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Tuscany: Essential Edition board game
Rank: 124
Trending: 161
Scythe: Invaders from Afar board game
Rank: 181
Trending: 393
Pandemic: On the Brink board game
Rank: 192
Trending: 935
Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport board game
Carcassonne: Expansion 1 - Inns & Cathedrals board game
Scythe: The Rise of Fenris board game
Rank: 230
Trending: 543
Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition) board game
Terraforming Mars: Prelude board game
Rank: 238
Trending: 31
Dominion: Prosperity board game
Rank: 251
Trending: 866
Dominion: Seaside board game
Rank: 253
Trending: 1246
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This is an expansion I am VERY excited about. #Wingspan gets more play than just about any other game in our house and is my wife and I's favorite game to play with each other.  We've adapted a very rules to help the game flow most of which I covered in a video ( ).  

Hard to say what I'd like to see in a new expansion but some of the balancing Becky and I use to reduce the R&D (randomness) would be nice to see.  I think birds that let players empty and refill the bird tray, birds that let players search through the deck, and possibly even a new die in the dice feeder that offers a unique choice...

(S1: any 1 food from supply, S2: turn a bird sideways taking up two slots, S3: remove a bird from your santuary and gain its food cost, S4: exchange any number of tucked cards or cached food for food or cards, S5: trigger the brown power of any other players bird, S6: discard any # of cards from hand and redraw that many cards)...

New birds and flavor text is always fun and somewhat educational.  This might end up being a Christmas gift for my brother if the timing works out.

My wife and I also play with rules variants that have made the game much more enjoyable for us. 

We also draft our starting hands. We deal 5 to each player then draft one and pass the rest so there's always at least one card the other player(s) don't know about.

We start with 5 cards and all 5 resources, and we skip the part of setup where you pay for your starting hand. We felt the game had such a slow plodding start that made round 1 and part of round 2 boring to play for us.  This makes it much easier to fill up your board, but increases your gameplay options early and makes the decisions of what birds to play more important as you may run out of space.

We play with a bird tray of 6 birds, 3 on the tray and 3 that are on the table.  All are available to draw, but any bird power that interacts with the cards in the tray still only applies to the 3 in the tray.  Some cards would be very powerful if they applied to all 6 bird cards.

We went through all the birds in the base game and first expansion and trimmed down the total deck by about 80 cards. We weighted the deck toward mechanics we enjoy slightly more, removed many duplicates, and kept many resource gathering cards.  I think one of the biggest parts of Wingpsan's design that fights itself is the sheer size of the bird deck.  We find the smaller deck leads to a much more focused feeling game with card combos more frequently available to build.

With our smaller bird deck, more available birds, and more open start of the game we have both enjoyed this game much greater.  I look forward to playing it now whereas before I almost regretted buying it.

Thanks for sharing ! I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is my fiance and I's favorite game. I love what the #Wingspan: European Expansion brought to the game experience and ever since I heard of this new expansion we've been excited! I'm especially looking forward to that big box solution. I can fit the base + expansion in the base box (without the added game tray) but a new expansion would definitely have to be stored separately.

Before the announcement of the big box, I was unconvinced that I would get any more expansions for the game. Since I sleeve my cards, I can't even use the trays and had to make my own tuckboxes. If the big box can accomodate sleeves plus all the expansions, I will be very tempted!

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who'd love to get the expansion just to get the yellow eggs :D

The purple eggs from the first expansion would have convinced me if my fiance didn't make me instabuy it before I knew about them haha

The base game didn't hit the table nearly enough to warrant an expansion, much less one with campaign elements lol. Good on the designers for extending the life of the game though!

Worst case scenario: Addition of more cards/structures or special worker types.

Besides that, I can't really imagine anything because like said, it's a fairly complete game with all of the expansions it's gotten already. The only viable/marketable option I can think of is to offer a new gameplay mode. For example, a co-op variant or a legacy/campaign mode.

This is a curiousity.  I feel like the #Viticulture: Essential Edition is fairly complete as a game and wonder what they will add to the current game.  Possibly a legacy system for playing through several seasons?  They would be my guess.  Maybe even a bridge additon allowing #Wingspan and #Viticulture: Essential Edition to interact with one another.  Do I sell wine or fill the birdbath with it?  Do I build a structure for by birds or let them fly around the vinyard freely?  If I have the Jurassic expansion for Wingspan, how does that impact my PR when a guest is mauled?  How do I handle my summer visitor with a bird allergy?

#Scythe crossover wouldn't work since alternant 1920's was a beer drinking culture and wine drinkers would only cause the proletariant to lose popularity.

Wow I spent so long researching my win that another contest ended in the meantime! Lol. I'm definitely down for some more board games! Right now I would snag the two Root expansions that I do t have yet. 

Okay so..

#Similo with my fiance. Was part of my giveaway win that should have the picture for by now ;)

Then I introduced #Spirit Island on TTS to a friend of mine. We had a good run but ultimately lost.

Also played a few games on Board Game Arena: 
#6 Nimmt! - first time I've played this. I think way too many factors make this one completely random so I'm not sure if I would play again outside of a way to pass some time.
#Yokohama - also a first time for me. I'm actually very interested in this game after this play. I definitely played like I had no clue what I was doing but I like the strategic decisions you have to make. Might add this one to my wishlist.
#Stone Age - I've played this before also on BGA. Nice simple worker placement game with a lot of hidden scoring at the end which always catches me by surprise.

Of course had to revist #Spirit Island solo after the loss with my friend lol. I tried branching out (finally) to the more "difficult" spirits and loved it. I played with 2 spirits and had a long hard battle but I eventually won! This play really made me want to pick up the expansions and keep exploring more spirits in the base game for sure.

Ended the week at my future inlaws. Introduced them to #Similo which was a surprise hit. If we didn't have to eat dinner, they probably would have played all night. Of course we played #Monikers too. So many laughs - at one point we were all crying we were laughing so hard. Can't recommend this enough!