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DealMafia de Cuba (social deduction game) $9.80 in Walmart [Mafia de Cuba: Revolucion]Like| 3 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (1/31 - 2/7) [Zen Garden & Way To Go, Neon Knights - Dice That Glow, Dungeon Ball, Rocketmen, Fantasy RPG Artwork - Make 100, Make 100 Character Portraits & Tokens!...]Like| 2 comments | [+]
3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Mafia, Apocalypse and 1000 Torii image
Crowdfunding3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Mafia, Apocalypse and 1000 Torii Like| 1 comment | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (2/7 - 2/14) [Orion's Spur, Battlefield Operation 3.1 - Multi purpose wargame terrain, Metamorphosis Alpha: Doom on the Warden, 2 Women | 12 Games | Make 100, 3D Pr...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I'm looking for a not-so-pricey game for a large group! 

  • A party game
  • The same vibes as codenames, mafia, etc., but ideally something unique and new 

I would rather play regular Mafia or Werewolf than #One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  

Had a board game night with friends yesterday. We played: 

At home with my fiance we played a few this week: 

Thanks for the write-up. I've heard this game mentioned so often but had no idea what it's about till this day haha. Seems like a game that I'd enjoy and great for the high schoolers I'm in charge of (they like Mafia). The problem with hidden role games for me is that as much as I have fun with them, the corner of my mouth starts to twitch when I start needing to lie a lot!

They definitely lead to some heated debates at times, but my group has played so many over the years that we're used to how we interact and never any hard feelings towards each other.  I had a friend create a nice variant of traditional warewolf/mafia style game, and for 'play testing' we did LOTS of games. Mafia: Death and Deception

Now I will say though, from games like this, my wife refuses to play any of them now.  Not because we ever had a sour relationship from a game like this, just that she is smart enough to realize if she played it would cause problems lol