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Board Games by Peter McPherson

These are the board games designed by Peter McPherson.
Tiny Towns board game
Tiny Towns: Fortune board game
Tiny Towns: Villagers board game
Tiny Towns: FLGS and Larkstone Promo Cards board game
Tiny Towns: Tiny Trees board game
Tiny Towns: Fortune – Dead Reckoning Promo Card board game
Temple of Knowledge board game
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Interview with Peter McPherson, designer of Tiny Towns image
Interview with Peter McPherson, designer of Tiny Towns ( Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Off The Table is our weekly gaming news in 10 minutes or less. I figured y’all might be interested since this is a quick rundown of the details available for some big upcoming titles. As always, feedback on the show & format is welcome. 

shownotes, links, and timestamps are here:


00:26 - Stonemaier Games announces Tapestry 

02:31 - CMON Announces Ankh

03:22 - Pandasaurus announces Wayfinders and Silver & Gold

03:47 - Renegade announces Architects of the West Kingdom - Age of Artisans, Circadians: First Light and Vampire the Masquerade Expandable Card Game

05:43 - Mythic Games Announces Joan of Arc v1.5 & New Teutonic Knight/PLC Expansion

05:51 - Rascals announced a standalone expansion Crystal Maze - Eastern Zone 


06:03 - Tiny Towns Fortune Expansion with Peter McPherson


07:55 - Custom Upgrades?