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As I type this I am switching back and forth on my BGG ratings for comparison:

#Scythe - this didn't always get 10/10 but time has pushed it up the chart for me.  I used to only give a 10/10 if a game was perfect and I felt there was no design flaw.  I have since softened that approach.  Scythe is a great game.  Its sprawling area control style is not the type of game I would normally pursue and yet Stonemaier has woven together a phenomenally interconnected menagerie of mechanics with high-quality components. 

#Heaven & Ale - Great euro-style game that is well designed with thematic components and remains a top selection in my game collection.  It doesn't hurt that I enjoy brewing beer and so the theme sits well with me too.  This has scene quite a few game nights and has not failed to please each time.

#Gloomhaven - I don't want to say too much that has already been said of this game.  Childers nailed it with this one.  I am not the biggest fan of high fantasy as a theme (one reason I don't have #Pendulum ) but Isaac included what I would term as 'lore' to backbone the game and in the vein of Tolkien has created a masterpiece of story and game mechanics.  

#Wingspan - This is a game I don't want to give 10/10 as I generally feel R&D value is a little high.  That being said, the art, the flow of play, the theme, the boards and components, the expansions, and the number of times this gets played at my house makes it perfect for us.

#Clans of Caledonia - I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did until I played it.  I don't play a ton of economic management games but this is very well designed, has great historically connected Scottish clans, solid components, and well craft gameplay, and a surprisingly small footprint for a game with quite a bit going on.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - is my last 10/10 game that I love to play, has great game flow, and the theme is engaging and fun throughout the game.  I enjoy the 5-6 player games most and try to get this to the table whenever I can.

Runner ups and possible future 10/10:

#Maracaibo - needs more play but already ranks at 9.75 and a 4 positive 4 player experience would push it to the top.  This is another game I thought would be fun but not this good.  

#Rococo: Deluxe Edition - again, need more plays and would like to see a 5 player game at the table.  My first impressions are quite good though and I love playing this game. 

I'm excited for Super Fantasy Brawl's expansions, On Mars expansion, and Primal!

I think the first game I bought was #Coup, don't actually remember why though, probably wanted to step up from CAH and a friend of mine had expirience with a few games. After that, #Star Wars: Armada with my brother then  #Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures#Inis. 

Apart from Coup, I think the other games are pretty odd to start a collection but they made sense at the time. As a star wars fan armada was a dream come true, massive space ships battling it out. It looks awesome on the table and I loved playing with my brother. SUSD introduced me to Inis and its beautiful art and elegant play and I had to have it. And for sherlock I was looking at a more personal 2 player expirience and the theme was perfect for the person I wanted to play with. 

I think there was no turning back when I had my hands on Inis, its been my favorite game sense. But more recently, after buying #Too Many Bones: Undertow and backing #Burncycle. Two very expensive games that would have been unthinkable before but now they make sense. 

I recently remember struggling somewhat with #Fury of Dracula (Third and Fourth Editions)'s.  Most of it is fairly straightforward, but for some reason we had a really hard time figuring out how fighting works and that really slowed down the game.  And also it was hard to reference for things like "does the player automatically see if there's a Dracula card in his city or does he have to search?"  We have yet to break this game out again, even though we were really looking forward it for a long time.  So I hope that one bad experience didn't kill it. 

I remember #Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game also being particularly terrible.  But that was a long time ago. 

Had a variety of games this week with my family and gaming buddies:

  • #Take 5 + Take a Number (Multiplayer, Physical, x2): Great game and the family really enjoys it.
  • #Catan (Multiplayer, physical): Played it with the kids.  They kicked my butt!
  • #Pipeline (Multiplayer TTS): This is a tricky little game!  I made a couple of mistakes in the first couple of rounds and was basically out of it at that point.  However, it was a good learning game and I am looking forward to trying it agian!  Definitely a heavy thinker this one.
  • #The Castles of Tuscany (Multiplayer, TTS): Hadn't played this one before.  It defintely gave #The Castles of Burgundy vibe but in a faster, smaller package.  Quick enjoyed it!
  • #Aeon's End (Multiplayer, TTS, x2): First time playing this one.  It was quite enjoyable!  It wasn't necessarily miles different from other co-op "against the big boss" fantasy style games out there but it had enough differences that I'd definitely play it again.