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Lots of Boardgamearena and online plays with my group this week:

  • #Sushi Go! (Boardgamearena): Had a game on Board Game Arena.  I don't really like it in the turn based format.  Game takes too long and it's hard to remember what other people are taking etc.  
  • #Cacao (Boardgamearena) (x3): This game is a good one to play turn based on BGA.  The board state is easy to pick up on and it was no issue running multiple games.  I managed to even win one and come in second a couple of times!
  • #Teotihuacan: City of Gods (Boardgamearena): I've been playing games and picking different strategies to try up front.  I came in second in this game (Again!) but added a new potential strategy to my repetoire.
  • #Russian Railroads (Boardgamearena) (x2): Another good one to play turn based on BGA.  Pick a strategy, make some notes and the board state is pretty easy to go from there.  Managed a win and a second place.
  • #Beyond the Sun (Boardgamearena): Went with a heavy ship strategy.  I did pretty well but not great.  But again I find it useful to sometimes force a strategy so I can explore the space for future "real" games.
  • #7 Wonders (x2) (Boardgamearena): I find this one is also a decent turn based game to play.  Again, trying different focuses to see how things work.  Also managed some second place finishes.
  • #Lost Ruins of Arnak  (x2) (Boardgamearena): I started one game without reading the rules.  I don't recommend it!  I do think this is a fun little game and I like the interaction between the two sides of the board.  
  • #Troyes (Boardgamearena): I've played this one before but ages ago.  I completely forgot how to play and didn't have time to re-read the rules so let's say I didn't do great.  I'm not sure if this game works super well on board game arena but I have another play going. :)
  • #Clank! In! Space! with #Clank! In! Space!: Apocalypse! (TTS): Played with my gaming group.  One of my favourite games.  However, I took a bit of a chance and then ended up running in to bad luck and my adventurer ended up dying on the ship.  :(  Still a very fun game! :)
  • #Zombie Fluxx (in person): Played a couple of games with the family.  Fluxx isn't my favourite game of all time but it's fun to play with the family.
  • #Cthulhu Fluxx Card Game (in person): See above
  • #Res Arcana (Boardgamearena): It's a decent game that works well on board game arena.  I would need to study up a bit more to do well though that's for sure.
  • #SpaceCorp (TTS): First time playing this multiplayer and I really enjoyed it!  It's a bit long to play all three phases but it was the first time playing multiplayer.  It's pretty abstracted on the science side but it tells an epic story through all three phases.  I hit the bad aliens in the third phase and it tanked my game.  I think I'd take that counter out for multiplayer but otherwise it was a smoothly playing game!
  • #Iwari (Boardgamearena): First time playing this game.  I like it!  It's definitely got some good spatial elements to it and playing it turn based on board game arena might not be the best way to play it.  Unless you really study the game state every time between turns but it has made me curious to perhaps pick it up physically!

Good week!

  • #Under Falling Skies This was my second play and I think I'm ready to increase the difficulty level to 1.  I really like this one.
  • #Forbidden Island We finally were able to meet some neighbors who have been interested in playing some games, but due to health issues waited until both households were vaccinated.  Hopefully it was the first of many game nights together.  We started off with this one and won with 3/4 of the island gone.
  • #Downforce This was my wife's second play and she has won both games.  I'm hoping this will mean it gets to the table a little more often than other games.
  • #Raiders of Scythia This was my first game against the AI and I won by 5 points, even after making mistakes in the AI's favor part way through the game.  My other games have been a solo two-handed game.  I like how easy it is to manage the AI (easier than #Paladins of the West Kingdom, which I also really like). Definately will be playing this for a long time.
  • Finally got my wife and son to play #Marvel Champions: The Card Game with me last night.  It's a bit more complicated than they are used to, and it took a while for them to understand what to do (somewhat).  Saying it's something like #Dominion: Second Edition (deck building) and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (where you're trying to defeat the villain) helped a little.  We lost at the end of round three, and my son ended up just laying down his cards and asking, 'So what do I do now?'.  He loves Black Widow, and I'm hoping that looking forward to playing that deck once he grasps the game will be some motivation to play it a few more times.

(edit) So...I discovered while searching BGG for some rules clarification and tips that we made some serious mistakes on #Marvel Champions: The Card Game:

  • we refreshed after both heroes and villians phase; we should have only refreshed after the heroes phase
  • when the villain/minion activated, if the boost card read 'when revealed' we did what it said; we should have ignored the text and just looked at the boost icons
  • we 'boost'ed each of the minions that came into play through the above error; minions do not boost, only the villian
  • we placed minions next to the villian and all heroes were affected by them; minions only engage the player who received them as an encounter card

These made our game much more difficult than it should have been.  I hope this makes the family more interested in playing it correctly next time!  😀

Not much gaming this week, but here's what I played:

  • #Wingspan My game night fell apart due to everyone else having other commitments Thursday night, so my wife wanted to play Wingspan with me for a game night anyway.  We pulled our exchange student in halfway through the first round.  I won by 7 points due to card points, the other two tied having out scored me in other ways.
  • #Paladins of the West Kingdom I played solo late the next night.  Couldn't seem to get a good foothold going, and the AI beat me 41 to 17. Still love this game, though, and look forward to doing better next time!
  • #Downforce I've been waiting to play this with the family since it arrived two months ago, and Father's Day was the excuse to finally make it happen.  It didn't fully click with my wife until 3/4 the way through, yet she still won by a large margin.  Both she and my son said they'd like to play it again-just what I was hoping for when I bought it.
  • #Under Falling Skies I received this for (ok-bought it myself for) Father's Day and played it later that evening after #Marvel Champions: The Card Game didn't make it to the table (another game I've been waiting for two months to play with the family).  It's exactly what I'd hoped it would be-a fun solo game that reminded me so much of Space Invaders arcade game.  I barely won- one change in the dice on my last turn and the mother ship would have descended into my city.  I can't wait to play this more!

All very good games.  I'm thinking about doing a video series on #Marvel Champions: The Card Game and pairing up different hero compinations against different villians. 

There are some good suggestions in this forum already.  While only the first two are strictly card games, I personally like #6 Nimmt!. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (which I just acquired), #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle (a deckbuilder-both of these last two are cooperative and don't require any real knowledge of the characters), #7 Wonders (there is also #7 Wonders Duel which I haven't played), #Century: Spice Road, #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game (really fun!), #Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive (great artwork and at the end of the game you tell a story about your character based on the cards you acquire), #Terraforming Mars (with Prelude expansion), #Ticket to Ride: Europe, #Wingspanand #Clank! In! Space!.

Have fun exploring new games!

I didn't really think of #Terraforming Mars as a card game until you just said that, but yea, I gues 95% of the action happens with cards.

If we are talking about games with deck construction my favourite at the moment is #Marvel Champions: The Card Game.  

For story driven though, as mentioned, #Arkham Horror: The Card Game is highly rated and likely your best shot.  It's not my favourite but so many other people like it I have to recommend it.  


Yet another interesting post!

I agree with your thoughts regarding researching games and selecting/buying/trading for those that match your tastes. I'm not saying I haven't purchased a bad game either, but generally speaking there's a reason I choose to add it to my collection, and usually it's because it looks interesting/fun to me.

I only recently started rating my games and I follow the BGG qualifiers with one important caveat: I try to rate games after I've played them more than once. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule. Notably an Exit game I played which by it's nature I can't exactly replay, #Arkham Horror: The Card Game which I had a terrible time with, and some expansions I've only played with only once (though I tend to just give the expansion the same rating as the base game).

I try to be as honest as possible with my ratings, neither too easy or too hard. According to BGG, I have rated 137 games/expansions with an average rating of 6.35. Eventually, I would like to come to a point where I only keep games that I rated an 8 or better. Again, which some exceptions thrown in for games that are easy to teach or fun to play with family.

As of now, I'm doing pretty well when it comes to culling low rated games. I have 36 games rated below a 6, out of which only 6 I still own for one reason or another.

#Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Uh-oh. We're trying to avoid all the mayhem.  All other plans have been scrapped and we're trying to go home.

Lots of games this week!

All online or solo.  I don't normally get replies to my posts so I figured I'd leave out most of the details and not present a wall of text this time.  :)


  • finished our first game of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game; first defeat of Rhino took 3 hours the previous week; second defeat of Rhino took only 90 minutes. My wife defeated him so that slightly increases the chance she'll play it again.  Definately much harder for my family to grasp what is going on than other deck builders we've played.
  • #Boss Monster interesting and fun game.  Hope to play it again.
  • #Scythe first time with other players. Lost soundly, but still had a blast! Can't wait to play it again.
  • #Under Falling Skies two games, one on difficulty level 1 and the other on difficulty level 2 with Roswell city; won both

Only two complete games this week, both solo:

  • #Scythe this was my first true solo game against the AI, and my third time playing (all solo, but one game wasn't completed so not logged here in BGA). I really like this game, want to play it a lot more, and do look forward to playing it with others so I can experience the shared actions of the lower half of the player boards.
  • #Raiders of Scythia this was my second game against the AI-so much easier this time, and the AI isn't that difficult to follow, which is nice that it doesn't 'interrupt' your turn. Another game I really like and look forward to playing with others

Incomplete game: #Marvel Champions: The Card Game trying to teach the family. We have experience with deck builders ( #Dominion: Second Edition and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle), but this is more complicated than those and they are having a hard time understanding how the cards work.  Three hours, three rounds, and I'm 'playing' everyone's hand.  We've defeated Rhino once and have put off his second defeat (hopefully tonight).  Hope the second half goes MUCH faster!

(edit) Update: We finished Marvel Champions Wednesday night, defeating Rhino the second time in 2.5 rounds and about 90 minutes. Hopefully the fact that my wife defeated him soundly might increase her interest in playing this game again.  It's definately a huge learning curve for her and my son and I can't really tell what their actual interest is in playing this one again. #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Black Widow Hero Pack might be enough of a lure for my son to stick with it a few more games. 🤔

Since my most reliable gaming partner (my 8 year old son) has started to play outside more in the evenings thanks to warmer weather, my latest 5 skews distinctly to solo games at the moment:

5. #Catan This is almost certainly the most-played game in my collection, but most of those plays were when I was at university in 1997 and long before I started logging games in 2017. I've got a bit tired of it over the years, but it's been with me a long time so has nostalgia value, and my kids recently discovered it and have asked to play a few times. This play was a surprise request from my 8 year old, and exemplifies some of the issues people have with the game. He picked his settlements next to a 6 and planned his strategy around that somewhat, and I'm not convinced we rolled a single 6 for the entire game. He was absolutely steamrollered by a combination of that and the robber being stuck on the same tile for most of the game. Still, he said he enjoyed himself regardless.

4. #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game This is my most-logged game, mostly because I found a solo league and play a minimum of 3 games for it every month. I enjoy it, but it has less novelty value for me now than some other games in my collection and has become a sort of default solo choice for if I'm tired or short of time, as I've had more practice in setting it up and playing. I'm currently in second place in this month's league though, and the scenario setups this time were a good mix of challenges.

3. #7 Wonders Duel This was another game with my 8 year old, after not having played this for a year. I'd forgotten how engaging the game is and had a good time with it, though it was somewhat soured towards the end by my having forgotten to properly remind my son about the Science/Military victory conditions so he didn't block me from my military victory as he might otherwise have done and was a little bit disgruntled. We ended up resetting the game back a few steps and playing on from there, though, so he had a good time in the end.

2. #The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game When I got it last year I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. I've read the books and it seemed like an interesting idea so I nabbed a second hand copy and started working through the setup for each book. I thoroughly enjoy the sense of the puzzle you get in a solo game (I haven't actually played it with others, and suspect it may not work as well in fact). The end game can be frustrating at times, because it can come down to just a roll of some dice to see if you succeeded or not, but I appreciate the lead up to it and in this case I won regardless of that final roll.

1. #Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game I'm a sucker for the IP in this one, but I really enjoy the game too. I've mostly played it solo, but have tried it with others too. Thematically, I think I like the fact that for the most part you're dealing with preventing disasters and saving people rather than competing or fighting. There's a bit of randomness to it, but the game is mostly about trying to work out how to optimise movements, tokens and actions to give yourself the best shot at keeping everything under control. I randomly select characters usually, and this was a very tough match-up that I didn't succeed at, but I came closer than I expected and felt quite satisfied with the result at the end.


If you ask me on another day, I might easily switch around those top two rankings. I enjoy both and I'm keen to get both back to the table. Mind you, I've also just received a delivery of #The Search for Planet X that I ordered 5 months ago, and I'm itching to try that out too...

These are always so tough because I can never remember the last 5 games I played. Here goes:

5.#Marvel Champions: The Card Game - I've only played one hand of this and I was fairly distracted by my kids during that play. I did enjoy the game but it needs more time.

4.#The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - I am quite a ways into a campaign of this game. I am having fun and it's a worthwhile game, but it just isn't quite as good as the other games I've played recently.

3.#Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire - Played this one solo again and it's a great game. The AI takes a bit to get into unless you play it frequently.

2.#Gaia Project - Played this two player and added in the Automa player with my good friend. It's an incredible game and I love it so much.

1.#Imperium: Classics - This game is amazing. So much theme packed into this incredible deck builder. It's fantastic.

Great reviews.  I've only played #Wingspan (three times) and #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (twice). Love Wingspan and still figuring out MC.

Another great question in the forums!

First, I'm still trying to get more game plays in on the 11 games and 5 expansions I've received since (and including) Christmas-most courtesy of a BGA gift card win.  I currently have the expansion and new maps for #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion (again courtesy of a BGA gift card win), #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Scarlet Witch Hero Pack , and #Whistle Mountain on hold (combined, this is double the number of games I've ever added to my collection in a year).

So, not counting those or my #Everdell: Newleaf, Mistwood, and The Complete Collection Kickstarter backing, the following games are on my watch list:

  • #Hadrian's Wall definately not for the family, but I'm so interested in this after playing #Paladins of the West Kingdom
  • #The Quest for El Dorado thinking the family will like this one
  • #The Reckoners based on a series by one of my favorite authors, it just looks cool and I don't have any game like it. It'd be the most expensive game in my collection, so it's a long-shot that it'll end up in it.
  • #Rajas of the Ganges I've been looking at some diced-based games and this looks interesting to me from the reviews I've seen.
  • #Fleet: The Dice Game I've seen this mentioned a lot lately and it looks like something I'd enjoy.

"Card game" is a pretty broad category, so I'll break it up a little...

#Dominion: The granddaddy of the genre is the best place to start and still has the best pure deckbuilding gameplay. For more combative alternatives, go with #Nightfall if you'll have at least three players or #Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game if only playing with two.


Tableau builder:
#Innovation is a nasty game of finding temporary advantages and beating your opponent to death with them for as long as you can. Great fun! For a less in-your-face alternative, go with #San Juan (Second Edition) or #Race for the Galaxy depending on which theme appeals to you more.


#Sushi Go Party! is a sweet little pure drafting game that handles a big group - and the art is cute as hell. :)

Card Battler:
I know you said you're getting away from MtG, but have you tried Jumpstart? The #Smash Up-like setup of shuffling two half-decks together means there's no deck construction, and they've done a good job of balancing things. My boys and I have bagged up each half-deck, and we play by drafting from three picks.

But if you're really trying to get off the cardboard crack, check out #Epic Card Game. It's a non-collectible MtG-style game that has eliminated mana screw! There are some good formats for drafting, or you can just deal out some random cards and go!


Hope that helps - good luck!