A Sight for Azorius Eyes - A Custom MTG Card Contest

Azorius is one of the ten guilds of Ravnica, specifically the white-blue guild. It seeks the white ideal of order and peace using the blue means of logic, placing the law above all else. Your challenge this week is to design a card for the Azorius guild. It can be any card type (With the exception of legendary, since that is reserved for the guild leaders themselves.) and must be white and/or blue.

Card Design Thoughts

The winner of the contest will be the entry with the most votes and meets all the card requirements when the contest period is over! Good luck and submit early!

Need Inspiration?

Read this post by Andrew Evans on how to approach designing Cards in this theme for MTG.

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Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who paricipated in submitting an entry or voting!

3 votes • EthanKreethan
2 votes • jrthor418
2 votes • MokeyMokey
2 votes • bobbbyyy
2 votes • VoeJozzo
1 vote • MrBeef23
1 vote • brookesy70
1 vote • Food
1 vote • smock_gray_boon_stack
1 vote • Bonediggerninja