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What about expansions? [Dominion: Second Edition, Catan, Scythe: Invaders from Afar Expansion, Scythe: The Wind Gambit Expansion, Scythe]Like| 28 comments | [+]
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Upcoming Root: The Marauder Expansion Will Complete Your 2 Player Experience [Root: The Marauder Expansion, Root: The Clockwork Expansion, Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, Root, Root: The Underworld Expansion]Like| 19 comments | [+]
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Root: The Marauder Expansion - Minor Factions Will Enhance 2 Player Gameplay [Root: The Marauder Expansion, Root: The Clockwork Expansion, Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, Root, Root: The Underworld Expansion]Like| 3 comments | [+]
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Not much for me last week...

#Caverna: The Cave Farmers - I released my hold at Miniature Market towards the beginning of this month (more on that in a forum post later) and, in that hold, I had the expansion to this, #Caverna: The Forgotten Folk Expansion. After reading through the rules to each faction (and ultimately trying to be as lazy as possible while setting up lol), I decided on the Humans - boring I know. The main differences from the base game for the faction were being able to let twin fields/meadows tiles hang over the edge of the board and being unable to build twin cavern/tunnel twin tiles. I played solo and was surprised how quickly the game moved along. It's too bad the game has so many components and requires a lot of set up, because I had a lot of fun.

#Trick Shot - I wasn't planning on buying games in April, but when the publisher sent me an email about the extra copies going up on the website, I couldn't resist. I also played this solo..well two handed I guess lol..and man was this a good time! Now I just have to get the minis painted!

#Biblios - Continuing to get through our 10 x 5 challenge, we broke this out last week. I'm still not sure if we're fully grasping the strategy if there is one, but we had fun playing it. I've only ever played this at 2 and that feels like a bad thing, so I'll have to give it a shot with more players for our final 4 plays.

#Carcassonne - One of Sarah's picks on the challenge. It's weird because I generally don't think about this game and often forget we have/overlook it when we're deciding what to play. But sure enough, after we play, I get the desire to buy more content for it.

We have #Carcassonne: Expansion 1 - Inns & Cathedrals and highly recommend it. Some of the expansions seem like they change the game pretty significantly. This one doesn't, just adds a bit more, and what it adds is good. I take it out for new players, but if it's just you two, it's great.

I'm pretty sure that's the one I have on my wishlist right now, although I think I just picked it as a placeholder for any expansion lol. Good to know it doesn't change much, thanks for the recommendation!

Caverna is a favourite of mine as well.  Finding the expansion is pretty hard but I have played it online with my friends in Tabletop Simulator.  Asymetrical player powers are always fun but I figure I can grab it when I see it.

This actually really sounds like a great expansion. Maybe I should get it for my brother in law that has the required game and expansions.

Expansion #1

Oath: Chronicles of Invaders & Export

  • What this would do would be to add scenarios where either, you are faced with the threat of outside Invaders as well as trying to take over the throne/retain the throne.  You could be faced with a choice between allying with the invaders (but losing access to favor) or working against them.  I'm also thinking that perhaps there could be one suit that aligns with the Invaders and those suited cards can only work with them and not the Empire (Chancellor, Citizens, or Exiles that don't align with Invaders)

  • Scenarios with a strong focus on the economics of trade... where you may battle but that would be less likely because you want to focus on being the most financially lucrative “company” in the Empire

  • Perhaps this could include some kind of privateer Campaign/War action, and would need some kind of smuggler action

I personally like this idea more than #2. I still know very little about the game (I've watched 1 or 2 videos but boy, I could not figure out what's going on lol). But the idea of introducing invaders typically seems to work well as an expansion. Helps shake things up without changing the core gameplay mechanics too much, and is an easier add-on in terms of content and expanding the lore/world building.

I love Catan but have always been let down by the expansions. The 5 - 6 player is definetly a plus for 4 or more players, but the added pieces and things were never as fun as the base game. The harbor and fish are alright.

When it comes to AP I have all the patience in the world for games that truly require thinking to make any reasonable move.  I have no patience for min maxing for that extra 1% efficiency while making everyone else wait for you.  (Talking non-tournament, regular game night games of course.)

A couple of AP players ruined playing Anachrony with expansions for me.  It's just not worth the time.

Of course every player is different and will have different opinions on this but generally I feel that a conscientious player should read the table and try to keep their turn time in line with the other players to a loose degree.

Rant over. ;)

Some brain melting games I enjoy or at least don't hate:

  • #Arkwright  We are playing it again tomorrow.  I am both dreading and looking forward to it.
  • #Gaia Project Absolutely love this game!  It hits a sweet spot of heavy vs time invested vs entertainment for me.
  • #Kanban EV My favourite Lacerda.  The complexity is thematic and feels deserved and not tacked on like many of his other games.
  • #Lignum (second edition) You have to plan turns and turns and turns ahead of time and can play a whole game and get nowhere.


I've enjoyed my plays of Unbroken.  What inspired you to make a solo game?  Are there any plans for an expansion,  sequel, or reimplementation?

So glad to hear you're having a good time with Unbroken. My inspiration first came from my experience as a new dad - I found it difficult to find time for multiplayer games and my time for solo gaming was very limited (mostly constrained to about 30 min during the all-too-short naps). So I thought that making a game that's dedicated to solo play in a short time frame would be a good idea. It's been awesome ot see so many more options like that pop up in the last few years!

There are definitely plans for more Unbroken content - a small expansion has already been designed (and is available in PnP format) - it's called Peril Pack I and features 8 new monsters, 5 new characters and a dozen new skills. Illustrated / printed version of it is being prepared by the publisher. A more substantive expansion, Unearthed Remains is in the works too which will introduce significant additional mechanisms to how the game plays.

I am not a big fan of re-implementations to be honest - Unbroken's mechanics were created to fit that narrative and theme very purposefully, so I think that's where that engine works best. Another theme / story would deserve its own unique set of mechanics :)

When we were having our third kid, a friend's dad (himself a father of three) said, "The world is made for parties of four." :)

A couple of games that used to bug me have had this problem solved by new editions - #Sushi Go! and #Love Letter. Sometimes an expansion fixes it, like #Village or #ICECOOL.

Things I still wish weren't stuck on 4P - #San Juan (Second Edition), #Nexus Ops, #Lost Cities Board Game, #Imhotep, and #Great Western Trail.

This is kind of a hybrid of your questions - I wish there was a 3 player mode for #War Chest. I don't know how well it would actually work, but it would be fun to try. I think it'd have to involve a different board layout, but it wouldn't have been too big a of a deal to print an additional layout on the back side of the included board. If they came out with an expansion that was just a new board + rules for 3 players, I'd probably buy it.

Being a burgeoning designer, If you could make an expansion for any of your favorite games what would you do?

I love the idea of fan expansions. I don't know much about this game, so I won't contribute, but I'll be following this thread because I think it's a fun idea!

Expansion #2

Oath: Chronicles of Asendancy Crisis

  • This one introduces a new setting where the Chancellor dies/or is assassinated at the end of a play

  • This leaves the Empire in turmoil because the Chancellor has no clear successor

  • So the next game no one is in charge which leads to more chaos in the Empire...

  • Essentially you have two choices, you can either try to garner support to show you fall in the family line to rightfully claim the throne

  • Or you can join the fledgling church whose political power had been held at bay due to a seamless transition in power, but with a battle for the throne it seeks to create a Theocracy

    • I could also see this being just a generic Rebellion for anyone who might take offense or not like the Church theme.
  • My thinking is there would be two sites that were played in this scenario, a site that was specific for the crown/kingdom and a site that is dedicated to a bishopric

  • You might be working to keep the Church at bay with someone while also waiting to stab them in the back so you can take the throne when the Church falls and vice versa

Interesting choice for best expansion, I approve!

I've played as Marquise against Trent's Eyrie a total of 3 times now (lost first two, won the third). And in our last play, I made an aggressive opening move swarming into his home base in turn 1 or 2 before he had a chance to grow his army and number of actions/tableau. Felt like a rather safe bet for me (since cats start with a bunch of warriors) and it really disrupted his pace where he constantly had to play reactively. Not sure how often I can play that way, but it was intersting :D

Glad your first play went so well! My favorite out of the base game is the Woodland Alliance. I got backed the Marauder Expansion and really looking forward to it becoming a solid 2p game against my wife.