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Board Games by Dan Hallagan

These are the board games designed by Dan Hallagan.
Obsession board game
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I just got this recently and have only played solo so far but can't wait to get my wife to play this with me! I think that it's under rated due to basically just being available directly from Dan Hallagan. The theme is so unique for a board game, and it's even better if you try to speak with a British accent. Love the different meeple types with specific abilities. I remember a few times thinking, "Oh no! I just made this plan, but I have the wrong meeple!" Then I would modify my plan for my next turn so I could get where I wanted with what I had. I have seen some complain about the randomness of the tiles and card draws, but it makes it more thematic for me. Your ability to court, to entertain, to purchase, to hire servants were in competition with other people and not everything was just available, unless you had money and position already, which you are vying for in this game. I'm also a huge fan of spending money in games, so I think the market is great fun.