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I won't bother producing these but i would immediately know what the concept would look like! :D

The A-Team!
4 heroes create a plan to win the scenario (=episode).
gather stuff, craft a concoction or fort, deal with the bad guys, Face rides off with the cool car and the girl (I played Face); A board with regios to be, do actions, get stuff and fight an automated enemy

2/4 player game where autobots battle decepticons on a map. Each hero has his own powers. Megraton and Optimus recruit robots to join their side and battle it out on Earth. Dudes on a map with hidden missions

every 'episode' is a puzzle/escape/adventure based on a nifty and innovative crafting mechanism

A solo roll and write game where you fly you helicopter and make decisions on which enemies to blast with which weapons and abilities.

Terminator 2!
Protect John Connor, stay away from the T-1000 and find a way to  secure the future of mankind. A mix of dilemma's, action sequences and a modular, dynamic story based on chosen locations and actions.



I've played "Communist" rules for Ricochet Robots where if someone can see a route at the same level but have less points, they can get the credit. It's helpful when there are new players but it wasn't my cup of tea.

I also made a whole video about a house rule for Century but it hasn't really been worth bringing up.

I would love a good game set in The Witcher universe. Also, one about The Foundation, and the robots and all that. Of course, more games about Discworld. Finally, I would really love a game set on old Lucasfilm graphic adventures.

I finally played my brothers copy of GKR: Giant Killer Robots. Not my normal fare - seemed a little random, but would be keen on a second game now I know what I'm doing. It was a reminder that teaching new games is a skill in and of itself, and needs to be considered... and that maybe he needs to work on it a little. I gave him some hints though.

I lost by destruction.

Also, spent a fair bit of time working on my prototype '2056: Race to the stars' (which may be renamed). It's going to be a cross of the share game/other mechanics from Chicago Express, the market inspired by Power Grid with some pick up and deliver and a little exploration. We'll see if it works.

One of my friends was demoing the game at Shux, and we had hoped to get a chance to play it with her, but instead she ended up just teaching it to us. It took about an hour, because of all the questions we had.

I enjoyed it and want to play it again. I think the first few rounds of the game, you need to move some of your robots from the break room into the various dice pools to ensure that dice will be available after a reset and to slow down the rate at which the ship is traveling towards Spes. Or rather to get more done in the same timeframe, since that's probably what's happening if you focus on the theme. 

The rulebook isn't great, but it was mostly readable. Cheat sheets probably would speed up teaching the game.