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Played #Gloomhaven - finishing up side scenarios and setting up the party for the final level before starting #Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles Expansion. Currently planning Music Note, Angry Face, Three Spears and ????

Also played #Roll Player with #Roll Player: Monsters & Minions for the first time. A lot of fun - but scores were a lot worse than the normal ! Definetly adds to the strategy on scoring pts via boss or items. 

Great article! I'm about as new to Instagram (last spring) as I am to BGA (last summer) and have only recently (last fall) started following some of the accounts you've mentioned here. I've got some more to check out, now.  While I don't see myself ever trying to get large numbers like this for my casual personal account, this has been a fascinating read and helps me understand and better appreciate what those I do follow go through.  This also is good information for my teenage son who is interested in using Instagram to create awareness of his music.

I look forward to reading more about your process/discoveries/recommendations later.

That's awesome! Glad you found it helpful, and hope it's useful for your son too. What sort of project is he working on for music?

Oh, he's written some of his own songs over the last four years that he hopes to produce into an album someday.  He's already bought some of his own recording equipment to help him do it.  Mostly he does covers and posts them on Youtube (Gavin Rex).  In 8th grade, he performed onstage twice with 3x grammy-nominated Ellen Whyte and two other middle-school students-once in a school concert, and once in a Portland venue along with Duffy Bishop and the Rhythm Dogs.  His freshman year, he sang a duet with country artist Jessie Leigh in a fund-raising concert to support our high school's music and theater program.  He's got several instagram accounts, including ones focusing on food, travel, and fashion, but his main one is GavinRexOfficial.  He wants to be a successful singer and real estate investor.

Sorry to arrive late to the party!

1. Individual responsibility

I believe our responsibility is to report anything that is unlawful. What about things we despise but are not illegal? Well, I think that we do not have any obligation to report that, but we can, and I would encourage everybody to do so.

2. Separation from art and artist

That is a personal decision. I do separate which allows me to enjoy music, movies, books, etc. that I would not be able to otherwise. Other do not separate and miss those works. I say it's their loss. They probably say I am not woke.

3. Repugnant ideology

Again, I think that is a personal decision. I do not think that slavery is more repugnant than assessination, rape or other abhorrent acts. However, there are hundreds of games where killing is a regular part of the game and it seldom sparks any controversy. The same can be said about music and movies. And even more so if we include stereotypes like Russians in Cold War movies, Mexicans and drug cartels, etc. Yet, nowadays, any gay or racial stereotype can cause the demise of a movie.

So, I personally withstand those issues and enjoy movies, games, music that include them, even as a central part but I will not criticize anyone that decides to draw a line.


What about publishers? Well, they have a tough decission to make. I would like them to remain strong and separate art and artists as well and keep on publishing but Twitter is a terrible beast and it is understandable that companies let ballast fall, be it Tascini. Eklund, Johny Depp, Woody Allen or Kevin Spacey. But they are unware that some customers, not as vocal as the Twitter mob, may as well take their business elsewhere if they see companies bowing to cancel culture-

Finally, I think that there is a very important point that can't be ignored: as has been clearly proven by the Parler disintegration, leftist thought controls the media and controls the means. Those that do not agree with the popular opinion will find less and less places to discuss and express themselves. This will probably be seen as a triumph by some people. I think it is a tragedy and a recipe for disaster. Those persons exist and will find a way to be heard, probably more hurtful than a Tweet.


Yeah, it's been quite the week, hasn't it? I've been following along to all of this and have thought the same things. It's a messy world we live in. Like Brian said below, I'd much prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of these things. But, being part of the industry as I am (even at a miniscule level), this is part of my community. And, so, being blissfully ignorant is no longer an option for me. And now that I have this knowledge, what do I do with it?

That is the question, indeed.

I really enjoyed #Teotihuacan: City of Gods and #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar when I played them. In fact, I really wanted to play them again. They are good games. Mechanically speaking, they do very well. But now that the designer has shown his colors, what am I supposed to do? Well, I still don't know. But I do know what I know, and that is that his behaviour was inappropriate. 

That said, I understand he is Italian. Does that make him exempt? No! Of course not. But I do recognize that other cultures and speakers of other languages don't understand the meaning behind it and use the word because they think it's funny or for some other reason. (Spoilers: it's not funny.) But they don't know that! When I lived in the Philippines, I knew a Black man, from America, who had married a Filipina. Great guy, great family. But when visiting his home the few times I was able to, his neighbors and those on the street would point at him, wave, and use the "n" word. He smiled and waved back. He told us that he doesn't get upset at that because they don't understand what it is they're saying. And I get that. Heck, the Filipinos would say, "Hey, Joe! Eff you, Joe!" to us as we'd be walking down the street. But they did it with a smile and a wave. They knew it wasn't a "good" word they were calling us, but they didn't understand the extent of it's badness. Did it bother me? More than it should have, yes. But I don't condemn them for it, either.

Now, I don't say this to absolve anyone of any wrong doing. On the contrary, once someone knows what they are doing is wrong, they should stop, should they not? I think they should. It's common, human decency (which is, admittedly, lacking these days) to stop doing something that hurts someone else. And so I can understand, perhaps to a small degree, why Tascini would use such language. I do not absolve him of his crime, and I hope he does better in the future.

All that said, what of his games? Do I continue playing them? If it came to it, would I buy one of his games? Personally, I don't know. I'll tell you what, though, that this situation makes me think twice about doing so. But, say he doesn't change his ways. Say he continues on as he always has. What then? Well, that's where things get tricky. For me, I try to seperate art from the person as much as possible. Otherwise, all I'd be watching is ye auld The Ten Commandments movie on repeat. 

Just kidding. But seriously, so many people out there put out wonderful content (i.e. books, music, film, etc.), but in real life are scumbags. Fortunately, I don't keep tabs on those industries as much as I do in the board game industry (except maybe books, but only in the genres I read). And so, here I am, indulging in media created by closet-offenders.

Crap, I feel like I'm rambling. Am I rambling? I'm rambling.

Anyway, I said all that as background to my personal decision. I think there should be pressure applied to the guilty party to try and help them 1) see what they did wrong and 2) make changes for the better. I don't know if boycotting his games would do any good in those regards, but openly speaking out against such actions (note: actions, not necessarily people) can do a lot of good in the world. It can produce change. Dragging someone through the coals isn't the best way to encite change. Having an open dialogue with the person--or even in the industry where they "live"--is a better way. And we're doing that. The board game community--especially those behind the scenes--now knows more about Tascini's mindset. But we don't know much about him other than that. I'm sure he does good things, is a good person. At least, I'm sure he thinks of himself as a good person. We all make mistakes. I know I've made more than most haha But I'm willing to forgive when change is made. Hopefully he is changing because of this.

So that's my first answer haha In short, yes, I think it's important to call out that kind of behavior. It's hurtful, it's wrong, and calling it out shows the world that some people won't stand for it. But do we boycot? I think it depends on the crime and on the actions the person takes in the future. It's more grey than just black and white.

As for your second question (this is getting long, isn't it?), I think it's important to seperate art from artist to some degree. As I mentioned, it's going to be nearly impossible to do anything if we only let ourselves be entertained by people with a perfect past, present, and future. (And yet, the Cosby Show has been forever tainted, hasn't it?) So much grey in this discussion haha But, I also think it's becoming increasingly important to take a stand for what you believe in, so long as that stand doesn't violate anyone else's rights. And that stand could be different for me than it is for you. It doesn't necessarily mean that either of us are wrong; we're simply doing it the way we know how. 

So, in regards to your second question, I will seperate art from artist, to a point. My problem, though is knowing what that "point" is. And I think this week has really made me look inward as I try and determine where that line is. I do not appreciate or condone the use of such language, essays, or sexism (clumbing all three subjects into one). But, I like to see the good in people, and so I'm not convinced--not yet, at least--that these are "bad" people that should be shunned. Bad judgement calls? You bet they were! I'm actually more inclined to forgive Tascini over the Funagain Games guy due to my personal experience with word meanings in different languages. But, having read the exchange with the Funagain Games guy and Jess from Heavy Cardboard (it was on Twitter, and like a moth to the flame I went), I feel like he knew he was being inappropriate and sexist in his comments, yet said them anyway. So, I may avoid Funagain moreso than Tascini. But I like my evidence, and I like to give others the benefit of the doubt as well as second chances. But I can guarantee you that I'll be on guard from these people again.

That brings us to the third topic of discussion: games containing repugnent ideology.

This is a very touchy area, but I do have thoughts. Are they 100% correct with how they should be? I honestly don't know. I'm still a work in progress, but as a white male, there's a lot that I'm still learning. That said, I think there is a place for such games, conditionally.

If there is a game portraying some facet of human history that we'd just as soon forget, it had better be done tastefully and tactfully, using sensitivity readers/testers and getting all of your information correct. There is a lot to learn about history, and I think the example of Mein Kampf is a good one. That book can get you in a lot of trouble in some places. And yet, if we ignore history, we aren't learning anything from it. Truthfully, we're more apt to repeat it in some way or another.

There are plenty of books that talk about difficult subjects, but games? Not so much. Perhaps the word "game" doesn't lend itself well to such topics. But there are games out there that I have heard touch on subjects respectfully. #Freedom: The Underground Railroad is one I have heard about but have yet to play. From what I've gathered, it depicts the hardships of these people without glorifying it as something that was well and good (because it wasn't).

But, there are "bad" games out there (apparently) that I wouldn't have thought were bad at all. I can't remember any specifics, but I'm sure there are examples on BGG and the socials. But I try to avoid those places for these types of discussions haha I think, when speaking of games that push moraly repugnant ideology, we have to think abotu that. If it's pushing for those ideologies, then chances are it's not a morally good game to play. But who gets to decide whose morals are right and whose are wrong? More questions with even fewer answers. 

I suppose my real answer to all of these questions is, "I don't know." I don't know, but I'm trying to.  Hopefully I can learn quickly, and learn well.

Personally, I just wish everyone could respect everyone else in all things. Respect. Wouldn't that solve so many of these problems? Why can't we all just be decent human beings all the time? I guess our imperfect bodies struggle with the idea of perection. But until I'm counted as perfect (and that's going to take a loooong time), I don't think I can fully condemn anyone.

But I can use my voice to help make things better.

Got in a ton of gaming this week! Could have been more, but I'm very happy with the games we got out! 

#Captain Sonar - Got in two full plays of this in real time with 8 players. I definitely think it would play fine with 6 players as well. I really enjoyed it, I can definitely see how this depends a lot on who you play with, but our group of family was fun.

#Deception: Murder in Hong Kong - Played this with 8 players twice and then with 6 players twice and it was great all four times! Family had a lot of fun with this one.

#Love Letter (2019 Edition) - Fun! Played with 6 players and it did start to drag out a bit when almost everyone had won 2 rounds and you needed to win 3 to win the game. So overstayed it's welcome, especially since it was late and thought it would be faster (took maybe an hour or more?), but the gameplay is very simple and very fun.

#Boss Monster - Fun, fairly quick game. Not my copy, but played with 3 people for my first time ever and it is a fun, almost filler type game.

#The Reckoners - I really enjoyed this! First play through. This is a brother-in-laws copy. He got the full deluxe version during the last Kickstarter for the expansion. Played with 4 and we really enjoyed it. The simultaneous dice rolling combined with simultaneous resolution was perfect for me. I have discovered recently that I LOVE spending money IN games. Buying items from the shop was fun and super helpful. None of the items were week and we really had fun considering who should use them.

#Gloomhaven - this was played on Vassal with two brothers-in-law that I have been playing through this with. One of my most enjoyable plays as the Music Note.

Hoping to get solo plays of #A Feast for Odin and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom this week.

This is a fun question.

Last summer, I posted a query on the Nextdoor app asking if anyone in my small rural community (we're 20 miles outside Portland, OR metro area) was interested in having a game night together.  A handful of people replied, but due to the increasing covid numbers in our county shortly after my post, we've not been able to get together and I've never met them.  Since then, two of my neighbors have been joining me twice a month for a game night. 

I would invite all of those who responded to my initial post to a game night group.  (And and Sarah if they happened to be here.) I would want to play any of the following games: #Wingspan, #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Scythe (still unopened in the closet), #The Quacks of Quedlinburg, #Terraforming Mars, #Alhambra: Big Box and #Clank! In! Space!.

We'd pull out our Italian Soda bar, have a cheese board with other snack foods, and play some nice international music on Pandora (or ask my teenage son to pick a mix from his Amazon Music account).

And it'd be a great 4 hour event!


People seem to think cult of the new is a problem but games have been getting better and better over time. There's nothing wrong if you love older games.  There's nothing wrong if you love newer games.

Considering the art form is getting better and better and more and more game are coming out there are a LOT of amazing games out there.  It IS harder to find the wheat in the chaff sometimes of course and diamonds in the rough will get missed a lot as well.  But that has nothing against the games themselves

Also, note that the older games we see now are refined down from all the games that were out then.  It's like those silly facebook posts where they talk about how older music is so much better forgetting that they are only remembering the good music and not all of the crud that was out back then too.

In other words, enjoy what you like!

For me, I have mostly newer games along with some old favourites since I was a teenager.  I enjoy them all regardless of age.

Edit to add my game age:

Pre 2000: 8

2000 - 2004: 2 (Had kids in this time period!!!)

2004 - 2009: 9

2010 - 2014: 27

2015 - 2019: 65

2020 - Now: 2


Merry Christmas! So far the only board gaming moment since the Christmas break started was soloing #Obsession, which I thoroughly enjoyed :)

Besides that, I've watched several shows/movies with my wife or went out for our 2 year old to see some Christmas lights. We watched a few I Love Lucy episodes (she loved them as a kid), High School Musical (I just had to introduce it to her after hearing she's never watched it), and Mission Impossible: Fallout

Sounds like a great day! My teenage son rolls his eyes anytime someone says they haven't seen High School Musical. 🤣