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Minions | Comment

Because the minion's job is to protect the werewolves, this means the minion has fulfilled his task and therefore the minion wins  (despite being on their team).

Minions | Comment

Indeed. The goal of the Villager team is to kill a Werewolf (if any are in play.) A Minion is not a Werewolf, so killing a minion does not satisfy this requirement. So if a Minion is killed, the Werewolf team, including the Minion, win.

If there are no Werewolves in play, the Minion's goal is to have another player be killed, while the Villager's team goal is to not kill anyone. So in this case, if a Minion dies, everyone loses.


Play a game with my girlfriend, since she is graduating college and moving for work and i'm stuck here for another year.

other than that... eleusis. or serpents/werewolves. a big game for a big group of people