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Thanks for your thoughts as I think they mostly sum up a lot of where I'm at.

I will defintiely wait for it to hit retail and look at the reviews.  I love TM as a theme but didn't love it when I played it, so a new game with the theme is really appealing to me.

I also really really dislike the art in the original game, and while this is an upgrade I'm still not totally in love with it.  I'm a sucker for classic SciFi art and would have loved to see that done here.

Also, I have to consider, will I ever opt for this game over what I already have?  Right now nothing in what I've seen points to yes.  Maybe someday though.

I am perfectly fine with a board game, video game, movie, etc being refreshed for current standards and sensibilities. 

It doesn't mean I have to like it as much as the original (Han shot first and he always will to me) but I have no right to expect the world to stay static just to keep me happy.

in the end almost everything is a remake of something or has ideas from other places.  

The best remake I have personally seen for board games is definitely #Brass: Birmingham.  It's not just the art work but it took an already excellent game system then refined and smoothed it in all the right places.  It's a textbook example of not changing things for the sake of change but instead just tweaking enough.

#Village might be one I would consider buying an upgraded version.  Only if it smoothly integrated the expansions in to it but even then I'm not really sure.  

Are you drawing a distinction between remakes and new editions? There are of course many games that get new editions. I'm generally cool with those if they bring something new to the table. Often they're mostly visual/component upgrades, which sometimes is enough to warrant it. That can give an older game new life with new fans. I'm thinking about the new edition of #7 Wonders here with the new art and iconography.

Some new editions bring rules or gameplay changes (sometimes in addition to visual changes), like #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), which has obviously been a huge hit.

The only true remake that I can think of that I actually own is #Dune. The game had been out of print for decades, and there was a strong fan community. Gale Force 9 even used fanmade art for the board and possibly other assets. The art is great and the components are satisfactory, but the most important fact is that you can actually buy the game, and for less than $50, which is a steal if your group is into the game. They also went back to the original designers and tried to clean up and clarify some of the rules. That particular effort seems to have been a moderate success, according to fans of the original, but still there are plenty of FAQs and intricacies that were not necessarily addressed completely by the rulebook.

As for "wishlist" remakes, I'd love to see a new version of #Orléans with new art, new pieces, and most importantly, a faster way to set it up. That's the one thing I dread about this game, haha. That would probably require some rules tweaks, but I'd give a little on that front for a faster setup time.

Dune is a great example! Always surprised to see how affordable that game is compared to the experience it provides and all the critical acclaim.

As for Orleans, I find the art charming, surprisingly. But one thing's for sure, there are a number of Klemens Franz illustrated top euro games out there that could have gotten more love from a wider audience. At least, that's what I believe :D

Yeah I honestly that art has kept a good number of people from playing those acclaimed Euros over the years, haha

Just checked this out thanks to this post. Looks like some neat art and interesting gameplay. Ultimately, I won't be going for it. Gotta save up for that #Everdell KS :D

Fun question.  I think overall, remake, new edition, etc, as a rule I'm okay with... but not just because... if that makes sense.  I kind of live by the rule, if it ain't broke don't fix it.  But I know some games need a refresh/remake/new edition.  I don't know anything about the original but I do love #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) and I'm really excited they "remade" that game.  

However, I think I'd be more interested in a new game that incorporates things that have worked before but add to them/refine them.

Like you I didn't really think FF VII would ever actually be remade... side note, do you remember the Final Fantasy movie?... glad to hear you like it.  I've heard mixed reviews and some people haven't enjoyed the change to the story.  I'm on the fence as I don't like the same exact thing with new art, but FF VII is one I've played through twice and probably would again so I'd consider playing an updated one that was exactly the same.  But... I don't have a PS4 so it doesn't really matter haha.

If I already own a game though, at this point in my life, I'm probably not going to get a new edition or remake of it.  Maybe later down the line.

I have to agree on #Brass: Birmingham and feel it was a fantastic remake at a great value.  I am still very happy with #Rococo: Deluxe Edition but the remake does not compete in overall value.  

I would say a remake is great with enough time.  I think #Raiders of Scythia, while a great game and I enjoy it quite a bit, was frustrating for folks who had invested in #Raiders of the North Sea and all its expansions. 

I don't know that there are a ton of games I'd want to see a remake of.  I could see #Monopoly getting a remake and made into a euro-style game of sorts that keeps the original feel of a large rondel but with a more interactive bidding formula from turn to turn and perhaps a different win condition.

#The Game of Life could be redone in a similar fashion and crafted into something reasonably playable.

As for games that were made in the last 15 years or so...I'd love to see #Dinosaur Island get an upgrade of some sort rather than a remake.  Perhaps a "tweak" more than anything else.  I'd love to see #Friday remade with some gorgeous art done by Jakub Rozalski.

Monopoly remake into a euro style game? Now that would be the talk of the board game communities for months lol.

And Friday getting an art update is a very interesting idea. It's a surprisingly thematic game considering how simple it is, and I'm curious what could be done to expand on the game without complicating it too much. Art update would be a good step at least :)

I'm with you.  The art and game description of Moonrakers looks like more my style.  Hopefully you give us a review of them both though!

I really love the cover art for both 2e and for the New Zealand box. I might be interested in picking one of these up.

I am with you on Coffee Traders...I love the theme, I love the art and the interaction but am having trouble seeing my group get it out often enough to justify the massive up front cost!

When I saw #Terraforming Mars for the first time, I loved the theme and possible mechanics and the card art and look held me back. I've played it since (the original) and ironically I'm not too interested on Ares. Just doesnt seem different enough to warrant another game for me. I know the mechanics are different but it just "feels" too similar if that makes sense. 

People seem to think cult of the new is a problem but games have been getting better and better over time. There's nothing wrong if you love older games.  There's nothing wrong if you love newer games.

Considering the art form is getting better and better and more and more game are coming out there are a LOT of amazing games out there.  It IS harder to find the wheat in the chaff sometimes of course and diamonds in the rough will get missed a lot as well.  But that has nothing against the games themselves

Also, note that the older games we see now are refined down from all the games that were out then.  It's like those silly facebook posts where they talk about how older music is so much better forgetting that they are only remembering the good music and not all of the crud that was out back then too.

In other words, enjoy what you like!

For me, I have mostly newer games along with some old favourites since I was a teenager.  I enjoy them all regardless of age.

Edit to add my game age:

Pre 2000: 8

2000 - 2004: 2 (Had kids in this time period!!!)

2004 - 2009: 9

2010 - 2014: 27

2015 - 2019: 65

2020 - Now: 2


Last night I got together with a friend and we tried out a game that I and another friend of ours got him for his birthday: #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef. We're not sure we did everything quite correctly, but it was fun! Would definitely play again. The components are beautiful, but actually not too blinged out. It's mostly cardboard and dice, but the components that are there are high quality, and the art is gorgeous and colorful.

Today my wife is having over a couple of friends for a tea and then we'll be teaching them to play #Obsession! They both enjoy the theme, so she thought this would be a fun afternoon activity. They're not hobby gamers like me and my wife and I'm assuming haven't played many modern games, so we'll see how it goes.