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Kickstarter Ending (9/13 - 9/20) [Lexique: Explorer's Pack - Tabletop Gaming Cases by C4Labs, Half Truth, Dice Solid Brass Raised Pip & Aluminum Cribbage, Future World Creator: Modular...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (8/30 - 9/6) [Clanwar - Hare and Turtle, WarRift: Deckbuilding Game, Ready To Play Storage for Miniatures, City Builder: Platinum Edition, Fiasco: The Cinematic Gam...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Mystery Dice, the Kickstarter from Gate Keeper Games image
CrowdfundingMystery Dice, the Kickstarter from Gate Keeper Games [Mystery Dice, the Kickstarter]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (9/6 - 9/13) [Virtue Symbol 8-Sided (D8) Engraved Polymer Dice, Norse mythology dice - by Lindorm Dice, Tentacle Town, Maps: Buildings, Castles and Dungeons for All...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I don't know anyone who is getting any of those 5. However, #The Defence of Procyon III is the only Kickstarter I have ever backed and it is due to arrive in May (although it isn't clear if Vivid/Suez canal has caused serious problems). I have played it a bunch on TTS but am really looking forward to it on a table. 

I really like the original #Nemesis, so I'd for sure love to give the sequel a go, hopefully it keeps the wonderfully thematic and chaotic nature of the game while adding something meaningfully different. I know a few of my friends who own and love #Gloomhaven so wouldn't say no to that either. That said from what I have read of #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile it does seem to be doing something entirely new, which I have a lot of respect for. Can I have them all? Is that allowed?

I'm looking forward to hearing more about #The Defence of Procyon III. I remember being excited about David Turczi designing a sci-fi game. Plus, I believe it had elements of asymmetry between factions? I do remember thinking though, that the Kickstarter campaign would have benefitted immensely from getting more polish. Pre-production pictures don't look as appealing and I personally would have liked to see a slightly different art direction (especially on graphic design).

And yes, you can have them all 😆

Still waiting for my Unbroken copy of the game... Paid for it three years ago ^^...

Redemption seems... broken...

A Kickstarter pledger

For me and my wife, a good boba drink-based game would be awesome. I've seen a couple come up on Kickstarter over the years, but they all seemed too light for our preferences!

I also like chocolate and looked at #Chocolate Factory before. No idea how good the game is, but I'm assuming it's a game about managing the assembly lines and fulfilling contracts. Sure beats a typical farming/agriculture theme :)

I'll be sticking with my "No Kickstarter" rule. For better or for worse I guess. 

Personally I think that engaging in the comments is more important than updates. Both projects I have backed from Wehrligig have had a fairly low amount of updates. But, Drew Werhle, has really been a champ in the comments section answering questions as they come up..... and that gives it a completely different feeling than the kickstarter I backed from Ion Game Studios/SMG where they were slow with updates and engagent in the comments.

Not being super familiar with Kickstarters is 3 days a long time between publisher updates? What was the issue that was growing out of control?

Thanks for the interview and AMA! 


So most solo only games seem to be smaller in nature, do you have any big box solo only games you enjoy/recommend? I know of Hoplomachus Victorum coming to Kickstarter next month and that looks fantastic. 

Great week this week! 

I admit, I've picked up a few games recently.  However, the shelves are pretty much full and the kickstarters are still coming...hmmm, time to sell some games I really like possibly.  Ugh.

However, I am getting my play time in:

  • #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars (Solo) x3: Wow is this an amazing game!  Yes, the first Peloponnesian war took 3 sessions.  Maybe 5 or 6 hours but that's with running 3 bots and still working through the kinks.  But man was it an amazing game.  I've read a fair amount about this war and time period and the game really feels like how I imagined it would work.  Yet it does it without many fiddley super complex rules.  The rules are different from many other war games I've played and the whole aspect of competing against your partner as well as the two players in the other city state is super cool. 
  • #Newton (Multiplayer): First time playing this game.  It was....fine.  I think I am becoming very blase towards euros that don't have something a bit extra in there.  This one was not that.  The theme was pasted on.  The mechanisms were fine but fine isn't really what I am looking for these days.  On the other hand, it's always fun to play with friends even if it's on TTS.
  • #High Society (Multiplayer) x2: I've played this one before and it's always fun.  I am not particularly good at the game mind you but it packs some good interaction, bidding, and interesting moments in a short period.
  • #Spirit Island with #Spirit Island: Branch & Claw & #Spirit Island: Jagged Earth (solo): Jagged earth came in so I had to give the game a whirl.  Man, another game I need to get to the table more often.  (Especially considering I have put a fair bit of money in to expansions!)  Played as two new spirits against level 1 russia.  I think I also need to up the level a bit as well by playing it more than once in a row!
  • #Russian Railroads (multiplayer): Love this game!  The yucata implementation is pretty decent.  I had my highest scoring game ever and managed to tie another player at 329!!!  What are the odds?!?!?
  • #Underwater Cities with #Underwater Cities: New Discoveries (multiplayer): First time playing against other people on TTS with the expansion.  I really like the accelerated start and the museum option adds a bit of fun to it as well.  We didn't quite finish the game due to a bit of AP but it was still fun figuring out how to eek out some resources to do things before the next production phase.
  • #Andean Abyss (solo): First play of this and about half way through.  I am definitely enjoying it.  The bots are good and I am learning some nuances as the government.  Hopefully when Covid is less of a problem I can find some regular COIN players because playing against people is always more fun.

Good week!

Totally starting to feel the need to get rid of some games here too. Even with the new shelves coming in, mine are full lol. Add to that the 7 games I have on hold at GameNerdz that have to come off of hold sooner or later and Kickstarters that will be here at some point..oof.

#Gùgōng is really fun, you'll have a great time with it!

I have no real plans to buy any more games but I do have the kickstarter for #The Defence of Procyon III due to arrive sometime this spring (or summer if it gets delayed) which I am really looking forward to. Hopefully by then the lockdown will have lifted and it'll be safe to play with folks in person!

I also just have a bunch of games that I can't wait to actually get to the table with multiple people: #Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition, #Catacombs (Third Edition), #878 Vikings: Invasions of England, #Cry Havoc (which arrived the day before the lockdown hit), #No Honor Among Thieves. All of which will benefit from having more than two people. So I am greatly looking forward to all of those.

That looks awesome. No experience with The Witcher yet but I have read up on the lore before on wiki. I tend to do that with TV series/movie plots I'm curious about if I know I won't get around to actually watching it haha

Are you a fan? I wonder how well the board game will do when it launches on Kickstarter soon.

I'm most looking forward to seeing #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile arrive at our office! I really want to try out the solo mode and report back on it.

Other than that? I'm still hopeful that I'll get a copy of #Too Many Bones before the end of this year. I also haven't decided whether I should back #John Company (Second Edition) on Kickstarter or not (I think and backed it?)

When it comes to games I want to get to the table the most, it's #Brass: Birmingham and #Star Wars: Rebellion. I'm very very curious to see how my wife will react to those two games.

Edit: That's so sweet of your wife! Stroganov looked gorgeous :D

I am currently still in the research phase on John Company. I have watched all of the content that Cole put out and watched the playthrough they posted on the Kickstarter, PLUS just watched the Solo preview from Ricky Royal...I am still in the debating phase but I have pledged $1 so that I can gain access to the Pledge Manager so I have more time to decide!

It's been a while since I've gotten any board gaming in, but after getting a bit more settled after a move, I got to play #Altiplano, #Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, and #Mercado de Lisboa.  The last of these was a kickstarter that delivered a couple months early, which was a nice surprise.