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It's times like these I'm glad I'm not on BGG any more. :)

Short answer: I don't care.

Nothing is going to keep me from listening to Michael Jackson. And I don't care if Phil Eklund eats babies - I'm still going to play #Pax Renaissance.

  1. I think #Glory To Rome is quite excellent.  I have the clamshell IV edition (with the amusingly garish clipart.)  'Upgrading' to the Black Box edition would be quite amazing.
  2. The answer to 'which game did I most enjoy playing' is always #Magic Realm.  This year is no different.
  3. #百科審議官!  It's not new, but it is clever and hilarious.
  4. My top games are pretty stationary. #Magic Realm; #Race for the Galaxy; #Dune; #Princes of the Renaissance.  #5 is a bit harder: one of #Merchant of Venus; #Bus; #A Study in Emerald; #1860; #Die Dolmengötter; #Brass; #1846; or #Through the Ages

You say that you caved..... But, it looks like you are counting it as a next years expense. If you are going to cave....Go all the way, LOL!!! Count it as this years expense. LOL

I'll mention two aquisitions that came out of left field for me.

#1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties. This is an 18xx game, and I am a solo player. 18xx games are profoundly ugly. They have no theme. They are just not for me. Than, I started listening to some podcasts that talk a lot about 18xx, and I started seeingthe appeal of them. Then, I heard about this 18xx game which you can play solo. I looked it up on, and read a review or two.... And, then I got it. I was sorta worried about it, because I had had so little interest in the theme, or the gameplay, or the whole genre of 18xx. But, I love this. Quite frankly, it has been much better than I had even dared hope.

#High Frontier 4 All. I was strongly against the whole evolution of High Frontier, from #Rocket Flight on. I thought that they were complex for complexity's sake. I wasn't that interested in the harder parts of space exploration. But, then I did something that I should not have done. I watched the Heavy Cardboards playthrough with #High Frontier (Third Edition) components, and fourth edition rules. That put a hook into me. The #Pax Viking, Pax Renaissance & High Frontier 4 All: Module 3 was running at the time, I had already backed Pax Ren and Viking. But, after watching the teach and play, I went and added HF4 + all three current modules to my pledge. I haven't received it yet. Latest guess from Ion/Sierra Madre puts delivery in Feburary, but we will see.

I really want to give #Pax Renaissance a shot someday, but that day seems quite far away. I just bought #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) and I'm looking forward to giving it a shot!

Most recent board game *purchase* was #Imperial Struggle. I bought that from Gamenerdz with a gift card from a BGA GAW several months ago. But, I don't have it yet, I have it on hold there, I hope to release it sometime when I can more easily pick it up.

I picked up all of my most recent arrivals at the same time, on my last trip to the states a month or so ago. They were:

  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition). This is the second printing of this game. I kickstarted it back in March or so. I have had the chance to play this several times. And, it is truly great. I am very pleased with it. I bought it primarily for solo play.
  • #Pax Porfiriana This is the "collectors edition" of this game, and I had bought it several months ago. I mostly bought it because I was intrigued by the idea of Pax games, and I was listening to the "revolutions podcast" series on the mexican revolution. I knew there was a solo variant designed by Ricky Royal, but I wasn't expecting much from that. That being said, in my plays of it, so far I think I might like it a little bit better than Pamir.
  • #Root I picked this as a BGA GAW win back in January. I heard that the better bot pnp was really really good. I have only played it once. But, so far it is really good.
  • #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties Another GAW win. I picked it up to play solo. I have played it twice so far, and it is a really compelling puzzly sort of experience.
  • #Navajo Wars I bought this on a whim one time when Noble Knight had a NOS copy of the first printing, and it was on sale. This has been the biggest surpise of the bunch. I adore this game. It is super compelling.

Coming on Kickstarter, I went all in on the #Pax Renaissance: 2nd edition/ #Pax Viking kickstarter. As a result I have, coming my way in the future:

  1. #Pax Renaissance: 2nd edition
  2. #Pax Viking
  3. #High Frontier 4 All
    1. #High Frontier 4 All: Module 1 – Terawatt
    2. #High Frontier 4 All: Module 2 – Colonization
    3. #High Frontier 4 All: Module 3 – Conflict

I have #Pax Emancipation on preorder at GameNerdz.

And, either waiting in Kansas, or waiting on me to release them at GameNerdz:

  1. #Imperial Struggle
  2. #Gaia Project
  3. #Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain
  4. #Conquest of Paradise
  5. #Porta Nigra

Sadly my shelf of shame is too large atm, I'll have to cut back on the game shopping for sanity's sake. But I'm hoping for my friends to buy some new games this year so that I can play them anyway. :)

Games that I have on order that should arrive this year, and that I'm looking forward to trying out:
#Lawyer Up
#Aeon Trespass: Odyssey
#Pax Renaissance: 2nd edition
#Pax Viking

A few games that I hope friends will get so that I can try them... :
#Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile
#Nemesis Lockdown
#Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles
#Dominant Species: Marine
#Cartographers Heroes
#Grand Austria Hotel: Let's Waltz!

Games I received/bought in 2020 that I'm hoping to get to the table in 2021:
#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)
#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
#Core Space
#Altar Quest

I would say the Pax games are going to take a special group, especially #Pax Renaissance.

I'm definitely looking to add expansions like Houses of Renaissance (Lorenzo il Magnifico) and Rails to the North (Great Western Trail).  I'm also looking to upgrade components such as the Roxley Iron Clays. 

Restarting with $200?  I'd go with Capstone's #Stick 'Em and #Bus ; sign up for the P500 reprint of GMT's #1846: The Race for the Midwest; grab a copy of Mercury's #Princes of the Renaissance; and finish things off with a copy of Ludonova's #Babylonia.

Consulting boardgameprices (except for the P500 title) and choosing the cheapest vendor, I come just under $190 for all of them.  So I'd add a copy of daVinci's #Vivaldi  to consume the remainder.

Excellent review!  The Pax games are a niche unto themselves and there's a lot to explore once you get deeper into the series.  My favorite is Renaissance, followed by Transhumanity but I can comfortably say all four of those titles are in my personal top-15 games of all time

Got a good variety of games in this week:

  • #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon (tts, multiplayer): I was thinking of trading of selling this one but after our multiplayer game I decided to hang on to it.The combat at the end of each round is super fun and adds something to the whole game. The official solo mode and variants I have tried aren't very good at least in my opinion. But multiplayer it shines!  Yup. I'll find space for this one!
  • #Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King (tts, multiplayer): And with this play my shelf of shame is empty.   I love tile laying games and this one has a great twist in how tiles are acquired during the buy phase. 
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical, solo): played with Scarlet Witch and then Quicksilver vs Crossbones. My one game conclusions: Quicksilver has a lot of internal card synergy like Ant man. The Scarlet Witch needs a bit more deck building care like the Wasp. I look forward to figuring out some good decks in the future!
  • #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls (tts, multiplayer):  First time playing this one.  I had quite a lot of fun!  I think we are going to play some more of the campaign. Fun dice checker although the rulebook needs a lot of work.
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (tts, multiplayer):  missions 22-24 accomplished. Things are getting tougher but once we shook the rust off we did quite well.
  • #Lorenzo il Magnifico with#Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance Expansion (physical, solo): I found a really good variant that covers the expansion. This is probably my favourite dice style placement euro. The expansion is excellent and I can't wait to give it a whirl with the gang!


I definitely have a few:

  • John Company 2E should be coming to Kickstarter early next year. I'm hoping it's in print before the end of 2021. With #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) being such a great 1st effort from Weherligig Games I'm super excited to see where they go with their second effort. You going to make this your first Kickstarter? 
  • #Pax Renaissance: 2nd edition I Kickstarted this. I'm excited to see what it's like. Should be coming out early next year.
  • #Pax Viking Same as Pax Ren.
  • I think that #Border Reivers from GMT should be coming out next year. It's a soloable relative to the famous #Virgin Queen. Colour me excited.

Curious to see the rest of your answers. 

I don't really feel the need for expansions unless I've heard it dramatically improves the base game (as was the case for #Terraforming Mars: Prelude) or I really enjoyed the game (such as #Wingspan: European Expansion and #Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden Expansion). The upcoming release of #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is on my radar as well as #Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance Expansion only if we ever play out the base game. 

I think the quickest for me was #High Frontier 4 all. I think it was on my list for a few days before I added it to my Pax Renaissance/Pax Viking pledge.

The turning point for me was watching a Heavy Cardboard playthrough of it.