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BOY LET ME TELL YOU! I had a pretty unbelievable gaming weekend...I rented out a cabin in Big Bear with the guys I have been playing #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with and the schedule was just eating and playing games. And that is what we did. We calculated that we played about 17 hours worth of games this weekend...

  • #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - 5 scenarios and we finally leveled up to level 5 and got to experience the big reveal. Super fun!
  • #Cubitos - 3-players - This was definitely fun, but my friend who owns the game has played the same course and dice combos multiple times and he clearly had an advantage over us noobs!
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - 3-players - Outside of Gloomhaven, this to me was the highlight of the trip (except for Tropicali, their food and service is UNREAL). The whole game was a bit of a tug of war. No one had a strong grip on influence, we were all pretty close on disks and the market was a slog because the favored suit was military for most of the game until I pulled off a turn where I changed coalitions, changed the suit, was able to build 2 armies and cancel out dominance AND buy the dominance check to win by one point. It was amazing...
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - 3-players - This was definitely really fun! I had never played at 3 so it made the game a little more forgiving, but also you do not do as much at least on an easier scenario. I would love to break it back out with the same group on a harder scenario!


I am very particular with food. I had a bad red wine spill during a #Kingdomino game a few years back and I have never fully recovered. You can have food and drink, just don't be careless.

I was doing a search for food games the other day and found that there weren't too many and none that I found terribly appealing. #Food Chain Magnate was the closest and it's too cutthroat for my liking.  So with the perfect set of mechanisms...I'd vote food.

As for games with great mechanics and a theme I can't get around...tough to say.  Much of the time I can be ok with the theme if the mechanics are great.  It's usually the other way around if anything.  

Most food themed games I've looked at have been on the lighter side. I wish many of the weighty euros out there had a more approachable/lighthearted theme like food. I can see how focusing a game on a specific food or drink could severely limit the target audience though.

I would have thought that prior to Wingspan. I didn't think a bird theme was terribly approachable at first but I am convinced now that a great game design can mesh with most any theme. I avoided Gloomhaven for a while because the high fantasy theme just wasn't a draw for me. The gameplay is so good though, it drew me toward the theme.

I think a good, well, designed euro around a good-based theme could work quite well. It would be a fun thought experiment to take a random food idea...say, candied bacon...and pair it with euro mechanics.  Hmm...

Played #Crescent City Cargo from designer Jason Dinger and Spielworxx last night for the first time. This is a thematic euro about shipping food and materials out into the gulf through the Port of New Orleans about a hundred years ago, and the artwork really does the theme justice.  The gameplay itself has two of my favorite things: microturns that take just a few seconds to implement, and really tough nested decisions about upgrading your actions, managing your resources, and being very efficient. 

Any other fans of Jason Dinger's games here (Captains of the Gulf, Crescent City Cargo?) 

In 2019 the local gaming group did a 24 hour charity boardgame day at a local brewery/cafe.  It was pretty great as they opened up a bunch of space in the brewery section of the building for a bunch of tables, which was pretty cool and there was a bunch of tables in the cafe side as well.  Gave people the option of ordering either coffee or alcohol.  They don't have a kitchen on site but did partern with a couple of different food trucks to come park outside the facilty.  This is something I would look into as well.  It saves you a TON in infrastructure, permitting etc allows you to draw a broader audience of people - some of the people who came only came because of the food trucks and then got invited/hooked on the boardgame theme. 

Good luck with the planning and building. 

Another suggestion: Go talk to other owners of similar establishments to get tips and advice.  Don't think your passion alone will make it successful.  Best of luck.

This is something my wife and I want to do as well, and while that probably won't happen (sigh), we've thought about it quite a bit. One place we really loved was Good Move Cafe in Provo, Utah. They had a great setup (although not fantasy-themed), with tables and booths, games galore, good food and a knowledgable staff. What I loved was the tournaments. They had them weekly (sometimes more) and were well attended. Tournaments were everything from #Codenames to #Captain Sonar and everything in between. There was a small buy-in, but it was worth it (and I'm a tightwad haha).

When it comes to food, keep in mind that the greasy stuff will get on your games, which could be a turnoff for other patrons. I like the idea of sandwhiches, burgers, and other things that aren't too messy (burger depending, of course). Aside from the meal-type foods, snacks like trail mix, candies (M&Ms, Canadian Smarties, etc.) are a great choice for those who want something to munch on but not necessarily a full meal. 

I think if you're doing a fantasy theme, specilaized drinks like butter beer can help add to the theme. 

Let me know when it's open and if I ever make my way to wherever you are, I'll definitely hit it up!

Sounds so fun 😀 I could see a small inventory of stickers or pins (I personally collect them from local brands I love) Definitely can see people renting those private rooms out for birthday parties 🎉 and friend gatherings. 

I might have some different perspectives but some food options that I would order in a heartbeat: 

  • Love a good cheese/meats/cracker platter - nice lights snacks and bites.
  • Hot Dogs/Corn Dogs - love a good hot corn dog. It can sometimes replace a meal for me and so simple to eat. 
  • Super good cheesy/savory biscuit 
  • Chips with a good hummus or gauc
  • simple meatballs 
  • Nachos
  • Hot Panini/Burritos 

I love these hole in the wall cafes that takes you to totally different world theme... 

I know that these lattes in one cafe I've been to were a big hit 

Maybe a place where players can hold their favorite game for first timers to make memories and share with friends on a main accent wall were customers can share their memories at your cafe would be a nice touch featured wall for those "instagram" moments. Maybe the heads of those dragons/objects can be on on smaller booths for people to enjoy and experience as they snack or play games. 

This reminded me of the tavern in Pixar's Onward!

Food - For something that's more hearty/filling, I would prefer something simple that doesn't require utensils. And something that's convenient to eat while playing. A well-wrapped sandwich that doesn't fall apart immediately would satisfy me :)

Aesthetic - I like cafes that have a welcoming vibe for any type of people out there. I'd like to see a rustic decor with lots of exposed wood. And it could be decorated for specific themes every now and then.

Activities - Besides playing the available board games? Hmmm I'd want to have events that incentivize paying for food or for renting out the place. For incentivizing buying food instead of having customers who stick around forever, I'd offer a small giveaway based on a raffle system where you get a ticket for every drink/food purchases. As for rentals, I'd work with local companies for setting up team exercise days, themed weddings, etc. Other events could include something like tournaments for a lighter game, or making it easier for new people to get to know each other during Valentine's Day.

Type of games offered - As many as possible! Especially great if you could have Kickstarter games. If you manage to create an awesome experience for my friends and families, I'd probably feel loyal enough to buy games from the cafe even if it means paying way more. On that note, I'd also try to find out whether there are potential partnership opportunities with local game stores, to see if you could work together.

Yeah tournaments and events are a big thing I want. The raffle and other ways to give free food sound like a good idea to get people hooked.

I think "National Drive-Through Day" could be an interesting car game instead of just a fast food thing. Just not sure what that would be.

I feel like in the long run, you may run out of relevant food board games but respect.

many many different themes to make sure every knows it's a broad audience

Authentic Belgian beers ...being an authentic Belgian :)

ways to find and meet up paople wanting to play a certain game (physical/electronic board)

A good espresso! :D

Cheese, crisps, some less ordinary soda's

Warm, wood colors, kinda aurstria lodge style

some austrian food is a hole in the market in Belgium. Nodoby does it; it fits the lodge theme :)



The main thing I want to see in a boardgame cafe is myself....LOL

Their are several things to keep in mind:

  • You need to make sure you have the population center needed to support such an enterprise. Then you need to make sure that the local population is open to that sort of gaming. If the local gaming scene is DnD and Fantasy dungeon crawl focused.... then that sort of cafe would possibly be quite good. If your local scene is more into 18xx and Vital Lacerda...... That strong a theme in a boardgame cafe may be an active discourgement.
  • The paperwork for selling food and drink can be a bear..... You have to make sure that you have those permits figured out ALL the way before you invest too heavily in infrastructure. You don't want to plan something and then figure out that that won't come up to code for what you want to do with food.....

Those things being said.... What would I want in such a cafe...... I would want something fairly neutral, in fact, I would want something pretty similar to a public library.  I would want something I could play a really dry Euro game in, or a thematic fantasy game, or a historical wargame, or...... whatever without feeling too out of place. I think I would also like to have the cafe maybe be a seperate from the gameplaying area..... But, that's just me.

You have certainly won me over with your tapas idea.

I would do something that uses the idea of people taking instagram photos at restaurants - 


I do not quite have a pitch but there are food cards, fan cards and obstacles. You need to collect resources and various sets to reach a certain number of vicotry points.