing the next set of 3 episodes.

No? I'll have to check out a video too

I watched a video and it didn't interest me at all...

Mentioned in 's post that I ended up playing more than I expected after Thanksgiving dinner!

#Aquatica - Sarah and I retried playing this last week after we gave up on it the week before last. She admitted it was better than she initially thought so taking a break and not just trying to power through seemed like a good idea. Compared to other games we own and have played recently, we don't really feel the urge to go back to this one. I do want to try it again changing up some of the goals and including the king cards, but ultimately I think this will lack replayability. I heard the expansion changes things up a bit for the better, but I don't think it's worth it trying to pick that up just for that.

#So Clover! - One of 4(!!) games played on Thanksgiving. Played twice with my parents, brother, and Sarah. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, although there was some downtime waiting for people to come up with clues.

#Coloretto - I was actually kind of shocked how much my family got into this game. There was plenty of trash talking when cards someone didn't like would get added to piles lol. 2 plays for this one too!

#Super Mega Lucky Box - This ended up being my mom's favorite game of the bunch. Probably due in large part to her being really successful getting some nice combos. At one point my dad (who was mildly confused as to how she was doing it) accused her of cheating lol. Needless to say it was another good pick for the crowd.

#The Quest for El Dorado - My mom and Sarah bowed out of more games so my dad, brother, and I played some Quest for El Dorado. It was a very close game throughout with my brother winning in the end. I think my dad and I would have been able to make it to the end on our next turns. Fun game!

#Azul - My only online play this past week. I've been playing Azul against my coworker on BGA quite a bit though it's slowed down in recent weeks. We convinced our other coworker to join BGA and play with us. I lost by 4 points - I'm creating monsters lol jk. We're currently in the middle of a rematch :P

Yeah, I think I'd be more inclined to play it in person, but still probably won't be buying it. I'm interested to try #Imhotep: The Duel to see what the differences are.

#1861: Railways of the Russian Empire / 1867: Railways of Canada is one of the last big holdouts on my SoS. I met a guy locally who's into train games so I'm hoping that someday here soon he'll be available to play/teach it to me lol

There's a copy of Imhotep in auction on BGG ending tomorrow that I thought quick about bidding on but I think I feel the same way with you when it comes to the fade.

That's too bad! Hopefully you can get it played soon.

It's not my copy and the guy who brought it borrowed it from someone who usually has everything very organized and goes out of his way to get every expansion and promo for all of his games and has even upgraded a few of them so it was a surprise to all of us.

Trying to organize another game is gonna come down to whether he can locate the missing components but even then it probably won't happen again until next year.

TI4 has been on my "must play at least once" list for years so I hope I can finally cross it off.

Oh man, big bummer about TI4. Any plans to get the missing components and reschedule?

I actually have a sealed copy of #Gùgōng on my shelf! Should I make it a priority to get played? How do you think it plays at 2 players?

I'm crossing my figures and hoping Becky loves it as this is one of my favorite 2-player games.

Nice gift! #Targi is one I want to introduce to Sarah but fear she'll find it too mean

Ah it's OOP?  Didn't know that.  Ah well.  

Yeah, it's definitely most similar to Blood Rage but it's definitely its own thing really.

Good week with a variety of games:

  • #51st State: Master Set: Played on TTS with the Winter expansion.  I like this game quite a bit.  It encourages player interaction by allowing you to raze other players locations.  But those locations can easily, and cheaply, be built in to a more expensive location so it's almost a win/win.  I know #Imperial Settlers is the preferred version of the game but I tend to like this one more. Played on TTS
  • #Caverna: The Cave Farmers
  • #My City: Played on board game arena.  The base game is pretty meh so I assume a campaign is where the game shines a bit.
  • #Gùgōng: Played on TTS with most of the expansions.  A super tight game which was a lot of fun!
  • #Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo Il Magnifico - The Card Game: We had some spare time so tossed this one in.  I really like this one.
  • #Great Western Trail: Got a very distant second in a three player game.  I am really not sure how to do well at this game despite so many plays.  Might be time to really dive in to this one.
  • #Conquest of Paradise:  Traded for this one.  It's a fun reasonably short pseudo civilization light style game.  I used the solo mode and found I quite enjoyed it!  I'll have to try it multiplayer at some point.

cheers! I've only played Kemet and BR out of the list you mentioned, and RS feels the most similar to BR for sure with the same designer, and the 'killing yourself to win points' mechanic.


The game is certainly way different than those 2 in a diplomacy sense though, where you have to keep negotiating and breaking the set alliances! Definitely worth trying out, to own may be a whole nother level at its OOP status! -Ashton

Interesting week of losing games. No games on Thanksgiving though:

#No Thanks! @6p - Had a few new people at my Monday game night so while we waited for a few of the regulars, we played some quick warm-up games. I was forced to take the 35 card with almost no chips on it so it was disasterous for me after that. Got last place.

#For Sale @6p - Needed another small game. The new people loved this. I was able to get a pretty even spread of properties then used them quite well in the selling phase to grab a very strong first place finish.

#Dice Forge @3p - The regulars finally arrived so we split off into two groups. I took the new people and we played this. They had actually already played it but we're very happy to give it another go. I didn't have any real strategy but still managed to win by 4 points.

#Tiny Epic Galaxies @2p - The new players left and a semi-regular arrived pretty late so while we waited for the other group to finish their game I taught him this. He did pretty well and while I got a significant early lead, he quickly caught up and ended up beating me by 2 points even after I triggered the endgame.

#Betrayal at House on the Hill: 3rd Edition @6p - Played with just the regulars which is sort of rare. Our scenario ended in no betrayer (which is actually really shocking) but a sort of cooperative boss battle against a really tough AI character. No spoilers but we managed to kill the boss and only lost one player in the process. His sacrifice will be remembered.

We have a once-a-month special meetup that runs for 8 hours. We had decided on a game of #Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition and I prepared by watching a few how to play videos all week. We got to the event and setup a 4 player game before finding out that we were missing multiple decks of cards that made the game unplayable. So we had to pack it up after about an hour of setup. Instead we played:

#Castles of Mad King Ludwig @4p - First play. It's very similar to a game I own, #Suburbia. I picked up some goal cards for food rooms which happened to coincide with one of the community goals for most square feet of food rooms. I setup a bunch of high scoring rooms but almost never got a chance to score well for them. The teacher said that about half the deck contained basement cards so I prepared for it but only about a total of 4 basement tiles ever appeared. After endgame scoring, I was tied for first with the tiebreaker being most square feet. I managed to squeak out a win by only 50 square feet. I didn't really like the spacial puzzle element of this and still prefer the straight strategic placement element of Suburbia.

#Tiny Epic Galaxies @4p - We finally included #Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Expansion. It was a little touch-and-go initially but once we got going everyone seemed to enjoy the expansion. It does complicate a pretty simple game but it's a good level of complication. My only real complaint is that the endgame trigger is still only 21 points when it seems like they could have upped that by a few points since there's more ways to get points now. I did horribly after not being able to roll ANY economy dice after over 10 turns and ended in last place. It was actually pretty ridiculous after a while that I could not roll a single one.

#Love Letter @3p - We lost a player and needed a quick last game before our venue closed. I again got very unfortunate cards (was forced to use a Prince on myself with the Princess as my other card) so I ended up in last again.

That doesn't surprise me. I think having more players than factions would make it more interesting.

My wife is feeling much better, thanks! And there were definitely turns where I did something just to do something, haha

With all the extended Thanksgiving hosting and prep, I didn't get to do any gaming with guests beyond showing off the #Bolt Action Italians I'm working on.


But I did have an all-day event with my 18xx group yesterday! We played #1861: Railways of the Russian Empire / 1867: Railways of Canada on the Russian side in which I did surprisingly well, and #1846: The Race for the Midwest in which I was crushed. I'm finding that I like the style of 18xx in which little companies merge into bigger ones.

It looks like we've roped in another regular, so there should be lots of 18xx in the future!

I will say that a) I prefer Pax Pamir in person as well b) it plays better at higher player counts and 3 is probably the worst player count for the game. 

Learning a game from its digital version can be tough. But at least a rules-enforced implementation lets you do something legal while keeping the game moving. My philosophy is to press some buttons and see what happens. :)


Hope the wife is better! But sometimes it's nice to have a captive audience...