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Board Games by Stefan Feld

Stefan Feld is a German-style board game designer who lives in Gengenbach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Feld is considered one of the most prominent designers of the Eurogame genre.

The Castles of Burgundy board game
Trajan board game
Rank: 180
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Bruges board game
Rank: 362
Trending: N/A
Bora Bora board game
Rank: 412
Trending: N/A
Notre Dame board game
Rank: 432
Trending: N/A
The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game board game
In the Year of the Dragon board game
Rank: 527
Trending: N/A
Carpe Diem board game
Rank: 529
Trending: N/A
Amerigo board game
Rank: 534
Trending: N/A
Aquasphere board game
Rank: 546
Trending: N/A
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Question #2 - One of the giveaway rounds will be all about hard to find games (out of print or frequently out of stock). What are some of these games that you'd love to see us giving away?

Answer #2 - I have really loved several games that are out of print and those with whom I have played them have enjoyed them too.  Here are a few i would love to see enjoyed by more folks:

  • Tobago - This game is SO unique!  It has great components and a very unique game play as you seek treasure and narrow down its locations.
  • Bruges - I am a huge Stefan Feld fan, and this card driven board game takes the idea of multiple use cards to a great place.  (I would love to see it with the expansion, which I do not own.)
  • Russian Railroads - I was introduced to this game via the internet.  You can play it on Board Game Arena.  I was disappointed to find that is is out of print.  It is very fun and has lots of pathways to victory which I love.
  • Glory to Rome - This is a fantastic game, but I was not a fan of the minimalist design of the kickstarter which bankrupted the maker.  Many folks criticize the art of the orginal, but i prefer that version so much more.  I hear there was an Italian version that had the best of both worlds.   Again, great game of multiple use cards.



 it's definitely pronounced ooo-vay lol. I don't know if I have a favorite designer but I will say I'm surprised that Stefan Feld and Vital Lacerda didn't make the list. 

This is very cool! I wonder if the sorting algorithm needs a bit of tweaking - I see that Darwin Kastle, the designer of #Star Realms and #Hero Realms, is right above Tom Lehhmann and Stefan Feld, who are arguably both more renowned and influential than Mr. Kastle, no disrespect to him.

Similarly, Alan Stone is pretty high up, with basically only Vitciluture and Euphoria to his name.

But of course it could be that there is still some small-sample bias showing, and some more expected names will rise to the top as more people use BGA. Also maybe I'm just wrong and those designers deserve to be that highly ranked.

I'd be interested in some of the people who have been around for a long time, people like Reiner Knizia, Uwe Rosenberg, Stefan Feld, Friedman Friese etc.... I'm very interested in what people like that think about how the hobby has changed from their perspective. 

Also, I would love if you would interview Cole Wehrle and explore how history influences his game design.