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Board Games by Richard Garfield

Richard Channing Garfield (born June 26, 1963) is an American mathematician, inventor, and game designer. Garfield created Magic: The Gathering, which is considered to be the first modern collectible card game (CCG). Magic debuted in 1993 and its success spawned many imitations. Garfield oversaw the successful growth of Magic and followed it with other game designs. Included in these are Keyforge, Netrunner, BattleTech(CCG), Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Star Wars Trading Card Game, The Great Dalmuti, Artifact, and the board game RoboRally. He also created a variation of the card game Hearts called Complex Hearts. Garfield first became passionate about games when he played the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons, so he designed Magic decks to be customizable like roleplaying characters. Garfield and Magic are both in the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame.

King of Tokyo board game
Rank: 30
Trending: 397
Magic: The Gathering board game
Rank: 97
Trending: N/A
Android: Netrunner board game
Rank: 103
Trending: 155
KeyForge: Call of the Archons board game
King of Tokyo: Power Up board game
Rank: 259
Trending: N/A
King of New York board game
Rank: 297
Trending: 954
Roborally board game
Rank: 312
Trending: 924
Bunny Kingdom board game
Rank: 386
Trending: 520
The Great Dalmuti board game
Rank: 712
Trending: N/A
King of Tokyo: Halloween board game
Rank: 759
Trending: N/A
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