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Board Games by Mark Gerrits

These are the board games designed by Mark Gerrits.
SteamRollers board game
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Mini Rails board game
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Mini Express -- solo playthrough by One Man and his Meeple image
PlaythroughMini Express -- solo playthrough by One Man and his Meeple ( [Mini Express 🚂 A century of railroad expansion in 60 mins⏱️]Like| 1 comment | [+]
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Mini Express was a 2020 kickstarter designed by Mark Gerrits and published by Moaideas Game Designs. It's a mid-light rail builder set in the USA and there's also a Europe map.

The bot uses random tile selection to decide which company to build with and where to build to, or from which company to buy a share.

You take it in turns until two sets of shares are fully depleted and then score according to your influence in each company, and the value of each share you hold.

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