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Few games this week solo and with the gang online:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Solo, physical) x4: Really enjoying this one.  Trying out new deck ideas.  I've played through all of the heroes I have against basic Rhino to get a feel for the game.  Now it's time to amp it up and really get in to it!
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine: (TTS, Multiplayer) x3: Played through 3 scenariios as a filler.  This game completely deserves all the awards it has been given.  Takes classic gameplay and adds just enough to it to turn it in to something new and wonderful!
  • #Architects of the West Kingdom (Tabletopia, Multiplayer): Played it with 5 players including 1 new player.  It's always a toss up between this one and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom for the one I like best in the series.  This game everyone went heavy in to capturing workers which changed things up from other games we've had.
  • #Civilization: A New Dawn with #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita (TTS, Multiplayer): Figured out the issue one of the players was having wiith assets loading so we could play with the expansion.  Man, I really enjoy this game.  With the expansion it feels like civ for sure. #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game with expansions has a lot more going on and will always have a place in my heart for epic game days but this one is definitely easier to teach and pick up and play at the last moment.

Good week!

Lots of different games played last week!  Might be a review or two in the works!

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical, solo) x13:  Yup. 13 plays. Really enjoying this one solo!  Already picked up some expansions for it. I’m enjoying the deck building without spending tons of cash like I did on #Magic: The Gathering when I was younger. Without kids.  Or a mortgage!
  • #Caylus (boardgame arena, multiplayer): Second time playing this. I can see why it’s a classic. I quite enjoy the provost that adds a dollop of mean in to worker placement. Might have to pick this one up at some point!  
  • #Hadara (yucata, multiplayer):  Played this one a few times now and I enjoy it for what it is: a quick drafting game with a fun theme on it.  
  • #Civilization: A New Dawn (TTS, multiplayer): Really enjoy this version of the beloved game franchise.  We had to play without the new expansion as one player was having trouble getting textures to load. He’s got it fixed and we’re on again next weekend!
  • #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea (physical, solo): Picked this game up for a song at a christmas sale. I’ve played it online several times but nothing is as nice as handling the bits and pieces. Unfortunately solo mode was a bit easy against one opponent so I’m going to try it against a couple next weekend.  Fun to play though and was quite quick too!

Good week!


Thought you were quoting T-bird’s last words from the 94’ Crow movie with that subject line (I was sadly mistaken).

My earliest gaming memories are the following:

I was in third grade when a schoolmate brought in his #Magic: The Gathering cards. After lunch we would play and that was enough for me to get hooked. Funny thing is his family moved after the summer and I never saw him again. I am still waiting for the Goosebumps book I let him borrow…

My late uncle whom came to live with us after a messy divorce would occasionally play #Monopoly with his son and myself. He played fast and loose with the rules as I think a majority of people do. Honestly, the most memorable parts of these games were when anyone would land on a space he would proclaim loudly “pay me !@#$% (<- technical name for a female dog)” in Portuguese. In retrospect, he was heavily intoxicated during those plays. Good times.

As far as a watershed moment, I‘ve had a few…

I’ve played 3 CCG/TCG’s fairly competitively (#Magic: The Gathering, #Vs. System, and #Dragon Ball Z CCG). That was a lot of storage boxes and a heap of cards. I don’t want to think about how much coin I’ve dropped. I do wish I could have held onto my magic cards as some would be worth a ton more now.

When I got back into gaming (insert a paraphrased Godfather 3 quote here), it was mainly through card games that played like CCG’s/TCG’s. As I started getting into euro games I started running out of space to store things and had to look for storage places. My trip to Ikea to purchase a 5x5 kallax made me realize I’m too far in.

To quote T-bird, “There ain't no coming back”.

To answer your questions:

1. I don't have a single friend who brought me into the hobby.  I've always been a big board/card gamer throughout my entire life.  Pandemic was the first hobby game that really captured my attention though that games could be more than just Risk/Monolopy/Clue.

2. I bought a 3D printer for Christmas just so I can print board game components. 

Lots of games played in the last week due to new games for Christmas and having the family around and willing to play a few:

  • #Exploding Kittens with various expansions (Physical, Multiplayer): Played a game with all of the kids and three expansions.  The game is a good bit of light fun if you're in the mood for it.
  • #Cult Following (Physical, Multiplayer): Played another game of this one.  It's fun but one of the kids wasn't in to it which meant we gave it a round then let it go for the evening.
  • #878 Vikings: Invasions of England (TTS,Multiplayer): This is the second time I have played this game.  My partner and I played very well, didn't overextend, had a good presence on the island, and were ready to make a big push.  Then the English side got a disastrous set of cards (for us) and annihilated us.  It was literally the perfect storm.  It actually lowered my opinion of this game a bit.  I understand some unrealistic swingyness in a war game style board game but that was ridiculous!  At least it was over quickly.
  • #Race for the Galaxy with #Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm (Tabletopia, multiplayer) x2: This game is firmly a favourite of mine.  The group knows it now so it's easy to toss in a quick game or two when the viking invasion of england doesn't take as long as expected.  
  • #Celestia (Tabletopia, multiplayer) x2: This one is a fun little push your luck game with fun art and components in the physical game.  A good little time filler with those fun table laughs and groans you get when someone drops off early and the rest of the crew goes the distance. :)
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Physical, solo) x8: I had been eyeing this game for a while and have played it with my group on Tabletop Simulator. So I picked this one up post Christmas. I LOVE Marvel and comics.  I also love deck construction. I've played #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game but for me Champions is much better.  I've been playing around with different decks trying to beat Klaw.  And yes, I've already ordered some expansions for it so I can do some more constructing.  :)
  • #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon (Physical, solo): Another new game from Santa.  I played the player made solo variant from BGG which is fine but I can tell this one is really going to shine multiplayer.  I love deck building games (along with deck construction games) but they need to have a twist and the skirmish is a great twist to this game.  (Reminiscant of the raiding in #Vikings Raid & Conquer Game.)
  • #Unstable Unicorns with various expansions (Physical, Multiplayer): Another game played with the kids.  The expansion doesn't really do much but add more cards.  The art is cute but we played with 3 but I don't think the table was in the mood for it so it fell flat this time.
  • #Underwater Cities (TTS, Multiplayer): Got a game in on TTS after my solo play of the game I got for Christmas.  I really enjoy this game!  The play is tight with 4 and you really have to work the action spots and the timing around them to build something up.  I won fairly handily with building diverse cities.  More play throughs are definitely needed!
  • #Starlink (Physical, Multiplayer) x2: One of my kids is heavy in to astronomy and they got this one for Christmas.  It's a fun little drawing game.  Fun for a bit of amusement on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Action packed week!  I think Marvel Champions is the biggest hit for me so far this year. :)

As Terraforming Mars is my favorite game, I'll say the Terraforming Mars Card Game!

I've still not played the original, though I'd love to. If it gets good reviews, the card game might be a cheaper way to initially check it out!

Last week, I played #Pandemic - properly this time. We did fairly well. I thought my randomly chosen role was going to totally useless, but it ended up being a really great combo with my friends' roles! I was really surprised at that outcome. 

I also played #Horrified for the first time! We played it wrong the first time though. Oops. But we replayed it with the correct rules, and I definitely enjoyed both times! My friends did too, so it was a good casual co-op. 

Also, a given at this point, since I play it just about every week, but #Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Little late getting around to posting this week, but I played quite a bit last week.

Finally got in our copy of#Wingspan: Oceania Expansion and Sarah immediately wanted to try it out. We played with just the cards from that and the#Wingspan: European Expansion and she kicked my butt getting a new personal high score for herself.

New Year's Eve we were able to go to my cousins and introduce them to a lot of games. We played#Strike,#Detective Club, and#Camel Up (Second Edition), which I brought. They also had been gifted #Ticket To Ride last year (shockingly not by me lol) for Christmas and had been super intimidated to open it and try it out. Maybe cause the "experts" were around, they finally decided to play. It was also my first game of TTR so I was tasked with learning the rules and teaching it lol. It was actually a whole lot of fun and hope we get to play it again with them sometime.

On New Year's Day, we originally had planned to spend time playing games with friends but that unfortunately didn't happen. Fortunately, Sarah was up for more games anyway so we tried out#Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Sorry to say and admit to, we didn't like it. I think we'll have to give it one more try before we totally give up on it but it probably isn't for us.

We also tried#Terraforming Mars with our newly acquired#Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium map. We played the Elysium side and while it didn't really feel any different, it did take some getting used to the new milestones and awards. I liked the change up for sure.

Over the weekend, I was also able to teach Sarah#Underwater Cities. She absolutely loved it which is really awesome! Can't wait to play it more together.

Wrapped up the week again with my cousins. Played#Wingspan with them because they felt bad we didn't get to try out our favorite game NYE. Took a bit for them to catch on, but once everything started clicking, they really enjoyed the experience!

Great week for games!

I love the video game!

I don't know if a 1 to 1 recreation would be a great idea though.  I could see it being a bit slow and bogged down. 

I mean, the video game is more or less a digital card game but when the computer is handling most of the tricky stuff in the background it is going to be a different experience than if you are doing it yourself.  I am definitely not sure how co-op will work in to it.

Like you said, I'll reserve judgement until I see more info.

If this works then I expect Guild of Dungeoneering and Dicey Dungeons to be next.  :)

Played some #Wingspan with my friend. I also got to try #Pandemic for the first time! Unfortunately, my friend who taught us found out the next day that she forgot something in the rules so we actually ended up playing it wrong. I'm excited to try again! 

We wrapped up our old fanmade campaign. This last scenario was the most well-balanced of them all. We didn't get the best ending but it is what it is. (:
We started a new fanmade campaign for #Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This one starts with us all as amnesiacs on an old creepy culty(?) spaceship. And so far, I've been enjoying it! We are playing again tomorrow and am excited for it as well. 

Games that I got for my son, for Christmas this year. We haven't played any of them, yet. One of them I stumbled across at a local Ollie's, but the other five I purchased from a local friendly board game shop (Boardwalk's in Greenville, South Carolina).

I also purchased another ten board and card games from various online sites, for other individuals.