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4 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Ancient Temples and Plastic Mars image
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Top 5 games I don't own (and maybe never will) [Rising Sun, Nemesis, War of the Ring (Second Edition), Keyflower, The Ancient World (2nd Edition)]Like| 6 comments | [+]
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Wildlands The Ancients Expansion - Osprey Games image
Wildlands The Ancients Expansion - Osprey Games ( Like| 0 comments | [+]
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Played a few games this week..

#Downforce - First time playing this one. Got in a game on BGA with , , , and . Bob of course won because he never loses. I tried to start a rematch at the request of , but it seems it has been abandoned? As far as my thoughts on this one, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't think I'd ever seek out a physical copy as it gives me a similar vibe to #Camel Up (Second Edition).

#Lions of Lydia - Finally the Kickstarter arrived! I may have totally forgotten why it was I wanted to back this game lol. After reading the rules, I taught it to Sarah quick one night. She seemed to have a great time with it which is always a plus with new games. There are loads of expansions that come with it that I'm looking forward to trying.

#Hadara - Played on Yucata with . I was trying to find another game on there that would have a low barrier to entry just to try something different. Sarah and I really enjoyed our real life play of Hadara, but the Yucata implementation seemed to be a big miss for me. It took awhile waiting for turns and I just didn't get any real sense of anything I was doing making any difference. Maybe would be down to try #Underwater Cities when my current 3 player game is over. Really curious to see how that goes at 4.

#Maskmen - I managed to trade away #Res Arcana in the BGG math trade and got #Carpe Diem in return. Really wanted to try Carpe Diem yesterday, but Sarah wasn't feeling up to trying out something new, so she suggested we play Maskmen as we haven't played it in awhile. Just a really enjoyable trick taking game that we definitely have to try to play with more people.

Theme is very important to me. I've grown tired of so many heavier games that drop into the familiar tropes of warfare, destruction, conquer your enemies, be the biggest, bestest, meanest, fiercest of them all! Oros though isn't that. It's deeper, richer, and more poignant.

Mechanically Oros is all about geology, plate tectonics and the fluid motion of earth. Thematically, Oros is the story of every nation, every people, every culture, in every time. It reaches into the mythos of ancient world cultures, taps into our collective human anthropology, and underscores the connection mankind has with the earth. At it’s heart, Oros is about our universal obsession with enlightenment, spirituality, gnosis, or transcendence and the consistent association of such with mountains and high places.

What? Me? I'm completely surprised (and fairly new here)! 

Thank you!!! And congrats to @marshwiggle92 and @cbrady748!

I think cbrady748 is partly to thank/blame (depending on which side of this giveaway you were on) for my winning.  I sure enjoyed some of the comments we shared back and forth on one of the posts.  (Nice to meet you, by the way!)

What am I going to get? That's a good question I wasn't expecting to answer.  I might get #Point Salad (I think my wife might like that one), #Draftosaurus (looks like a fun game involving my ancient ancestors), or #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle – The Charms and Potions Expansion (we're really enjoying the base game! [Has anyone beat year 5?]).  Those would all be Christmas presents for the family.  I also have my eye on #Scythe (totally for my solo play or a future game night-too heavy for the family) or possibly #Everdell or #Root (thanks for the feedback, everyone!). #King of Tokyo: Power Up might be an option, too (I just received KofT as a birthday present!).  I'll let you all know what I end up with.

Once again, a big thank you!!!

I'm not super up on upcoming releases so I'm entering dangerous territory even checking out this post lol. That Lacerda game looks pretty awesome though I know I'd never get it to the table.

I guess for 2021, I'm most looking forward to my unfulfilled Kickstarters.

#Lions of Lydia

#Mercado de Lisboa

#Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms

and the newest to that list, #Darwin's Journey

My cyber Monday order of#Sonora and#Sushi Go! is on its way. Along with a gift from my secret Santa. Probably should be getting that and#Poetry For Neanderthals in the mail tomorrow I think.

As if that wasn't enough, I had my mom order me#Nemo's War for my birthday and I'm not sure if that's arrived. Finally I got an (almost) shipping notification from the#Lions of Lydia KS yesterday so hopefully that doesn't take too long. Didn't sound exactly promising to be honest

I don't have any official "deluxe edition" games, though KS FOMO has caused me to back the deluxe version of #Lions of Lydia. I couldn't even tell you what that meant haha. Maybe metal coins?

Ultimately I don't think deluxe upgrades would really alter my enjoyment of games unless, as others have mentioned, they improve set up time or overall gameplay. Probably my best examples of these are:

#Food Chain Magnate - I bought an insert from Etsy that helps organize the cards better so they don't take up the entire table.

#Terraforming Mars - I bought the upgraded player boards from the BGG Store for a few reasons. Primarily for table bumps throwing everything off kilter the recessed boards help. Then because if you ever go above a certain point on a track, we were just stacking cubes which wasn't ideal. The upgraded boards have spots for 10, 20, 30, etc. Finally, they just look far nicer than the ones that come with the base game.

I think I've had a fairly typical introduction to boardgames - namely playing Cluedo with the extended family over holidays or Risk with some family friends - I count myself lucky that some older school friends were able to introduce me to meatier, longer games; I wouldnt be the person I am today without my uncle's ancient, battered copy of Risk and I'm so glad I had the chance to develop my love for games!