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Wolfgang Kramer is a German board game designer. Kramer formerly worked as an operations manager and computer scientist, but since 1989 he has worked full-time on game design. He has designed over 100 games, many which have been nominated for or have won the Spiel des Jahres.

El Grande board game
Rank: 230
Trending: 461
Downforce board game
Rank: 246
Trending: 289
6 Nimmt! board game
Rank: 250
Trending: 810
Tikal board game
Rank: 311
Trending: 470
Princes of Florence board game
Rank: 489
Trending: 1763
Colosseum board game
Rank: 589
Trending: 507
Mexica board game
Rank: 629
Trending: 723
El Grande Big Box board game
Rank: 748
Trending: 607
Torres board game
Rank: 761
Trending: 1261
Linko board game
Rank: 853
Trending: N/A
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Uwe Rosenberg goes from quite light with games like Cottage GardenPatchworkSpring Meadow etc... All the way from that to games that are medium heavy to heavy. 

Vlaada Chavitil I don't think it's a good choice for you. But he has 8 of his games in the top 200 of BGG and they run the gamut from Codenames to Mage Knight. If all you are looking for is solid games with a huge variety of weight to choose from you could do worse than go with him. 

One other option is Michael Kiesling. I don't know if this counts or not, but he has designed a number of good lighter games, like Azul. But, also, in company with Wolfgang Kramer he had designed a plethora of solid midwwight Euro games.