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Thanks for the read everyone! As mentioned in the beginning of the article, Artem has opened up himself for an AMA/Ask Me Anything, and will be answering all of your questions this Thursday (4/15). Whether it's questions about his design process, favorite games, side hobbies/geocaching, his #1 food combination, or anything, feel free to take this chance to get to know Artem! And please remember to be respectful in your questions.

Plus, there's a giveaway! We will randomly select one of the participants in the AMA to give away a game by Kids Table Board Gaming (KTBG). It's run by a husband and wife team from Canada that Artem wanted to support in his own way. The winner will have a choice between #Fossilis, #Wreck Raiders, and #Haunt the House. Good luck and have fun!

Hi Matt!! Since you already covered ice cream, what is your favorite overall food?

I love this.

1. The people who "introduced" me to the hobby were two guys I don't know.  I just happened to see them playing #A Few Acres of Snow at a food court in the mall.  It intrigued me so I asked them about it and picked the game up shortly after.

2. Over time I've learned to ease the brakes on the hype train.  I'm actually quite proud of how selective I am for games.  I've learned that I really value games with high player count, high player interaction, the ability to have a lot of table talk, and a great meta game.

At first I looked a lot at solo mode games and that is still a consideration for me slightly.  But I feel good about what I have to play solo and it happens less than it used to so now I don't really look into that.

As you know I'm very happy with my collection and only feel the need to add a game or two a year.  I would like to add a game with at least some Deck Building because it's the one mechanic I think I'd enjoy that I'm lacking.

I have 3 main rules.

Don't be late.

Don't bend the cards / abuse the game pieces.

No food at the game table.

Before I answer..pumped to see those Denton board game stores!

I think for us the "perfect" store would be closest to the Thirsty Dice in Philly. That was such a neat little cafe where you could sit and play games and eat some good food. And of course the boozy milkshakes just added to it.

We're trying to make time go to another cafe in Houston and we can report on it when we see you!

This is a fun question.

Last summer, I posted a query on the Nextdoor app asking if anyone in my small rural community (we're 20 miles outside Portland, OR metro area) was interested in having a game night together.  A handful of people replied, but due to the increasing covid numbers in our county shortly after my post, we've not been able to get together and I've never met them.  Since then, two of my neighbors have been joining me twice a month for a game night. 

I would invite all of those who responded to my initial post to a game night group.  (And and Sarah if they happened to be here.) I would want to play any of the following games: #Wingspan, #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Scythe (still unopened in the closet), #The Quacks of Quedlinburg, #Terraforming Mars, #Alhambra: Big Box and #Clank! In! Space!.

We'd pull out our Italian Soda bar, have a cheese board with other snack foods, and play some nice international music on Pandora (or ask my teenage son to pick a mix from his Amazon Music account).

And it'd be a great 4 hour event!


Ohhh I like this question a lot! I know Sarah has been planning a bunch of themed board game nights, combining both the games we play with food offerings. Some of her ideas would include:

A Southwestern/Mexican food/game night with games like #Sonora #Maskmen #Teotihuacan: City of Gods (her suggestion surprisingly lol) and #Altiplano

French style food. Games would be #Carcassonne #Orléans #The Castles of Burgundy and #Guillotine

And of course an Italian night paired with #Trajan #Lorenzo il Magnifico #Calimala and #Rise of Augustus

Me personally, I'd ideally want to have at least 6 people including ourselves just to play #Cosmic Frog hahaha

When I first got on BGA I used to love asking about food/drink/music pairings that went perfect with a game.

Any favorite combinations?

Teachers? Classroom management? haha That one might be tough to impliment, but it could be a good educational tool if done well.

Antoher job could be social media manager. In this game, you would have to manage comments, reviews (good and bad), and use your resources to build an audience, appease irate customers, bring in sales, create content, etc. It could be a resource management game where time is a resource (i.e. be as effective as possible without working too much overtime, it takes x amount of hours to create a certain type of content). Could also be worker placement where you must assign a worker on a spot in order to fulfill that job requirement. For example, one spot could be to monitor comments on a live stream, write an article, or talk back and forth with the irate customer over DM about how you can't justify refunding the food they left on their counter for six months and now it's rotten and bad. You know, that kind of thing.

I think there could be a lot of fun games created based on "normal" jobs.

Interesting question.  It reminds me of the old video game (Root)Beer Tapper (name may depend on what part of the country it was in-I recall seeing both names as Beer Tapper was not kid-friendly) where you tried to serve customers coming in for food and beverages at different tables.

How about postal workers? Setting aside the challenges within the USPS, most of the postal workers I've interacted with over the years have been great people.  (I do have a relative who works/worked for the USPS.)

I wonder if you could set it in such a way as to have two people playing simultaneously? Have two sets of birds and food available and half the table takes from each but you still have shared objectives, so are competing with everyone and benefiting off others cards? That might speed things up a bit