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Pretty good week last week! As I mentioned in some comments back and forth with in last week's post, my meetup group got back together for in person gaming! We had a relatively small group compared to where we had been at pre-pandemic and it seems like the general concensus was to try to play games that could include as many of us as possible.

#Camel Up (Second Edition) - Played this at a full player count of 8 which I think is a first for me. This game is always a good time.

#Perudo - Another one we played at 8 despite the "official" play count listing a max of 6. Basically a form of Liar's Dice where the 1's are wild. Lots of laughs during this one.

#No Thanks! - First time playing this one for me. I didn't mind it, but it's not exactly something I'd ever seek out. Don't think I'd turn down a game though.

#Calico - My one contribution to our return to in person gaming lol. It was difficult to get ahold of my games as they're all packed away at the moment. On top of that, most of my recent acquisitions are too involved to play with most people in the group and definitely too big to fit on the tables we play on at the bar. This was on the brink of both of those limits, but the people I got to play with me enjoyed it so overall a good choice!

#Lost Ruins of Arnak - Picked this up with my Miniature Market gift card I recently won thanks to the results of the poll I posted a bit ago. Tried it out solo last Thursday. Setup for this game felt worse than it actually it, largely due to being spoiled playing this on BGA. Won 66-47 against the AI. Solo was surprisingly tricky, even only playing on difficultly level 0 lol. I'm planning to try it out again and upping the challenge a bit.

And of course I still played games online haha.

#Beyond the Sun - I was in the game theDL mentioned where he, , and myself all got crushed by . I'm not sure if it's the asynchronous play or what, but I kinda lost track of what I was even trying to accomplish pretty early on lol. Honestly shocked that I stayed competitive.

#Clans of Caledonia - Speaking of getting crushed by Bob, , docker, and myself played this on BGA. Bob is an absolute beast at this game. I have no idea how he always seems to fufill loads of contracts. Fun game!

#Draftosaurus - Pretty quick game on BGA where destroyed the rest of us. I think this was the first time I've played where the spread between scores wasn't all that close. Didn't help I had to dump so many dinos in the river. Oh well!

Any of the Azul games are great as are

#Dice Forge,

or #Camel Up

Some less known ones:

#Black Fleet is another I'd reccomend, as is

 #Kodama: The Tree Spirits or #Kodama 3D



#Dream Home


Some of my favorite lighter games are:

  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale: A great flip-n-write game where you are trying to draw a map based on cards played.
  • #Century: Spice Road: similar to Century: Golem Edition mentioned by someone else here, but the orginal with different artwork.  I don't know if there are any variations in the games
  • #Sagrada: A dice drafting game that does take some strategy to place dice within the placement restrictions.
  • #Downforce: A betting and racing game where you can still win even if your car isn't in first place.  It can depend on how you play your own cards.
  • #Azul: A tile drafting game where you place your tiles to fill up your board for points. Lighter cousin to it's follow-ups.
  • And I'm going to plug #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game becuase it's so much fun, even for non-gamers and gamers alike.  You're trying to collect ghost cards to earn points while avoiding the hitchhiking ghosts.  You only have three actions per round, but your strategy is going to change based on the cards available each round. Everyone I've played this with enjoys it.

I got a few games in this week, mostly solo:

  • #Clank! In! Space! using the Renegade Games app and completed episode 2 with 143 points.  
  • #Istanbul: The Dice Game with my wife, who won.  It's always nice when she wins as she'll be more likely to play it again.
  • #Pandemic I played twice, solo, with two characters each time.  The first game I ended up loosing after curing two diseases when I drew an epidemic card which bordered two cities with three cubes already and causing a vicious cycle of outbreaks, right before I was about to cure it. The second game, with different characters, I erradicated two diseases (which helped a lot) and cured the last disease with two turns to spare.  This was the first time I've actually won the game!

That's a tough question-I only have two games that are dice based, and only two others that use dice when a specific card is draw or other action taken.  I am interested in trying more dice games, however.

Haha it's not an easy one. There are probably many more card based games than dice based. What dice games do you have? If you're interested in trying more I'd recommend #Champions of Midgard or #The Taverns of Tiefenthal

I have #Istanbul: The Dice Game and #King of Tokyo.  I've recently seen a review for #Rajas of the Ganges and thought that would be interesting.  I'll have to look into the two you mention.

I like it. It can go from 15-30 minutes which is great for a game that doesn't require a lot of strategy because you don't know what you're going to roll.  Based on the dice roll, you either earn coins, a card (which can give you extra goods or coins), a market tile which gives you additional abilities/rewards, goods markers, or a crystal which will allow you to reroll once.  The dice and goods markers are interchangable which helps a lot. The goods and coins are traded in for rubies, and first person to five or six rubies (based on player count) wins.  It's easy to learn and fairly quick.  It's increased my interest in #Istanbul: Big Box.

#Pandemic: The Cure is really good - I actually enjoy it more than the original.

#Zooloretto: The Dice Game is one I've wanted for a while after playing it on Yucata.

I think had great things to say about The Cure? As a dice fan, I'm pretty sure I'd like it more than the original :)

I played #Roll For The Galaxy which is #Race for the Galaxy: the dice game. I actually liked it quite a bit. It is a little longer than the original but it allows for more comboing as the cards are more focused. So whereas in the original you just have to hope you draw cards that work together in Roll you will always be able to make things work at least to some extent. I don't think I'll ever buy either but I don't see the dice version as being worse at all.

I like Roll a lot on Board Game Arena, but I can't imagine playing it in real life. There is so much dice manipulation that is supposed to be going on behind a screen that I can't imagine playing it correctly IRL.

#Destinies  Having fun...on the second campaign expansion Sea and Sand...great story, simple mechanics...qish there were more ways to manipulate dice but otherwise haveing a blast with it.

Today's recap is one of the original dice worker placement games, 2010's Alien frontiers. How does this successful and popular game hold up today, and learn how it plays in 3 minutes here.