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What about expansions? [Dominion: Second Edition, Catan, Scythe: Invaders from Afar Expansion, Scythe: The Wind Gambit Expansion, Scythe]Like| 28 comments | [+]
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Upcoming Root: The Marauder Expansion Will Complete Your 2 Player Experience image
Upcoming Root: The Marauder Expansion Will Complete Your 2 Player Experience [Root: The Marauder Expansion, Root: The Clockwork Expansion, Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, Root, Root: The Underworld Expansion]Like| 19 comments | [+]
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Root: The Marauder Expansion - Minor Factions Will Enhance 2 Player Gameplay [Root: The Marauder Expansion, Root: The Clockwork Expansion, Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, Root, Root: The Underworld Expansion]Like| 3 comments | [+]
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#Terraforming Mars is one of my favorites too! ALWAYS play with Prelude :P

I want to get more content for it pretty badly but I have a love/hate relationship with the component quality so unless I can get them for really cheap/free, I likely won't do it. Only have Prelude and the #Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium map.

You have the best two expansions already. After that I would probably put colonies then turmoil then Venus. 

The component quality has never bothered me but I did throw some magnets on the player boards to keep things in place. Cost about $10.  :)

Had a really good week of games. The family surprisingly wanted to play a few games this week, as well as getting a few games in with my weekly game night group. 

#Tiny Epic Galaxies 1p - Played a few rounds solo. Didn't lose any games but the AI is very overpowered on some later difficulties. Luckily their dice rolls didn't give them enough to complete destroy me. Great solo game.

#Horrified 4p - Taught the game to the family. They caught on after about the second time around the table. We played with the recommended starting monsters (Dracula and Black Lagoon Creature) and beat them rather handily. Ironically, I was the only one to die (and twice) but only because my character focused on moving others rather than myself.

#Sushi Go Party! 6p - We use this as a warm-up game at our game night group. I started off with a pretty good early lead but that was lost by the last round and I ended up in last. I couldn't make any cards work after that initial first round. Still a fun game.

#Bohnanza 6p - Taught by a member of our group. It was relatively easy to understand and start strategizing a plan. After all was said and done, I came out the winner which was even a surprise to me. 

#Roll Player 5p - I taught this to the group with the #Roll Player: Monsters & Minions expansion included (needed to play with 5 players). The rules explanation was a little rocky just because of the shear complexity of the game but everyone seemed to catch on after that first turn. I was able to complete all my goals but was out scored by one player who racked up more armor points than me so I came in second.

#Dice Forge 4p - Second playthrough with the family. Had my brother over so I taught it to him. It was relatively easy to teach and he even won with me at second. I tried to do the best I could but couldn't get any good dice rolls so it killed a lot of my strategy. Hopefully next time we can finally incorporate the #Dice Forge: Rebellion expansion to try it out.

#Star Wars: Outer Rim 2p - My brother wanted to play a heavier game so I taught him Outer Rim. I hadn't actually played it yet myself but had read the rules so it was a little touch and go on all the mechanics. We finally managed to iron out all the intricacies and had a really good time with it. He got stuck at the edge of the map behind a few patrols which helped me complete a few jobs in the meantime and that ultimately got me the victory. Great game although a little intimidating with all the different mechanics going on all at once. We came to the conclusion that the game would probably flow better with an additional player or two which would help to clear out the market faster and have more patrol movement.

I definitely try to find sale prices, but any budget has been out the window as we have been actively building our collection the last 3 years. They have mostly been given/opened as holiday/birthday gifts though. Now that I feel we have a robust and varied collection, as well as every expansion we are interested in (except for a few that are out of print), our game expenditures should take a nosedive. There are only two future games I know of that we are interested in, and all the older games on our list are now on our collection (it was a relief to finish off that list)  Hopefully there won't be too many future must buy surprises.  Also, with around 150 full sized games, we feel like we have to somewhat relearn each game as we try to play the game it's been the longest since we played last. We want an amount we can become somewhat familiar with over time, so it's just a details refeesh, and I think we are near that limit.

I've only been actively buying games since 2018.  Prior to that it might have been 2-3 games a year, and mostly age appriopriate for our son. Back in 2018, with only a handful of 'modern' games in our collection, I suggested to my wife after we bought Azul post-Spiel des Jahres win that maybe we buy a new game each quarter-birthdays and Christmas both potential exceptions.  We stuck to that fairly well through 2019 with some extras on my birthday and Christmas.

Last year we bought ten games, all on sale, and mostly for me as I realized my family isn't into them as much as I am.   This included several each for Christmas, Father's Day and birthday. 

This year is a different story: I won two gift cards here from BGA giveaways between November and March.  These have allowed me to buy a lot of games on my wishlist, including a few expansions.  I think I've bought six additional games so far this year and onlyl two have not been on my wishlist for some time.  All were on sale, and some are on hold to save on shipping.  Once I hit the free shipping point, those games will probably be for my birthday or Christmas.

So, not really setting a budget, but trying to limit the number of games I purchase each year just the same.

I really like #Terraforming Mars and have #Terraforming Mars: Prelude.  I've also thought about the additional maps (need far more play first), but not the other expansions.

The map is a good and inexpensive purchase.  

Out of the other three expansions I found that #Terraforming Mars: Venus Next added more of the same but too much of the same.  It's hard to explain but it added news ways to do exactly the same thing but not in a way that works for me.  I will play with it now and then but it's my least favourite expansion. 

 #Terraforming Mars: Turmoil is interesting but I feel like it just doesn't mesh with the rest of the game play.  It doesn't jive for me.  If I played the game a lot maybe it would be a nice change maybe but if I want to play a government style game I could probably find something focused on that.  Another one I will toss in now and then.

#Terraforming Mars: Colonies is probably my favourite of the bigger expansions.  It tends to fit in with the rest of the game but doesn't force you to play with it.  It's another thing you can do relatively easily and add another different option to the game.  It also adds in some consideration for what other players are doing as where you go in the colonies can affect other players.  When playing multiplayer I'd toss this one in a fair amount.  Less likely solo.

Firstly, and most family gifted me #Coffee Traders last week ( which I haven't been able to play yet as it arrived the day before we left for a weekend family trip.  But I am greatly looking forward to getting this one to the table :)

#Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef belongs to a friend who requested my services reading through the rules and teaching.  We played last night and I did a terrible job really as I had read through everything about a week prior and we were still recovering from getting back into town that same day.  Definitely an Ameri-trash style game with beautiful art and an array of dice throwing with simple mitigation and worker placement to obtain resources for what is ultimately a points race rally.  We had fun and I would play again but this is definitely not a game I'd pursue for my own collection.  The figurings are nicely done and the game is generally engaging and relatively easy to play.  

#Brass: Birmingham with my brother in Arkansas.  He had never played the game and he tends to like economic games.  This is just such a fantastic game.

#Kero was brought to the table by my brother and is an interesting two-player game involving timers kept inside of trucks that you use a real-time dice-rolling mechanic to refill and represents your 'fuel' for other actions in the game.  While I would not recommend this game I wil say that it was unique and I could see some of the mechanics used down the road in different ways.  For instance, when I want to 'refuel' my truck, I turn my truck-timer so that it starts refueling and simultaneously my opponent rolls eight dice until all faces show the same side (in real-time) and with one hand.  Once my opponent has all 8 die on the same side, I have to stop refueling.  

#Res Arcana was another game my brother brought and I found this game to be pretty interesting.  I'd really like to get it again and I might consider looking for a used copy as it was quite a lot of fun and strategy in a small box.

#Canvas with my mom.  Mostly to keep her busy while others were cooking.  She likes playing games but isn't terribly good at them.  Never-the-less, Canvas is a unique art-puzzle game.

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition with my family before we left for the weekend.  Had to leave out the Jewelery Box expansion the last two times due to teaching the game to new players.  This is a great game to play and I how to get the solo back to the table to finally get a win on Madame DuBerry!

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - still have two games going on BoardGameArena and love playing this game.  

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - started a new game on BoardGameArena with a few friends.  Actually, they started it, but it is a fun game and I enjoy playing.  

I am still loving these shelf reviews.

Civ games have a real interest for me. I wish I could get a group together that would be interested in enough in some of these Civ to make it worth my while to hunt down.

I noticed only one box for TM. Did you manage to get all the expansions in the base box?


I am glad you like the reviews.  It's a bit of fun, gives a broad look at some games, and allows me to vicariously enjoy my collection a bit more. ;)

#Civilization: A New Dawn with #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita is quite good!  It is streamlined versus #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game but that's not necessarily a bad thing as you get the core elements of it in a shorter streamlined package..  And apparently there is a solo mode out/coming out for it too.  It doesn't cost an arm and a leg either.

Yup, I got TM plus expansions  all in the one box.  It's not pretty or anything but it all fits no problem.  

Lot's of plays last week!

#Archaeology: The New Expedition - Played this with my meetup group last Monday. Pretty simple set collection game that I would definitely play again!

#Just One - Another one with the meetup group. I've mentioned on here before that my mom basically ruined this game for me with all her blatant cheating lol. I will say I had a lot more fun playing it last week than I've had in the past.

#For Sale - Someone brought this to the group and it turned out that no one I was playing with except me had played so I had to teach. Once we got through a round, people started to understand the premise and we all enjoyed it quite a bit. I own this too and Sarah's always said she feels no need to have our own copy, and I'm starting to feel the same.

So just a quick note here for those paying attention to me lol. As predicted, I am out of my contest to not buy board games lol. 18 days in, a semi local no ship auction was brought to my attention and I managed to snag #Macao and #Bruges and #Via Appia for really great prices. Then, proving I am still frugal (I'm looking at you lol), I picked up a few more games with a bunch of gift cards (aka free lol) off Amazon. of those games was

#KLASK - Sarah has not stopped talking about this game since we played it on our last vacation. I simply had to pick it up. We've literally played it a dozen times since it arrived early last week. We need to take a break because Sarah's starting to find it not as fun, probably because I started watching videos of the world championships lol. Always have to ruin games for her somehow LOL

#Barrage - A friend of mine came over Saturday and I taught this to him. The first couple rounds, he really struggled scoring points, but ended up getting pretty close by the end. Also realized I cheated a little bit in my last game with Sarah, so I told her she didn't lose nearly as much as we though haha. My friend and I were definitely meaner to each other than Sarah and I are when we play, but it didn't affect my enjoyment. Still want to see how it goes with more than 2.

#Terraforming Mars - I had my friend bring this with him as my copy is packed up at my parents and I miss it haha. Really close game throughout, but I eeked out the win in the end. Without the #Terraforming Mars: Prelude expansion, it made for a much longer game than I'm used to, but Chipotle for lunch made up for it haha.

#Biblios - Played another game of this with Sarah as part of the 10 x 5. She ended up winning, which is for sure rare with this game. We had a fun time thanks in large part to Sarah speaking in a weird accent the whole game lol.

To some degree, I think I like any mechanism employed well.  I used to think I really liked worker-placement games but after playing a few that fell flat for me I decided I enjoy the mechanic but it really has to be woven into the gameplay nicely.  Some other mechanics I tend to find appealing:

1. Kick-out/Executive Actions:  These are most notable in Vital Lacerda games but other games have hints of the same idea. #Clans of Caledonia has the neighborhood bonus that sort of does this. #Viscounts of the West Kingdom allows for a bonus now and then when landing on a player's space or during collisions. #Coffee Traders has a follow mechanic in the third phase that is closer to the mechanic I enjoy and #Wingspan has pink powers that do something a tad similar.

2. Dynamic Board state changes - #Brass: Birmingham is certainly the best I know at this and I love the dynamic game situation from turn to turn. #Coffee Traders isn't too far removed from this and #Teotihuacan: City of Gods captures a bit of this with it's system. #Founders of Gloomhaven does this reasonably well also.  

3.  Asymmetric Powers - #Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid , #Root , #Scythe , and #Anachrony, offer nicely balanced asymmetric starting points in the game.  I enjoy the replayability of a game that gives you the option of trying for different starting positions.

I have to stop at three given my time, but this is fun to consider.

Thought provoking, and well written.  I'd be interested in reading a followup article on the art aspect you mentioned.

Thinking on the games in my collection and those I've played owned by others over this past year, I'd say I want my  thematically appropriate and functional, i.e. they are easy to understand, use, durable, and feel good.  

Componenet quality isn't of huge importance to me, as I find the quality of the games I have to be fairly similar, but it needs to be consistent.  I can't think of a game that I've played with poor quality components.  (Although I do have #Terraforming Mars, which people have pointed out the mashup of art styles in the cards, and  #Draftosaurus which I don't intend to buy the expansions becuase of the inconsistency of the components compared to the original that I've heard about.)

I like the cars in #Downforce, eggs and artwork in #Wingspan, runes in #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, the ghosts in #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game, the item tokens in #Lost Ruins of Arnak, and the miniatures in #Scythe.  I do not find any of these distracted from the game, but added a lot to the game play experience.

I can't think of a game I've played with poor components that caused me not to like the game.

"#Draftosaurus which I don't intend to buy the expansions because of the inconsistency of the components compared to the original that I've heard about."

I presume you're referring to the reports of mismatched artwork or slightly different board widths?

I've got both expansions, and I'd say that I don't notice it much on mine. If you're interested, my family loves the #Marina expansion and wants to use it every time, but we are pretty much unanimous in saying we don't really want to play with the #Aerial Show expansion anymore. It adds more stuff to the game and the bonuses and choices look reasonable on paper. I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it just doesn't make the game any more fun for that addition of more to do.

Yes, that's what I'm referring to.  Thanks for sharing your experience with the expansions.