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I really like this idea! I've purchased a lot of games recently thanks to my previous gift card win (and my general inability to say no to a good deal lol) and was actually struggling figuring out which were within the last 30 days. After further review, here is my list.


#Great Western Trail - GameNerdz had this as the Deal of the Day 2 ish weeks ago. Usually deals like this go very fast and I was actually shocked to see it still hanging around when I got out of work. Realized later it's because a second edition is coming and everyone's waiting for that. Having never played it, I don't really foresee myself caring that much about the upgrades/improvements so I went for it. Currently still on hold until we get some more space to store games.

#Dinosaur Tea Party - similar situation as above just 3 days ago lol. Heard about this on So Very Wrong About Games podcast a couple of times and it sounded fun enough to take a shot on it for $12 ish. 🤷🏻‍♂️


#Cooper Island - see below. Traded for this for a bunch of games through BoardGameCo.

#Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense Box - finally picked this up along with#Monikers: More Monikers and#Monikers: Classics. This is one of our favorite games and we've been wanting the expansions forever. Found them on a pretty good deal from a random online game store and just went for it. So many new cards to play with!

#Everdell - not sure if this should count? I backed the Kickstarter. Really think Sarah and I will love this one.

Removed/thinking about removing

I'm just going to list these all together as I sent them out in the same trade with BoardGameCo. They were either not getting enough play or we have had just "okay" experiences with playing them. Most are fairly small and didn't take up a ton of space, but we need all the space we can get!#Linko#PUSH#Arkham Horror: The Card Game#Speculation#A Fake Artist Goes to New York#Mandala

#Res Arcana - I almost included this in the above trade but the value wasn't there to get something else I wanted back in addition to Cooper Island. I have this currently listed in the BGG March math trade. I think my play on BGA has pushed me over the edge towards trading this one.

Games on my radar

This section should say nothing because that's the Sarah appropriate response lol. I think honestly the only game I'm still debating getting is#Meeples & Monsters. At this point I'm leaning towards backing it.



If we are talking about games with deck construction my favourite at the moment is #Marvel Champions: The Card Game.  

For story driven though, as mentioned, #Arkham Horror: The Card Game is highly rated and likely your best shot.  It's not my favourite but so many other people like it I have to recommend it.  


I don't think you can get any better that #Arkham Horror: The Card Game if you are looking for something story driven. for all other instances, I am telling everyone #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine!

Those are both cooperative so if you are looking for something not, then I usually say #Dominion, I may be old but I love it so much and it is always a crowd pleaser.

Yet another interesting post!

I agree with your thoughts regarding researching games and selecting/buying/trading for those that match your tastes. I'm not saying I haven't purchased a bad game either, but generally speaking there's a reason I choose to add it to my collection, and usually it's because it looks interesting/fun to me.

I only recently started rating my games and I follow the BGG qualifiers with one important caveat: I try to rate games after I've played them more than once. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule. Notably an Exit game I played which by it's nature I can't exactly replay, #Arkham Horror: The Card Game which I had a terrible time with, and some expansions I've only played with only once (though I tend to just give the expansion the same rating as the base game).

I try to be as honest as possible with my ratings, neither too easy or too hard. According to BGG, I have rated 137 games/expansions with an average rating of 6.35. Eventually, I would like to come to a point where I only keep games that I rated an 8 or better. Again, which some exceptions thrown in for games that are easy to teach or fun to play with family.

As of now, I'm doing pretty well when it comes to culling low rated games. I have 36 games rated below a 6, out of which only 6 I still own for one reason or another.

I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill could make for a good horror romp, maybe not a long running show but a mini-series could be cool. I guess you could try something like how they did the legacy version with each season being a different generation to show off different hauntings (I never played the legacy version but the concept sounded interesting, although I heard in practice it didn't quite work). I think if you went non-scripted it would make for a great game show, each with a different twist and one player becoming the 'traitor' part way through, maybe with more of the hauntings having hidden traitors.

If they were scripted I reckon #Diplomacy could make for a good satirical political drama. With dispassionate politicians carving up the world and betraying each other.

Obviously #Magic: The Gathering has a pretty rich collection of source material and some wonderful concepts for a fantasy adventure series, with characters moving through all manner of bizarre and beautiful terrains and meeting strange of terrifying creatures. 

I have 0 interest in this. I loved the BSG TV Show and I love the game. I'll pay premium to get its expansions.

But I have never cared for Arkham Horror Mythos and I am disappointed they chose this setting. They had so many better choices, even any other of their own universes, like Descent or Twilight Imperium.

It's been a while since I've posted around here. Been pretty busy with school and other things overall, but still make time to play with my weekly group! Here to report that I'm currently playing #Gloomhaven ! I'm playing as a Mindthief class, and one of our party members just retired last week! We'll be playing this Sunday soon. Truthfully, I had a tough time learning the game and made far too many dumb and punishing mistakes (hated myself for that), but as my toolkit upgraded and as we continued, I started to get the hang of it a little more, and it became easier to play. 

After that, hard to say if I'll be playing consistently for the rest of this month though. Finals and projects incoming... 
I just wanted to drop by since I hadn't for a while!

My boyfriend misses playing #Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and not gonna lie, I miss some of it too. Maybe we'll start a new campaign over summer once I'm done with hell week. 

Got some solo gaming in. Very disappointed by #Arkham Horror: The Card Game. It's the minimum viable product for the system and it really rubbed me the wrong way.

#Unbroken was more interesting, if a bit simple compared to what I expected. I think it needs just one more layer to be the game it wants to be. Right now the game is trying to upgrade your weapon to max while avoiding defeat and collecting resources. Once your weapon is upgraded there's not really any other intermediary goal. You just want to finish the game and get generalized "stuff".

I then broke out #Arraial which I got in the Pandasaurus sale and it's tetris. Well, it's a bit more than tetris but it's the most faithful adaptation I've seen yet. Solo game seemed a bit easy but I think it'll work better with others as a chill game.

Finally, last night I played #Nemo's War (Second Edition) and it was a blast! Perhaps my favorite solo game yet ( #Friday is its biggest competitor). Epic, engrossing, and full of interesting decisions. Going to play again as soon as I get the chance.

#Gloomhaven - Over our campaign we had many games come down to the flip of a card.  We were always on the edge of our seat when that happened.

#Arkham Horror: The Card Game - I was playing with one of my friends who was new to the game and he played the "fighter" character while I was the more evasive character.  The scenario came down to me trying to save him from an enemy but the situation was hopeless, I had to draw the single +3 from the chaos bag (1 in 15 chance or so) or we lost the scenario.  Amazingly, I pulled out the +3 and we won!  That was quite a rush.

Finished up more #Arkham Horror: The Card Game, specifically, we played #Barkham Horror: The Card Game - The Meddling of Meowlathotep Scenario Pack. The puns and flavor text were fun, but we all wished the scenario was a little more interesting. 

However, we are finally taking a break from Arkham, and we are going to move on to #Gloomhaven!! Not JOTL, but I'm sure we'll be fine. We'll be starting this Friday and I'm excited.