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Calvin Reviews They Come Unseen: Hunt submarines and evade sonar in this Cold War board game image
ReviewCalvin Reviews They Come Unseen: Hunt submarines and evade sonar in this Cold War board game [They Come Unseen]Like| 18 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (11/22 - 11/29) [Mortis Arena.Battle for Frontera., Odyssey: ANTHROPOS, Vectorships: educational game, The Box of Holding, TITANS: historical fantasy miniature board g...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (2/7 - 2/14) [Orion's Spur, Battlefield Operation 3.1 - Multi purpose wargame terrain, Metamorphosis Alpha: Doom on the Warden, 2 Women | 12 Games | Make 100, 3D Pr...]Like| 0 comments | [+]
Kickstarter Ending (11/15 - 11/22) [Against the Darkmaster, Grimm: a card-based, strategic tabletop game, The Curious Case of the Cats of Crumptown - 28mm Miniatures, BIZLIVE! The Satiri...]Like| 1 comment | [+]
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Sorry to arrive late to the party!

1. Individual responsibility

I believe our responsibility is to report anything that is unlawful. What about things we despise but are not illegal? Well, I think that we do not have any obligation to report that, but we can, and I would encourage everybody to do so.

2. Separation from art and artist

That is a personal decision. I do separate which allows me to enjoy music, movies, books, etc. that I would not be able to otherwise. Other do not separate and miss those works. I say it's their loss. They probably say I am not woke.

3. Repugnant ideology

Again, I think that is a personal decision. I do not think that slavery is more repugnant than assessination, rape or other abhorrent acts. However, there are hundreds of games where killing is a regular part of the game and it seldom sparks any controversy. The same can be said about music and movies. And even more so if we include stereotypes like Russians in Cold War movies, Mexicans and drug cartels, etc. Yet, nowadays, any gay or racial stereotype can cause the demise of a movie.

So, I personally withstand those issues and enjoy movies, games, music that include them, even as a central part but I will not criticize anyone that decides to draw a line.


What about publishers? Well, they have a tough decission to make. I would like them to remain strong and separate art and artists as well and keep on publishing but Twitter is a terrible beast and it is understandable that companies let ballast fall, be it Tascini. Eklund, Johny Depp, Woody Allen or Kevin Spacey. But they are unware that some customers, not as vocal as the Twitter mob, may as well take their business elsewhere if they see companies bowing to cancel culture-

Finally, I think that there is a very important point that can't be ignored: as has been clearly proven by the Parler disintegration, leftist thought controls the media and controls the means. Those that do not agree with the popular opinion will find less and less places to discuss and express themselves. This will probably be seen as a triumph by some people. I think it is a tragedy and a recipe for disaster. Those persons exist and will find a way to be heard, probably more hurtful than a Tweet.


For me Age of Empires game loop is gathering resources, building up forces, then attacking the enemy. 

One strong suggestion would be #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea. #Forbidden Stars could also meet your needs at 1v1 although it is getting hard to find now.

I'm not sure if Scythe would be what you are looking for.  Combat is NOT the major focus of the game.  It's more of a cold war situation.  A few combats for sure, especially near the end, but not an all out war.

  • #Kingdomino: Great game to play at work during lunch break with non-gamers.
  • #Brass: Birmingham: Tight euro with a need to read your opponents intentions.  No heads down play on this one!
  • #Gloomhaven: Best solo game for me hands down.
  • #Tiny Towns: Great quick game but very thinky.  Great to play when you have 45ish minutes to fill with your gamer group.
  • #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game: My favourite "epic" style game.  Must have the expansions for my favourite epic experience!
  • #Concordia: Medium weight euro with sublime gameplay.
  • #Scythe: Amazing game.  Euro with a cold war element to it.  Every game is different.
  • #Mechs vs. Minions: Production values through the roof.  Co-op that everyone can get in to with a programming element.
  • #Spirit Island: Co-op game for the hard core.  Tight decision space once you start bumping up the difficulty.
  • #Big Trouble In Little China: Fills the dice chucking niche and I love the movie. :)
  • #Codenames: I'm going to cheat and add one more but there needs to be a party game!  I've never seen Codenames fail to entertain whether it's family, friends, or people at work.

I've played with 7 once and I loved it.  Minimal space means maximum combat.

I've only played once in recent memory but I remember it being a great the last time I played (about 3 months ago).  It was a partial teaching game but the new player came out strong.  We also had a lot of objetives filled and a lot of cold war, almost fight moments with some tenuous alliances.  But... we did a good job of doing what we said, which was short term agreements.  So short that the Saxony still pulled off placing more than two stars for winning combat.  In the end I won by a small margin.

There are so so many classics that I havn't played, but really want to.

  • #Twilight Struggle: Classic two player GMT cold war game. This was number one on the BGG for a number of years. And it seems to be one of those rare hybrid games that appealed to both euro gamers and wargamers.
  • #Concordia: I have never played any games from Mac Gerdts, and honestly there are a few others of his that interest me more, but this does seem to be a great game. And, I really want to try it sometime.
  • #Die Macher: A game about german parlimentary elections???? sounds thrilling, doesn't it??? Seriously, this game looks good.
  • #El Grande: One of the classics, if not THE classic area control from the mid 90's.
  • #Hansa Teutonica: One of the old ugly euros. It looks like it could be really fun.

There are also a number of classics that I have no desire to play:


What  said pretty much sums up my feelings. And plenty of games I own have some form of hidden scoring such as #Concordia and #Clans of Caledonia. My main gaming partner is my wife and since we like games that are medium weight (and typically take longer than an hour to play), it's not fun to play out a game for 30 min fully knowing that you'll never make a comeback. For example, Concordia has a pretty complex scoring system that depends on so many different things (different card types you purchase from the market, the number of each card type you purchased, the location of your houses on the map, etc.) that it's just way too difficult to predict who'll win. And Concordia makes players feel so smart throughout the game too whenever you pull off just the right move at the right time.

An example of a game that doesn't have much of a catch-up mechanism is #Root. Similar what you said about the "cold war" effect in area control games, Root is highly dependent on players to keep others in check. So it can be really tough if an inexperienced player (especially if that player has the faction that has a big map presence) has no idea what to do and the leader just keeps snowballing.

I’ve been a gamer all my life too! I’m mostly an exclusive PC gamer but was still able to experience the classic games from other systems. I vividly remember getting my SNES in 1st grade. So many great games for that console. 

My favorite PC games through the years include:

Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2 - some of the best RPGs ever made. If you haven’t played them you are missing out. 

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri- I got this when I was in 6th grade and I played so much of this game. It’s universally regarded as one of the best 4X games of all time. 

Diablo 2 - so many fun memories with this game. The music brings back so many feels. 

StarCraft -playing custom online maps with friends and playing through the excellent story campaign. 

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 - to this day these are two of the best games ever made. No other games come close. 

Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat Classic - my friends and I spent so much time playing these games (at the time they were mods for Half-Life) online. 

Rome: Total War - to this day it’s still my favorite Total War game. I love the interesting factions and this is my favorite period of history. Steam says that this is my most played game. I used to be the biggest fan of all of the Total War games but the newer ones have really disappointed me, starting with Rome 2. That game totally crushed me and I haven’t been as fond of the series ever since.

Civilization series - got into Civ 4 the most but have played all of them. Civ 2 had a really fun Cold War scenario that I loved to play. Civ 6 is a modern classic. 

World of Warcraft- wow, what a game. I was a big player from release through just before the release of the first expansion. I ended up quitting cold turkey because I was starting pharmacy school and needed to break my addiction. My character was one of the best warlocks in the Alliance on our server. I was in one of the best raiding guilds on the server. So many fun hours spent playing this game with my college roommate. What a fine time to be alive. 

The Witcher 3 - absolutely amazing and beautiful game. On of the few open world games that I really actually enjoyed.