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I do enjoy these threads!


I threw a couple bucks out for some games on NerdzDay so I could flip em for different/better games or some cash. I picked up #Viticulture: Essential Edition (will mention this in a minute) and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 (if you are interested in this, send me a PM to buy or trade with me). I also backed #John Company (Second Edition) and am debating if I want the coins! 


In the process of Removing Viticulture in a trade for #Cubitos! I played this recently and it is definitely fun, not super long or interactive but everyone loves dice and it is short enough for it to not be a problem for me! Thinking about trading/selling #Barrage and #PARKS but havent confirmed that move yet.

On my Radar:

#Coffee Traders - this has been a game that I put off because it only played 3-4 players but it recently had a 2-player variant officially announced and now I am right back in it...I have some DOGE so maybe I can use my earnings from that on this lol. 

Played an interesting collection of games this week:

Good week!


Just realized I forgot about my board game arena games.  The question is, do I count them when finished or just the fact that I played them?

#Yokohama with , tenelka413, & .  So far I'm doing ok but I think I'm hitting a mid game slow point that I always seem to get with this game.

#Russian Railroads with , .  I feel like I'm flailing around with a bad strategy.  I'm not out of the game yet but I'm not sure if I can get a good engine going. 

I do find it hard to get a focused strategy with the big gaps between turns.  I've started using the notes section so hopefully that helps a bit.


Played August in #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 last night.  Our second failing month (Mar was our first).  Will have more details in my write up on the game's forum pages but as my one friend said last night "We failed to pay attention to disease cubes in a game of PANDEMIC...Well damn it" 

May be a while before we get back to Pandemic due to summer kid activities and travel plans, hoping we don't forget how to play in the mean time ;)

Played session 7 of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.  I'm still enjoying the experience but the group in general has cooled on it overall.  A couple members of the group feel like they have no shot at winning and its impacting their enjoyment of the game.  I'm honestly not sure if we'll finish the game at this point. 

Played a game of #Imhotep which was fine.  Its a quick little game for what it is and can see it being a nice lunch time game and gateway style of game.  Scores ended up pretty close (37,37,35, 32) which is always a nice thing for a game.

Ended with 4 rounds of #Coup in which each of the four of us won 1 game.  Not my favorite game in the bluffing,lying, hidden roles genre of games but its hard to get upset about a game where the rounds last 5 - 7 min like most of ours did.

Without giving away any spoilers, who will be winning Clank Legacy is hard to tell before all the games are over.  

I mean, if everyone is having a bad time then stop playing of course.  Having fun is the most important thing.  But maybe your group just needs a break before getting back in to it?

Clank is one of our favorites! We own everything for regular clank except for a few promo cards. The game is unique because players truly determine the level of tension in the game. We love that with sooooo many cards and board options (including the completed legacy board) every game and playthrough is different, and you need to base your deckbuild on what is available, which always varies greatly. The only flaw used to be player count, but the latest expansion fixed that. The only flaw now is the new asymmetrical characters are a bit unbalanced, with some much better than others.

Oldest didn't have baseball on Monday so my Monday group got a chance to do our 2nd game of Aug in #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0.  Full write up hidden with spoilers on the game's forum page, but we did manage to complete both of our remaining objectives.

Finished up our night with 4 hands of #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine where we won 2 of the 4 hands. 

Last night I got a 3 player game of #The Estates, this was my 3rd game of it and all 3 plays have been very different.  I screwed up the last turn and cost myself a chance at the win. 

Played #Barenpark afterwards since I've 3D printed a ton of stuff for this game over the past couple of weeks and I wanted to see how it all looked on the table.  I printed bear statues, tile holders, and other insert items.  Made game set up super easy and everything fits very nicely in the box.  I love the way the bear statues looked on the board.  Much much nicer than the cardboard piece.  I played pretty crappy so came in a very distant 3rd place.

I LOVE me some Clank! 

I ended up getting in to #Clank! In! Space! as that's the one I first tried but generally speaking the game play is the same.

My gaming group finished #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated which I have to say is probably the best legacy game I have played short of #Gloomhaven.  (And if you consider it versus any 10 game stretch of Gloomhaven is better.)

So my comments to the questions:

  • Do you like it?  Yes. Love it!
  • Own it? I own Clank in space and all the expansions so far.
  • Do you play it all the time?  Yes, I throw in a solo game often and play it with my group every once in a while.  (We play a LOT of new games so anything that has been played 3 or 4 times at this point is a beloved game for us.)
  • Best strategies?
    • I don't consider myself an expert by any means but a strategy that I find works well for me is to spend the first couple of turns buying basic cards.  You need that movement and purchase power in your deck. 
    • Sure, that really cool card that will be awesome later is cool but you are giving up some basic horsepower your engine needs to do well in the game.
    • It really pays to pay attention to your opponents.  What options do they have?  Are they really hurt and are likely to grab something quick and run?  Have they been collecting a certain type of card and you might be able to buy one that is useful to  you but would have been REALLY useful to them?
  • Anything related to it?
    • If you are playing solo it's definitely worth it to play with the Renegade app.  It refreshes the card row and adds objectives in a light campaign structure that has simiilar humour to the game itself.  It just adds a nice bit of something to the solo format.  The only drawback is that it doesn't support expansions for #Clank! In! Space!.  I'm not sure about regular Clank.

Love this game and I could talk about it all day!

Finally got my July game of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 in!  Writeup to come. 

Also introduced #Mice and Mystics to my 4th grade class.  (One of the boys had requested an RPG game earlier.)  It happened to be all boys that day and they absolutely loved it.  I didn't go too much into the weeds on the rules, basically let them pick a character and told them they are moving and attacking.  I didn't even give them any special powers until the 3rd tile.  And I wasn't 100% clear on the rules for the water part so I kind of flubbed them but I think I did it pretty well haha.  We only got through about 3 maps in the time we had, but they all wanted to play more. 

He also asked what other RPG games there were out there.  I said I had others but they were way more complicated.  I think I only have like #Gloomhaven, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, #Star Wars Imperial Assault, and like... maybe #Arcadia Quest?  I don't have a ton of others and I think with the possible exception of #Arcadia Quest none of these are going down in a 4th grade classroom in less than 30 min haha.  Is there anything else out there that is on the similar level of difficulty as Mice and Mystics? 

Based on my limited research lol, I think Arcadia Quest is your best bet.

I think I'm finally going to take the plunge on Pandemic Legacy. Just gotta find a couple to play it with us but it shouldn't be a problem.

If you were closer than all the way across the county, I'd say I'm in to trying Pandemic legacy with you!  😁

Oh, you said couple-my wife most likely would not commit to that.  The closest she's come to a legacy game is #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle trying to win all through game/year 7.

I love her videos.  A few moments that really resonated with me...

1. The cheeto hands, I was dying watching her reach for the card

2. Destroying components, I am not a legacy gamer and it tore my heart open


I own #Clank! In! Space! but have played the original plus finished a campaign of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

It's for sure my favourite deck building game which is one of my favourite genres. The humour works well for me, the gameplay works well, and for me the overall package is wonderful!

For solo play I highly recommend grabbing the Renegade app and playing through their campaigns.  It adds some flavour to the games plus gives you some objectives during the game and even rates how well you did!



LOVE IT! Although I STILL haven't played Legacy yet, despite owning it (I know, I know...). I just love the adventure aspect included with the deckbuilding. And the stress that comes knowing you're probably going to die in the depths but still try to escape anyway. I always have a great time playing it and will never turn down an opportunity to do so.

Oh man, you have to play Legacy for sure.  Probably the best legacy campaign I have played short of #Gloomhaven.

I think Pandemic Season 0 has been my favorite. The original legacy was my favorite to play because it was so fun and new, but I really like the theme of Season 0.