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Beasts of Balance Review - Where Technology Meets Dexterity | Meeple Mountain image
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Favorite Dexterity Games! [The Final Flicktier, Crokinole, Coconuts, Zoo Ball, Flip Ships, Ice Cool, Disc Duelers, Click Clack Lumberjack]Like| 47 comments | [+]
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#Flag Dash is a highly underrated game (from the designer of #Gearworks and publisher of #Rurik: Dawn of Kiev). It's great 1v1, but is also a ton of fun 2v2, or even 1v2. It's actually a favorite of mine, and one that doesn't get nearly enough table time. 

#The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena is also "team", but it's 1v1, so I'm not sure if that counts.

#Disc Duelers has some variants where players split into teams. I haven't done those variants, but I love the base rules.

#Dino Dunk is one that is probably best at 1v1, but you can certainly play teams, which is still fun. 

#Crokinole is a family favorite, etiher 1v1 or 2v2. It's a brilliant game (Canadian origin, so that's to be expected), and our young boys love playing it (and are surprisingly very good at it!).

Word games like #Decrypto and #Codenames are also great.

#Fire Tower is an awesome game that we tend to play 4-player free-for-all, but there is a team variant that plays well also. Definitely one that doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

The #Funkoverse Strategy Games can also be played as teams, which play well but are pretty light on the strategy side.

#The Phantom Society can also be played as teams. It's a fun, light game.

#Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition: Core Set (or first edition, obviously) can be played teams. Generally it's 1v1, but I've played as much as a 9-player free-for-all furball, which was awesome! This is a fairly simple one to play teams with as well; just have each player control certain ships.

#Zoo Ball is a fun soccer-like dexterity game that plays well 1v1 or in teams. 

And that's all I've got for you! I didn't think I'd have nearly this many, but once I started going, I kept thinking of more. haha

Oh this was fun last time too!


#Trick Shot - bought from the publisher when extras from the KS became available. Loving this game!

#Jaws - I may or may not have talked Sarah into buying this for me when it was on sale at Target lol. Haven't played yet.

#Calico - picked this up as soon as it came back in stock. As a cat owner, it felt like a must. So far only one solo play but I hope to play it a lot more.

#Carreau - just bought this from after discovering it in their "best dexterity board games" article. Looking forward to its arrival.

Removed/thinking about removing

Can't think of anything I've removed recently.. oh wait #Brikks. Got that one from a secret Santa last year, played it a couple times and gave it to a friend who's girlfriend likes Tetris.

My thinking about removing list is pretty deep these days, especially with the constant need for more space.

#Fabled Fruit - finished up the entirety of the deck not that long ago, so I'm looking to get rid of this. Maybe in a future trade with BoardGameCo.

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - we have to replay the 2nd case and tackle the 3rd before this is a reality, but I'll look to trade/sell immediately after.

#The Networks - I've personally been kind of "eh" on this game for awhile now, but wanted to at least give it a shot at higher player counts. We managed to play it once with 3 so far - not like that's a lot - and not much changed.

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods - after playing this so many times on BGA with , , and , I think I've realized I don't need a physical copy of this. Helps that it's one of Sarah's most hated games lol. Which brings me to...

#The Gallerist - I'm still not 100% sure I'll get rid of this. Part of me feels like I'll rarely if ever play it with so many other more accessible games available for me to play and Sarah's hatred for it. But I still do enjoy it..we'll see.

I think that's it for now.

On my radar

When you posted this in March, I gave a pretty lame answer here. To avoid doing the same, I'll at least give you something lol. To be honest though, I'm trying to slow down on my purchases - hoping that #Carreau will be my one acquisition in May. Got a long way to go..

#Junk Art - don't know why I started watching videos of this game, but it looks like a riot.


Seems like a fun dexterity game. Would love to try this one out. Thanks for posting.

#Trick Shot




#Era: Medieval Age

Unfortunately, haven't played Jaws yet and Era I just grabbed from the GameNerdz DOTD yesterday so it's on hold for now. Trick Shot is definitely my favorite so far.

A good number of games last week!

#Trick Shot - Finally got to play this with another person, albeit on Tabletopia. I don't think it was nearly as fun on there as it has been in the physical form, but we still had a good time.

#Kingdom Builder - I keep playing this one on BGA with the usual suspects on the forum and I keep doing terribly lol. I am getting slightly better each time though!

#Nidavellir - invited me to play this on BGA along with and . After watching a quick video he sent, I felt like I totally understood everything, which was really nice. Ended up being a really close game, of course Bob eeked out the win yet again :P I'd definitely play this again if anyone's interested in trying it out.

#The Castles of Burgundy - Finished another long running game of this on Yucata with and . Very high scoring game, with all but one in the 200's and the last was very close to hitting that mark. Great game!

#Draftosaurus - I got hooked on Board Game Arena playing this game asynch. Both games we played went very quick and as usual for Draftosaurus were close throughout. Started another one with to hopefully get him hooked on BGA as well :)

#Luxor - The last of my long running BGA games last week ended yesterday, where I snuck out a win in Luxor over and . It feels like there are multiple paths to victory which is really neat.

#Wingspan - Sarah's mom and siblings came up for Mother's Day on Saturday and her siblings were itching to play a game lol. They actually asked what game is our favorite, so we taught them Wingspan. We played with just the base game and rules. Her sister really caught on and did pretty well and is eager to play again. Her brother thought by tucking cards he'd get the point value listed on the cards (insert eye roll), so he had more of a salty experience hahaha. Still ended up pretty close to winning though! Now that he understands it better, I'm sure he'd play again.

#Carreau - Sarah needed some time to discuss what shoes she should wear with her wedding dress with the ladies in the house lol, so her brother and I played 3 games of this. The first shot of the first game, her brother managed to knock the ball off the board, which was really impressive. After that, our aim went downhill lol. Pretty fun time though!

#Carreau seems pretty neat - if only it were available anywhere lol. As far as other dexterity games go, I've had my eye on #Junk Art.

I don't spend any real time in FLGS, Oxford does have a nice board game cafe - Thirsty meeples, that I have been to a handful of times and is a really nice place, but me and others I know have enough games between us that we rarely need to vsist, although it does make for a nice evening from time to time. 

In a superpark I would love to have staff running mega-games, just gathering a bunch of people and then organising it for them, I think could be a really cool aspect. That and giant/more interactive versions of some party games: #Sushi Go! with actual sushi, giant versions of dexterity games. #Zombicide with nerf guns etc.

I also enjoyed that podcast episode a lot! 

I have such a list of games that I want to get to the table with 4+ people, as have been solely two-player for a year at this point. But if I had to choose I think the following would be my first game night post-covid:

We'd start with a quick game of #Flamme Rouge, it's great at two but there would be so many more hilarious interactions at four, plus it can play in twenty minutes so is a nice straightforward intro game to get everyone's brain working. 

Ideally, then another friend would turn up late so I could follow that up with game of #No Honor Among Thieves at 5 players. It's a superb game of negotiation and betrayal to really shatter the friendships with people I haven't seen for months. In actuality the betrayals don't feel bad as they are mechanically baked into the game and happen enough that it doesn't feel as much of a gut punch as some games.

Finally, I'd get everyone to be friends again I'd get them all playing a game of #Catacombs (Third Edition), an excellently thematic dexterity dungeon crawler. Doesn't take too much thought so a good one to end on.


I also am desperate to organise a day/weekend of #Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition for a group of my uni friends, so there's that.

I keep buying dexterity games, and keep having to sell them because they just don't go over well with my family.  This one looks fun, have you tried #Meeple Circus?