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10 Best Nautical Board Games ( [Navegador, Raiders of the North Sea, Concordia, Goa, Underwater Cities, Cyclades, Captain Sonar, Keyflower, Endeavor: Age of Sail, Le Havre]Like| 21 comments | [+]
Top 10 “Games I have watched a Full Playthrough on Youtube for but have never played in real life” Games Like| 15 comments | [+]
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Some great games on this list, not sure I have ever thought of #Raiders of the North Sea or #Keyflower as overly nautical games, as although both do include ships they aren't a core mechanic in the game (ships are implied more than featured in raiders and are just things you collect starting meeples off of each round in keyflower). 

Love #Captain Sonar, can be hard to get 8 people together but when you do it is a blast. 

I would love to see your take on a game like #Agricola (Revised Edition) or anything from Klemens Franz! Maybe even #Le Havre? I love nautical themes :)