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Board Games by Donald X. Vaccarino

Vaccarino was a computer programmer. He played Magic: the Gathering when it was released, and actually helped in the revision of the rules for the 6th Edition being credited as an experienced player. He also started playing Euro style games like Settlers of Catan. Since 1994, Vaccarino has been making his own games but did not publish any finished product.

While working on a fantasy adventure board game, Vaccarino had a problem with a combat mechanism in the game. He developed a deck building mechanic to fix the problem. Liking the mechanic, he stopped working on the fantasy adventure board game and began to develop Dominion. Over the next few years, he presented the game to his friends and the game became a huge hit with them. Due to this success among his friends, he finally decided to present the game to Rio Grande Games and the game was ultimately published. The game went on to win the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award.

Dominion: Second Edition board game
Rank: 41
Trending: 1123
Kingdom Builder board game
Rank: 202
Trending: 877
Dominion: Prosperity board game
Rank: 250
Trending: 966
Dominion: Seaside board game
Rank: 251
Trending: 758
Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition) board game
Rank: 261
Trending: N/A
Dominion: Intrigue board game
Rank: 280
Trending: 550
Dominion: Hinterlands board game
Rank: 667
Trending: 2085
Dominion: Adventures board game
Rank: 956
Trending: 2078
Greed board game
Rank: 1020
Trending: N/A
Dominion: Guilds board game
Rank: 1021
Trending: N/A
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