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Good mix of games again this week.  Going back to a full write up by popular demand. Ok, one person, .  Thanks bud!  :)

  • #Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar (Solo/Physical): This was more of a half play.  I setup for a short game but I just wasn't feeling it so called a halt after one campaign.  It felt like this game more than the others really needed other players.  That's weird because it is simpler than something like #Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain but for whatever reason it felt less good to play with the bots to me.
  • #Russian Railroads (Boardgamearena): Finished a turn based game with my gaming group.  I tried out a full on industry run but just wasn't efficient enough to keep up with the late game scoring power of a st petersburg run from another group member.
  • #Yellow & Yangtze (Multiplayer/TTS): Second time playing the game and, yeah, this one is a definite keeper.  I've never played #Tigris & Euphrates which is supposed to be meaner but this one was nice and cat-fighty with my group.  I ended up in second on tie breakers but there was some great moves throughout the game by all players.  Fun!
  • #Gunkimono (Multiplayer/TTS): First time playing this.  I really enjoyed it as well!  It's pretty simple once you get going but has some really complex play possible.  Lots of take that element with back and forth play.  It starts off big but the map space gets tighter and tighter as strongholds get placed until at the end you are squeaking out points.  
  • #Caylus (boardgamearena): A favourite of my group.  I made a couple of mistakes due to the interface and although the game was close I came in second.
  • #Trickerion with #Trickerion: Dahlgaard's Academy (Multiplayer/TTS): Third time playing Trickerion, first time with the academy.  Generally my feelings are the same as when I played Anachrony with #Anachrony: Fractures of Time.  It added a lot of time to the game but felt like tacked on mechanisms.  In fact, one player solely won the game based on academy play.  I decided to focus on running tricks and the action economy of putting a trick in to the school was just too much.  I'd play with it again but you MUST focus on it to a degree to have a chance.  Honestly, like Anachrony, I'd rather play the base game by itself.  

Still, a good week overall with a nice mix of games!

Definately some great options included here. I think Oath and Sleeping Gods are both in the running for game of the year currently, based on opinion out there in the wild. That said, Destinies did not go over well for us and we moved on from it very fast after finishing the base campaign. It's the one game here that feels out of place based on personal gaming experience. Great work and looking forward to more insight as the year progresses. 

The creator is very involved and responsive in the campaign comments, he's running an excellent campaign, all the more reason to check it out if you haven't yet!

They are adding hidden thematic backer ideas to the art, get over to the campaign comments and offer up your ideas!

It seems like the collectors edition will be a nice very deluxe feeling game, especially by the end of the campaign. Screen printed Wood pieces for most components.Spot uv and double layer player mats and land tiles. Also has a.nice storage system.

If Forbidden Island went down well with your 4-year-old, I'd recommend looking into #Zombie Kidz Evolution sometime in the future. It's a co-operative legacy type game. We played through the whole campaign in about 30 games across 2020. My youngest was about to turn 5 when we played the first game, and I think it's been one of the nicest family gaming experiences I've had.

My only regret is trying to get everyone to play #Zombie Teenz Evolution straight after. I think it is just as good (my wife says better) but they needed a change for a while first, and while everyone enjoyed the 3 or 4 games we have played of it so far they tend to ask for other games now.

Here's my last 5 games played (thankfully I started logging them all here back in November):

5. #The Game: Quick & Easy played this three times in game night last week as a friend brought his 10 year-old foster son with him and I thought he'd like it.  It's a fun, quick, game and we won 2 out of 3 games.  Since it doesn't take long to play a game, I bought this as a starter game for game nights and becuase the artwork is Day of the Dead/Halloween oriented and looks cool.

4. #Draftosaurus Another game night game with the 10-year-old foster son.  Love this game-it's cute, has dinosaurs, and is just thinky enough for a simple quick game.  And it has a T-Rex on the cover of the box!

3. #7 Wonders Played this as a two player game with a friend so he could solidify the game in his mind (played it on game night two weeks earlier).  Just a great game!

1. So I'm cheating here and putting them both together. #Scythe and #Under Falling Skies  I bought Scythe earlier this year and have only played it by myself- twice as a two player game to learn it, and two nights ago against the Automa.  Very cool! I know I made mistakes on the AI, but can't wait to reread the rules and play it again!  I received UFS for Father's Day and have also played it only three times so far.  I really enjoy trying to balance the placement of the dice to get resources against the advancement of the enemy ships.  And it's got a 4-game campaign in the box that I probably won't touch for many months yet as there's different difficulty levels and cities to explore first.

You might think I prefer solo games after having put both of them as my favorite recent plays.  That's not completely true.  The two solo games I played are, in my opinion, just really great games.

I played #Under Falling Skies when it was a p'n'p that won a contest on BGG. It was really good, I liked it. I am sorta interested in how the campaign feels in the commercially produced version.

#Scythe is a great game. It was my number 1 game of all time for several years. I got to play a 5 player game about two months ago. That was great, it had been a long time since I had gotten to play it with that many. The AI is a bit tricky to pick up, but it is a very good AI. Have you tried the ScytheKick app? It can help some with AI managment.

These are always so tough because I can never remember the last 5 games I played. Here goes:

5.#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I've only played one hand of this and I was fairly distracted by my kids during that play. I did enjoy the game but it needs more time.

4.#The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - I am quite a ways into a campaign of this game. I am having fun and it's a worthwhile game, but it just isn't quite as good as the other games I've played recently.

3.#Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire - Played this one solo again and it's a great game. The AI takes a bit to get into unless you play it frequently.

2.#Gaia Project - Played this two player and added in the Automa player with my good friend. It's an incredible game and I love it so much.

1.#Imperium: Classics - This game is amazing. So much theme packed into this incredible deck builder. It's fantastic.

My small gaming group met up for the first time in over a year on Friday and I introduced them to#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.  I have previously played the whole campaign solo with all four characters but that was a bit of a beast to do and each session took a long time solo.  Even with teaching the game we managed to play the first 4 scenarios in about 5 hours total.  First three went very smoothly and great fun was had by all.  Fourth scenario got wrecked hard and luckily that did not scare them off.  They were eager to talk about what we could do better next time without me trying to "run the show".

On my own I played my first ever game of#Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition and I was pretty pleased with the initial experience.  It was a lot to absorb and I went through the walkthrough pretty slowly but I feel pretty confident I understood the actions I did take.  Combat rules seemed to get real deep quickly so I didn't venture outside the box very much on my first try but I look forward to trying it again.  I may run the tutorial a time or two again with other characters to see how much I can do without the guide before I try a full blown solo conquest.

Other than that I just played some simpler games with the kiddos throughout the week as we usually do after school sometimes.  This week only some#Clue and #Ticket To Ride: First Journey but it's gotta start somewhere.

Currently playing through the #Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles Expansion with my buddies Colin and Kent.  We play any morning we can coordinate scheduled and occasionally over lunch as two of us work from home.  I own my own copy which I currently break it out to work through the solo campaigns for several characters in order to obtain their special items.  

I started a 4-5 player campaign with several folks pre-COVID and have had several requests to pick that back up again.  I'll get to it eventually, hopefully before the end of the summer.

Here is a list of several general thoughts I have regarding #Gloomhaven:

1. I think Gloomhaven is one of, if not the, best crafted games out there.  From story-building to game play, Isaac has done a masterful job.  Having played through the entire original box, I never found it to get old and always looked forward to obtaining new characters and unlocking new quests. 

2. The solo campaigns are challenging and worth a look 

3. I played a little Frosthaven on TTS some time ago and it was like Gloomhaven on crack.  One of my buddies backed in on Kickstarter and we are anxiously looking forward to its arrival.  We should be finished with the Forgotten Circles quests by then.

4. I think Fun Leaper is my favorite character. (there isn't a spoiler text options, so I simply rhymed the character for those in the know)

5. My favorite combo in the game is Unstable Upheaval with Cragheart wielding a War Hammer and using an earth element to reach two hexes beyond the target area.  Its a one-off but it is oe of the most killer one-offs I've found in the game.

I played Cragheart with Orchid in my solo campaign to start and that was a really fun combination.  I don't ever recall pulling off the combo you named though, makes me wonder what I missed :) 

I also loved the solo scenarios.  They made you really learn how to best play your character and were super challenging.  I remember one of my games came down to monster deck draw if they went first I was dead, if I went first I was going to win.  I won and that was such a great feeling. 

Least favorite monster:  Oozes and anything with a high shield value. 

Similar to I Love it, I own it, played roughly 90 times (solo campaign and a 4 player campaign plus a couple one off game sessions with different groups).

Dislikes - Set up can be a bit of an issue unless you get yourself some sort of storage system.  I got a couple plastic component trays from a hobby store to put all of the monster standee's in and that worked awesome.  I had a couple other plastic component trays to hold all of the other components and that worked really well for set up/tear down. 

Using the optional apps made things a lot easier as well.  I've written in the past about them but I did use 3 to make things go smoother.  I used the gloomhaven helper app on my computer and displayed on an old 35" TV set on the table so everyone could see all of the monster stats, their stats, etc without messing with the tiny tokens.  Used an app to track the party stats and which city/road events we had done.  That was handy as it allowed me to send screenshots to people when they had questions and I had all of their stats easy when setting up. 

I haven't played JotL mostly cause I have Frosthaven coming, at some point, and still have a little fatigue from the 13 months I spent playing the crap out of the game. 

Favorite character: Angry Face...oh so much fun

Least Favorite character: 3 Spears

If you have the room to leave the game setup between plays then this is well worth the money and time investment.  Such a fantastic game.

I LOVE me some Clank! 

I ended up getting in to #Clank! In! Space! as that's the one I first tried but generally speaking the game play is the same.

My gaming group finished #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated which I have to say is probably the best legacy game I have played short of #Gloomhaven.  (And if you consider it versus any 10 game stretch of Gloomhaven is better.)

So my comments to the questions:

  • Do you like it?  Yes. Love it!
  • Own it? I own Clank in space and all the expansions so far.
  • Do you play it all the time?  Yes, I throw in a solo game often and play it with my group every once in a while.  (We play a LOT of new games so anything that has been played 3 or 4 times at this point is a beloved game for us.)
  • Best strategies?
    • I don't consider myself an expert by any means but a strategy that I find works well for me is to spend the first couple of turns buying basic cards.  You need that movement and purchase power in your deck. 
    • Sure, that really cool card that will be awesome later is cool but you are giving up some basic horsepower your engine needs to do well in the game.
    • It really pays to pay attention to your opponents.  What options do they have?  Are they really hurt and are likely to grab something quick and run?  Have they been collecting a certain type of card and you might be able to buy one that is useful to  you but would have been REALLY useful to them?
  • Anything related to it?
    • If you are playing solo it's definitely worth it to play with the Renegade app.  It refreshes the card row and adds objectives in a light campaign structure that has simiilar humour to the game itself.  It just adds a nice bit of something to the solo format.  The only drawback is that it doesn't support expansions for #Clank! In! Space!.  I'm not sure about regular Clank.

Love this game and I could talk about it all day!