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I like this idea too! Here's mine:


#The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena

I got the base game for my son about 18 months ago, and was a bit disappointed at the difference between that and the Kickstarter version. I found a good deal on eBay for one still in shrink (about £40 instead of the £60+ it usually seems to sell for when second hand), so I picked it up a few weeks ago.

The only problem is that when I tried to teach him how to play the game last summer I screwed up a couple of rules and it dragged on forever, so we keep saying we're planning to try it again but never getting round to it. I'm trying to decide whether to open the Deluxe version to try again, or keep it and try the base one a few more times so I can sell the Deluxe one on if need be.


Removed/thinking about removing

I have quite a few games bought for my kids that I think my youngest is starting to more on from now. So I am planning on putting these into my trade/sell pile:

#Magic Maze Kids

#Ticket to Ride: First Journey - Europe

#Rhino Hero

I also have a couple of games I picked up because they were cheap that I have never managed to get to the table, so I'm planning to pass on:

#Llamas Unleashed

#The Lord of the Rings

There are a couple that I have had for a long time, but which I don't really see getting played any more:

#Penny Arcade, the Game - Gamers vs Evil


Finally, I'm re-evaluating a couple of others after realising just how rare it is for me to play 2-player games with my older son, now that the younger one is joining in more:

#Hive Pocket

#Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion


Games on my radar

#Stop the Train!

#Scape Goat

My older son loves social deduction games (we got him #The Menace Among Us for Christmas) and these both sound like they would work pretty well, even at only 4 players.

#Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers

#The Search for Planet X

I'm not sure if these count, as I've actually got both on preorder from a long time ago (though I could technically cancel either). I am very much looking forward to trying both of them though, solo and/or multiplayer.

#The Initiative

I only learned about this one yesterday, and it intrigues me. I'm waiting to see reviews before jumping on it, but I think it might be another one that's nice to play with my whole family.


Backer's Regret?

I'm not sure if this should count, since I backed it before Christmas but had to pay some additional costs last month. Anyway, I'm going to add one more category here.

#Mission Catastrophe

I backed this one on Kickstarter, and I'm not yet sure it wasn't a mistake. There are limited reviews. What I did read sounded appealing, and I'm hopeful, but by the time shipping and VAT was added in last month I have spent more than I think I really should have, and don't really know how it's going to turn out.

Unlike many board game players I've rarely backed physical games (a lot of RPG pdf files, though...) and of the two currently sitting on my shelf I'm a little disappointed in one, #STEM: Epic Heroes (great artwork and I love the idea behind it, but the game is a bit dull), and the other, #Mint Condition Comics I've read the rules a couple of times but always seem to find something else to play. So I'm not sure I've got a great track record in judging these things.

This weekend I taught#The Castles of Burgundy 

#Magic Maze#Tournament at Avalon and did quick refreshers for#7 Wonders and#The Quacks of Quedlinburg 

I also technically taught#Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 but we were doing the prologue, and I was more reading the rule book outloud and being a lead interpreter on how that functions on the board... 

My way of teaching is start with how to win, then go back and explain the game... like "the goal is to get the most points... we do this by...  ". I used to start by explaining the games story, and what roles we were taking on but I found that didn't have enough broad. Also I always end with asking if players want rules and strategy tips or just rules clarifications during the gameplay. 

ive had two people tell me they don't understand the wine production in#Viticulture: Essential Edition after the game was over (didn't mention it during the game or during the teach tho...). So I guess that's a tough one for me, also I just don't enjoy teaching#Scythe

i think I am the teacher in most of my groups strictly because I'm an awful student, I neeeed to see the rule book. It's just the way my mind processes information, if someone is verbally explaining more than 3-5 rules I just can't focus. And almost all people I play with don't enjoy reading rule books so it works. 

I like them in doses although I haven't played a ton of them.

#Magic Maze is probably my favourite but #XCOM: The Board Game is worth a look if you want something more involved.

I've been hearing really good things about Magic Maze. And I'd love to try XCOM. I think that would be a great fit for me!

I have really enjoyed a number of real time games, some of my favourites are:

#Magic Maze - So wonderfully tense, especially as you cannot talk, so if someone isn't doing what you want them to you are very aware of the time pressure (and get to use the giant red player marker to 'encourarge' them)

#Space Alert - Makes what action programming much less heavy puzzle and instead a manic, collaborative and hilarious mess. I especially like that after the timed bit you then play it out turn by turn and you get this slow reveal of all the mistakes you made collectively which is just hilarious.

#XCOM: The Board Game -  the app for this game is great, it constantly throws curve balls at you. At a slow pace (which we played for the first few games) it is fun but becomes so much more intense when you start adding the time limitations.

I love thinking things out in games (prone to a little AP) so real-time games really challenge me, in a positive way to make decisions on the fly/with my gut.

I have a few games that I would like to trade away including:

  • Gorus Maximus
  • Fantastic Factories
  • Set A Watch
  • Magic Maze
  • Boss Monster
  • Coimbra

Looking for Scythe, Sidereal Confluence, or Two Rooms and a Boom but I am open to other offers as well. I live in MN.

My favorite ones:

  • The weirdest one right away, The Ravens of Thri Sahashri. It's this incredibly unique 2 player asymmetric card-placement game where you cannot communicate properly. Love playing it as something to do while chatting.
  • Always up for some #Magic Maze! The only stressful real-time game other than Captain Sonar that I didn't hate so far. I would definitely use the expansion though, I don't get why they even sold it separately.
  • Finally, I recently got Yggdrasil Chronicles. It has flaws, that's for sure. But the mix of the utterly unique presentation with that 3D tree on the table, the way it saves table space and becomes easy to manage, the way the game can explode in tightness similarly to how Spirit Island immediately goes from "all fine" to "omg everything is one fire!" and the clever design in that us, being the asgardians, always succeed at challenges (we just might take a beating in the process), it comes together well. It's not the best game around but I love to play it anyways!

I have seen a lot of Magic Maze suggestions out on the interwebs, I may need to look more into that one for sure! thank you for the suggestions and the write ups!

Whaaaat? So cool! My questions are for both of you, but may be more suited to one over the other.

In the Star Wars universe, who is your favorite bounty hunter and why?

What are some things about playing solo that you really love, that you can't find in a multiplayer game?

What is a game you would love to design yourself (that does not currently exist), whether or not you would ever actually do it anyway?

Please explain in excruciating detail why Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the best Star Wars characters this side of the Rishi Maze.

Hmm... this is just going to be me sharing a few of my favorite reads/watches so be aware that I'm completely ignoring marketability and only thinking of... myself:

  • Tower of God - One of the most popular Korean webtoons that started in 2010. Here's a very short description: "What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends them all? Whatever you desire—it's here." Note that the art has improved since the beginning. Some of the jokes do get lost a bit through the English translation, but it does a pretty good job.
  • Solo Leveling - Another top notch Korean webtoon that is based off of the light novel. It presents a world in which "hunters" are assigned the task of eliminating monsters inside the "gates" that connect the real world to the monster world. The twist is that while all hunters in the world are born into a certain rank, the E-ranked main character soon discovers that he is the sole person in the world with the ability to level up. (If anything, read up to chapter 10 and let me know your first impressions!)
  • My Hero Academia - Japanese manga/anime. Story about a boy born without superpowers (called Quirks) in a world where they have become commonplace, but who still dreams of becoming a hero himself.
  • A Studio Ghibli film also introduces some very odd but deep worlds - Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, etc.
  • Your Name - Maybe a game for couples? Animated films may not be your thing but I'd still highly recommend this for couples who enjoy romance/drama with a bit of fantasy element to it and quite a bit of humor! 
  • I'm always pretty fascinated by dystopian worlds, and I feel like they could make for an interesting game - I didn't like all of these, but here are some examples: Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Fahrenheit 451, Minority Report
  • Edit: Holes - a lot of the books I read during elementary and early middle school years left a big impression on me because they were the first "long" English books I read after learning the language (my family moved from Korea and came to the U.S. when I was in third grade)

Off The Table is our weekly gaming news in 10 minutes or less. I figured y’all might be interested since this is a quick rundown of the details available for some big upcoming titles. As always, feedback on the show & format is welcome. 

shownotes, links, and timestamps are here:


00:26 - Stonemaier Games announces Tapestry 

02:31 - CMON Announces Ankh

03:22 - Pandasaurus announces Wayfinders and Silver & Gold

03:47 - Renegade announces Architects of the West Kingdom - Age of Artisans, Circadians: First Light and Vampire the Masquerade Expandable Card Game

05:43 - Mythic Games Announces Joan of Arc v1.5 & New Teutonic Knight/PLC Expansion

05:51 - Rascals announced a standalone expansion Crystal Maze - Eastern Zone 


06:03 - Tiny Towns Fortune Expansion with Peter McPherson


07:55 - Custom Upgrades?