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I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill could make for a good horror romp, maybe not a long running show but a mini-series could be cool. I guess you could try something like how they did the legacy version with each season being a different generation to show off different hauntings (I never played the legacy version but the concept sounded interesting, although I heard in practice it didn't quite work). I think if you went non-scripted it would make for a great game show, each with a different twist and one player becoming the 'traitor' part way through, maybe with more of the hauntings having hidden traitors.

If they were scripted I reckon #Diplomacy could make for a good satirical political drama. With dispassionate politicians carving up the world and betraying each other.

Obviously #Magic: The Gathering has a pretty rich collection of source material and some wonderful concepts for a fantasy adventure series, with characters moving through all manner of bizarre and beautiful terrains and meeting strange of terrifying creatures. 

Fun question.  I think overall, remake, new edition, etc, as a rule I'm okay with... but not just because... if that makes sense.  I kind of live by the rule, if it ain't broke don't fix it.  But I know some games need a refresh/remake/new edition.  I don't know anything about the original but I do love #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) and I'm really excited they "remade" that game.  

However, I think I'd be more interested in a new game that incorporates things that have worked before but add to them/refine them.

Like you I didn't really think FF VII would ever actually be remade... side note, do you remember the Final Fantasy movie?... glad to hear you like it.  I've heard mixed reviews and some people haven't enjoyed the change to the story.  I'm on the fence as I don't like the same exact thing with new art, but FF VII is one I've played through twice and probably would again so I'd consider playing an updated one that was exactly the same.  But... I don't have a PS4 so it doesn't really matter haha.

If I already own a game though, at this point in my life, I'm probably not going to get a new edition or remake of it.  Maybe later down the line.

I'm excited for Super Fantasy Brawl's expansions, On Mars expansion, and Primal!

I think the first game I bought was #Coup, don't actually remember why though, probably wanted to step up from CAH and a friend of mine had expirience with a few games. After that, #Star Wars: Armada with my brother then  #Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures#Inis. 

Apart from Coup, I think the other games are pretty odd to start a collection but they made sense at the time. As a star wars fan armada was a dream come true, massive space ships battling it out. It looks awesome on the table and I loved playing with my brother. SUSD introduced me to Inis and its beautiful art and elegant play and I had to have it. And for sherlock I was looking at a more personal 2 player expirience and the theme was perfect for the person I wanted to play with. 

I think there was no turning back when I had my hands on Inis, its been my favorite game sense. But more recently, after buying #Too Many Bones: Undertow and backing #Burncycle. Two very expensive games that would have been unthinkable before but now they make sense. 

I recently remember struggling somewhat with #Fury of Dracula (Third and Fourth Editions)'s.  Most of it is fairly straightforward, but for some reason we had a really hard time figuring out how fighting works and that really slowed down the game.  And also it was hard to reference for things like "does the player automatically see if there's a Dracula card in his city or does he have to search?"  We have yet to break this game out again, even though we were really looking forward it for a long time.  So I hope that one bad experience didn't kill it. 

I remember #Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game also being particularly terrible.  But that was a long time ago. 

i want to see more themes within themes. Like playing pirates in the Star Wars universe. Or gambling in a fantasy setting.

Some here know that my favorite video game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics and I've yet to play a game since that has given me the full tactical story that FFT had.

That means the hype train is off the charts for me with Triangle Tactics.  Everything I've seen so far looks great and I'm excited to get to the demo (after I finish Breath of the Wild). I'm pretty close to finishing that and I have Octopath Traveller on the docket next.  

Has anyone here played Octobpath Traveller.  I also have Final Fantasy XII in my queue (have you played it yet ?)

I'm also really excited about Mario Golf (to play with my family), and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.  I am dissapointed that there has been no annoucement for a Zelda: Wind Waker port yet (as that is one of my favorite Zelda games).

Also Star Wars Hunters seems like it has potential but it's been so long since I've played that type of game. want do you think of that game?

I like #Fantasy Realms.  It was good fun for the time commitment.  I am wondering if the added complexity and time puts this one in competition with other games that might surpass it?

Also, check out the review of the game by Before You Play.  I think their explanation was more clear to me than Rodney's this time.