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Board Games by Vlaada Chvátil

Vladimír Chvátil (born 1971), often known professionally as Vlaada Chvátil, is a Czech board game designer and video game designer. He became a recognizable name in the board game community following the publication of Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization in 2006 and thereafter his designs frequently made the top 100 list on BoardGameGeek. In 2016, he won the coveted award "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year) in Germany for Codenames.

His most notable video game project was a real-time strategy Original War. He later worked on the role-playing video game Vision that has never been finished. In 2006, he left Altar and started to focus on board games. In 2010 he worked on Family Farm, a game that was developed by Hammerware.

Codenames board game
Mage Knight board game
Rank: 82
Trending: N/A
Galaxy Trucker board game
Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization board game
Codenames: Duet board game
Rank: 127
Trending: N/A
Codenames: Pictures board game
Dungeon Petz board game
Rank: 300
Trending: N/A
Space Alert board game
Rank: 309
Trending: N/A
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization board game
Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition board game
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Yes, and that bugs me a bit. But, often those games do have good gameplay to back them up. 

Have you seen how many games vlaada chvatil has in the BGG top 100?