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Underdogs of Europa: Printable Fan Made Expansion for Scythe image
Underdogs of Europa: Printable Fan Made Expansion for Scythe Like| 3 comments | [+]
Criteria for selecting games. Like| 11 comments | [+]
The Hungry Gamer Reviews Sentinels of the Multiverse image
The Hungry Gamer Reviews Sentinels of the Multiverse [Sentinels of the Multiverse]Like| 0 comments | [+]
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I play solo games, but I approach them differently than multiplayer ones. I value social experiences when playing with other and we often spend as much time talking as making the moves. I like my solo games to be nice puzzles that help me wind down after a day of working in front of a computer - the closest comparison would be a sudoku puzzle, but more complex and involved, while less predictable.

My favourite solo games are #Spirit Island, #Wingspan, #The Isle of Cats and #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. When I want something really demanding, I play #Brass: Birmingham with a fan made mAutoma - great fun, but I always end up tired afterwards, although in a good way.

I want solo games to be quite easy to manage. If I am spending more time on doing setup and taking care of its systems than making my own decisions, then I am out. That's also why I don't like
#Arkham Horror: The Card Game. There is just way to much preparation, upkeep and management of new locations, enemies and events to truly let me have fun.

I'd say #Marvel Champions: The Card Game and #The Isle of Cats have a good chance of appearing high on the list. I played the former and it was enjoyable, although I am aware that many people like it very much. As for #The Isle of Cats, it's a great game with a very clever solo mode. I'd be suprised if it weren't broadly adopted by the solo community.

Excellent write up ! I see on BGG this is listed as 2-4, is this like a fan made solo mode?

The game looks gorgeous based on the pictures and those icons look overwhelming for sure haha. Is the rulebook any good at explaining them at least?

I enjoy blinging some of my games. I varnished a bunch of cocoa beans for Teothuacan and made a burlap bag for them. I have a small wooden chest with my assortment of resources and coins for whichever games needs them. I also will paint the mini's to games i'm playing. Most recently painted characters for Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. I am eagerly waiting for the new Anachrony Kickstarter lot of upgrades bits. Oh boy these Anachrony upgrades are going to be the best, metal resource cubes and a neat power cell. The exosuits is a standard for me, a must. I also put together a nice aged, wooden storage solution case for Arkham Horror: LCG and printed fan made envelopes for each scenario. Made my Arkham life much easier. I really enjoy finding ways to bling my games. It makes my collecting these boxes of cardboard more meaningful. Currently I'm looking into cutting granite and limestone into small pieces for the upcoming Tekhenu. 

It needs so many games. An asymmetric strategy game where you play as one of the four kingdoms (this one might be a good candidate for a Legacy game.) An RPG (there's a cool fan made one using #Genesys Core Rulebook, but an official one with plenty of backstory info and lore would be great. A bending dexterity game.  A zookeeping game featuring amazing artwork of all the animals.

I really enjoy #Brass: Birmingham with the fan made Mautoma (which can even be played with a web-app version). It's very simple to manage once you get the grasp of it and the automa actually simulates a human opponent well. If only I could shorten the setup considerably...