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Spirit Island board game
Rank: 7
Trending: 37
Star Realms board game
Rank: 28
Trending: 524
King of Tokyo board game
Rank: 29
Trending: 596
Blood Rage board game
Rank: 33
Trending: 12
Small World board game
Rank: 39
Trending: 78
Star Wars: Rebellion board game
Rank: 56
Trending: 258
Mage Knight board game
Rank: 75
Trending: 166
Champions of Midgard board game
Rank: 82
Trending: 571
Captain Sonar board game
Rank: 87
Trending: 469
Eldritch Horror board game
Rank: 97
Trending: 128
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Depends on if you consider#Spirit Island to have any engine building. That's really the only game that I haven't clicked with. Which still bothers me. 

But in seriousness, I adore #Eldritch Horror (currently on loan to a friend) and hardly ever see it discussed. I think it is a great game, with a tonne of character and some interesting mechanics. My guess is that there is a large chunk of the community that doesn't tend to enjoy co-op games.

Oh for sure, there's no way to put together a definitive list. I really like the size differences in minis in #Star Wars: Rebellion, I can imagine that giving a lot of tension when a star destroyer moves into an area etc. 

I have to check out #Underwater Cities.  That wasn't even on my radar.  I like your list.  Would love to play #Star Wars: Rebellion and #Mage Knight someday but one is huge and the other would probably take up #Gloomhaven plays.  Nice to have such a tough issue though for sure :)

I have to check out #Underwater Cities.  That wasn't even on my radar.  I like your list.  Would love to play #Star Wars: Rebellion and #Mage Knight someday but one is huge and the other would probably take up #Gloomhaven plays.  Nice to have such a tough issue though for sure :)

The Death Star from#Star Wars: Rebellion. The wooden meeples in#Root. The resource tokens in#Everdell. The miniatures in#Star Wars Imperial Assault. Lots of amazing components out there.

I have a few:

#Star Wars: Rebellion I would love to play but don;t think I'd get anyone who wanted to invest the time to play and it would be too intimidating.  I already have #Firefly The Game and it only gets about one play a year (but I love it!).  

#Brass: Birmingham is a game on my list and while I think these a chance to get it played with others I do have some fear it will struggle to get plays.  I am hopeful I have a group of whiskey sipping friends willing to sit down to this one though.

#Edge of Darkness is a game I'd love to play but don't see anyone being willing to sit through it with me.  Seems to have mixed reviews which makes it tough to sell if I was to get it and find it fall short of expectations.

#Rising Sun is rated highly and seems like it would be fun and I'd love to play but again, I never see the time or willingness for other's to play.  

#Paperback I'd love to play and I can see getting my family to play this one!!  

I do really want to try #Star Wars: Rebellion, it just looks gorgeous and intense and immersive. Now if I could only win two giveaways simultaneously.....

Well, #Spirit Island has now become available, so I am torn again :/

Lol, I'm really trying to come up with lists that haven't been done. This has been a fantastic weekly challenge. #Champions of Midgard is a good one, don't know why I didn't think of that one. 

Love how creative these lists are getting with each day lol

For "vertical rectangle" I'm thinking of games like #Champions of Midgard, #Brass: Birmingham, and #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated

It's fasincating and surprising to see that your #1 ended up being the classic. And I'm honestly not sure where I stand on this. Oh and as for another type of playing surface, one I'd thrown in falls under dexterity games category. Jenga, #Men At Work, #Catch the Moon, where you have some sort of mini structural system you have to play on together.

Edit: Nevermind! Didn't realize Brass is basically a square. It really falls under your #4

Indeed, it is the one I am leaning towards, however #Spirit Island just became available, so now I am unsure all over again :D

Comment deleted.

This week my playgroup went with a little light hearted games for a change. #Codenames, #Secret Hitler and #King of Tokyo had their turns and were tons of fun.

I pretty always impulse buy if I find a game in a charity shop, if I don't know the game I will usually google it and if it has an average rating above a 6.5/10 and the theme/mechanics appeal I will usually take it, I always figure that if I get one game out of it, even if it is laughably bad then it is worth the £2-£5 I pay for it.

Winners from Charity shops have been: #King of Tokyo (great gateway game), #Gloom, #War on Terror (hilariously satirical, a better version of risk), #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game (just a wonderful group activity)

Games that I have only played once or twice and then passed on: #Smash Up (liked it but realised it just wouldn't get played much), #Game of Thrones: The Card Game (again, it wasn't bad, but wasn't looking to get into a CCG) #Munchkin (similar story, not good enough to see regular play, knew a friend of mine would enjoy it a lot more)

I have occaisionally been suckered in on a great deal on Ebay, I am now much more discerning but when I first had disposable income, I was picking up any interesting looking games if I felt I was getting a good deal. I buy most of my games second hand, but the following are games I didin't search for and just came across.

Winners: #The Grizzled (so good and bought for like £2, a small co-op which I haven't found many of), #Choson (set collection with a bunch of take that, quick but wonderfully tactical, aslo bought it for £1.20 so can't complain), #Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! (stayed on my shelf of shame for a long time, one I will write about this week)

Losers: #The Staufer Dynasty (I really need to give this another chance, but it was just a little dry first time around)

I think I go through phases of a particular theme/mechanic really appealing. However, Asymmetry is a massive pull for me, and any kind of deck/engine building being incorporated, or just generally upgrading your faciont/character, this doesn't have to be the core mechanic, but I like to growth in a game.

It definitely seems like an interesting mix of #Blood Rage and #Root. I loved Root and was indifferent to BR, but this game does appeal to me! Is this why you leaned away from Root in your last giveaway win?

All good choices.... #Root gets so much hype I'm tempted to pick that one, but we've been enjoying #Star Wars: Rebellion and wouldn't mind a 'fresh' take through #Star Wars: Outer Rim

I'm going to do your letters too, because why not?

Looks like you have 2 Shem Phillips games! So that could work. I think for myself I've got a couple of sets:

If we did publishers it might be a bit easier to get sets - I've got 2 Stonemaier games, for example, but they have different designers.