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Board Games by Trevor Benjamin

These are the board games designed by Trevor Benjamin.
War Chest board game
Undaunted: Normandy board game
Mandala board game
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Undaunted: North Africa board game
War Chest: Nobility board game
Undaunted: Reinforcements board game
War Chest: Siege board game
Dice Heist board game
Piece of Pie board game
Café Fatal board game
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The AMA was awesome! I'd love to see those more often! Maybe once a month? I'm sure weekly would be even cooler, but I don't know how easy it would be to line up guests that frequently. On the other hand, it does seem like many people in the industry make themselves accessible, especially if they have something to promote, so maybe game designers/artists or people at publishers like Stephan. In terms of getting people engaged, I'm sure that being able to give away a game like IELLO did is a big help, so people promoting games could be pretty reliable possibilities.

Any number of people would be very fun to have for AMAs. His game #War Chest is on my mind, so designer David Thompson or his co-designer Trevor Benjamin would be someone I'd be interested in hearing from (they also designed the Undaunted series together). I'm sure any designer of popular/acclaimed games would be fun!

Content creators could be fun as well, though I could see those being more popular in video format as interviews or something, since that's often where people are most familiar with them. Still, could be fun as AMAs too. Perhaps J from would be willing! He's a video creator AND a game designer :)