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I’m going to go with something totally different. 

South - American Civil War

East - Eastern Front of WW2

I would definitely love to see a good take on the Civil War.  Something that is kind of like a war game would be cool to me but it has to have other mechanics as well.  Maybe it could focus on one of the battles?  I'd love to see a way to impact the game by trying to attack supply lines.

It happens with history. In the past year I've wanted to play games with Roman history, French revolution, Haitian revolution, and El Salvadoran civil war. 

I voted for ancient/historical because there aren’t enough games about Roman history. 

Rise of Rome

Samnite Wars

Punic Wars

Sulla in the East

Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul

Caesar’s civil wars 

Augustus vs. Antony 

I could keep going but we could definitely find some cool games based on those.