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Pretty decent week of gaming because inline gaming picked up a little!

  • #Too Many Bones Solo with Gasket and got my booty handed to me. I did build him well for the Tyrrant I was fighting! Fun concepts though that I can see being fun to play with!
  • #Carnegie on BGA twice. First game I did not know what I was doing at all...scored very poorly. Second game I understood more and made it more competitive. Lots of messing with people here!
  • #Russian Railroads on BGA. I have been enjoying this one quite a bit actually. Fun action chaining and reward systems here. 
  • #Fort @ 3-players. Really enjoyed this. I took the backpack strategy and rushed the game allowing me to win pretty handily!
  • #Hansa Teutonica: Big Box # 3-players X2 - This was a total win. Great game and quick turns make it super interesting. There is a kind of an overpowered strategy that came up but it will never happen again under my watch...

Hmmmm good question. In general I like lots of games, but like you mentioned, there are ones that make me want to revisit. The ones that leave a strong impression tend to have these aspects:

  • Strong build-up or as mentioned, an "arc" - The game lets you make decisions all throughout the game that builds something that you can feel proud of by the end of the game. Engine building games do this for me. And it's important that there are various ways to approach it
  • Story-worthy moments - I love games that tell a story, whether through actual narrative elements or through the gameplay itself. It could be an exciting race to the finish line filled with twists and turns, fighting for control among different factions, or just chance elements that create anxiety and excitement

I recently remember struggling somewhat with #Fury of Dracula (Third and Fourth Editions)'s.  Most of it is fairly straightforward, but for some reason we had a really hard time figuring out how fighting works and that really slowed down the game.  And also it was hard to reference for things like "does the player automatically see if there's a Dracula card in his city or does he have to search?"  We have yet to break this game out again, even though we were really looking forward it for a long time.  So I hope that one bad experience didn't kill it. 

I remember #Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game also being particularly terrible.  But that was a long time ago. 

So, apparently we like beautiful fighting games, haha.

Best beginning: I am with , I really like the beginning of #Catan. The whole thing about analyzing board state, placing all your settlements, and roads and imagining the possibilites.

Best middle: I'll pick #Star Trek: Frontiers. Once you have leveled up enough and you are just roaming around the galaxy fighting and stuff trying to level up enough for fighting the Borg. That middle part is an incredibly fun sandbox experience.

Best end: I really get a bang out of #Pax Porfiriana. A topple comes out, and sometimes it just gets snuck out from under you, or you manage to get sneak it out. I really like that.

I finally got to try #Undaunted: Normandy! I love deck building games, and I love the fact that designers are being creative in mixing the mechanic with others. In this case, the designer of War Chest took the deck building mechanic into a Memoir '44 style combat game. 

I was surprised at how much I was invested into the individual pieces, and how the board itself felt like the set piece to a small indie movie about WWII fighting. The mechanic of getting more pieces (cards instead of poker chips as in #War Chest) was very familiar so it was easy to get into the play. But, honestly, I kept thinking that I'd rather play M'44...or even War Chest. 

We only played an intro scenario, so this is not a review just my first impressions of the game. And of course, COVID-19 Caveat applies -- this was on TTS as my nephews have the game but we can't play in person right now.