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Got lots of fun plays this week:

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Physical, Solo): Did some deck construction with Black Panther against the Green Goblin.  I pulled off a pretty handy win.  I think it's time to cycle through the heroes against Klaw for the next while.  I am really enjoying thiis game!
  • #Gùgōng (Tabletopia, Multiplayer): Second time playing this.  The first time was quite a long time ago.  This time I felt like I had more capability to create and follow a plan.  I won't say this is a top ten or even twenty game for me but the card swapping mechanism is interesting and adds a little something different to the game.  I probably wouldn't suggest it but I would play it if suggested.
  • #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (with all expansions) (TTS, Multiplayer): After a couple of rounds of #Civilization: A New Dawn we wanted to go back to the original.  Man, just something about this version that really does it for me.  It has a lot more going on than A New Dawn.  A New Dawn smooths out the detailed edges for a more focused, shorter, and easier to teach game  But that granularity brings some amazing gameplay and moments to the table.  With 4 of us having played it quite a few times it still takes longer but not too long and the strategies get more in depth and interesting.
  • #Aeon's End: Legacy (TTS, Multiplayer): Mission 4 for us.  I have reached the conclusion that it's a pretty basic deck building game and I wouldn't buy the regular game but the legacy element makes it interesting enough that I'll enjoy playing the campaign and then probably have enough of it.
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (Physical, Solo): I love this game.  It's easy to pop down and play a quick game and you get to build a map which I always enjoy. :)  The different scoring mechanisms keep it interesting game to game and I have kickstarted the expansion stuff to add more variety.  I see this one being played for a long time to come.

Good week!

1. How did you find Board Game Atlas?

I got re-directed here when trying to look at, which I used to use all the time.  And it sure looks like there's a lot of great information here that I can use and that I can't really get easily on bgg, so I'm staying!

2. How long have you been in the hobby?

I played (or attempted to play) my first real hobby game when I was in 6th or 7th grade, so about 1977.  I believe it was Avalon Hill's Anzio, and I hated it.  (I still don't have any love for hex-and-chit wargames today.)  But I was fascinated by the concepts.  I think I soon tried Avalon Hill's Battle of the Bulge, and I liked that one a little better.  There weren't a ton of options in those days.  From there I branched into some miniature gaming and then went heavily into roleplaying (when AD&D first came out).  Then I went back into board games (Diplomacy and Civilization and Dune were big for us), some collectible card gaming (Magic, when it first started), some more roleplaying (Call of Cthulhu and Torg), and then when the Eurogame revolution hit the US in 1995 I went in starting with Settlers of Catan whole-heartedly.  My boardgame collection is now somewhere around 2000.

3. What are your favorite 3 games at the moment?

Right at this very moment, I guess it's Dune (still), Dune Imperium, and King's Dilemma.  At least those are the hot ones I'm actually playing.  Recently, I've also really liked Gloomhaven, The Crew and Azul.  And I love all the room-escape style puzzle games.  I'm dying to play Pandemic Legacy Season 0, which is sitting right here on my desk, but not until the real-life pandemic lets us get back together face-to-face.  All recent gaming has been entirely online.

Nice week! 

  • #Root on TTS
  • #Watergate on TTS - High praises for such an interesting and quick 2-player game.
  • #Everdell finally with the #Everdell: Spirecrest expansion. Really enjoyed the expansion and what it adds to the game.
  • I managed to convert my #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 into a Vanilla #Pandemic and gave it a shot. Really nice and fun. Always good to have as a co-op choice.
  • #Mottainai - recently acquired and couldn't be happier. It's a unique game, with so much depth. Not for everyone for sure.
  • #Dune: Imperium on TTS - giving this a try. Was on my Wishlist, but I might be reconsidering it. I personally like the theme and the game, but my group might not be into it that much. Going to give it 1 more try.
  • #Fields of Arle  on TTS - for the first time, obviously got crushed, but interesting game. I liked it, but wouldn't buy it.

#Risk: Legacy is my favorite way to play Risk.  The games tend to be pretty short (45 - 60 min for a 4 - 5 player game) at a least at the start of the legacy campaign.  The longest game we've had is 2.5 hrs at the full 5 player count.  My group has done 25 or so plays of it over the course of 2 campaigns and its awesome. 

#A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition has a lot of the things to like about Risk in a very similar type of package.  If you have friends who like Risk and have any interest in the IP then this is a good one.

Related #Risk: Game of Thrones is Risk in the GoT universe and it has a number of things that make it better than basic Risk such as giving you the ability to buy upgrade cards, and play for VPs by completing objects which helps the game to end faster.

#Kemet, #Blood Rage, and #Rising Sun are all good to great dudes on a map game where combat is highly rewarded and best of all doesn't involve any dice. I'd probably rank them in the order listed but I know a lot of people love Blood Rage.

I really like #Adrenaline for direct in your face combat with a fairly reseasonable play time.  Not a dudes on a map, area control game at all but if want you want to use a lazer to chop your buddy in can't beat it.


Thanks! Great notes. I also think Risk Legacy is great, but I was playing with someone who wasn't really invested or enjoying it and it brought everyone down. If you have a group gun ho to take on the whole thing, that is absolutely the best option. 

I often think about the comparisons between Kemet/RG/RS and Risk. Glad to hear you are coming to the same conclusions. Game of Thrones is good too but it felt like there was so much more management and strategy than just a core military that it didn't quite fit.

Have heard of Adreneline but not yet played, will have to check that out.

Lots to think about here.

I'm looking forward to see what's the new Terraforming Mars game will look like because I love the original one but it's a bit too heavy for my wife (she likes co-op and legacy games). 
I'm praying to all Gods that I'll buy a copy of Tainted Grail but not for a triple price. 
And I'm also waiting for the announcement of the new competitive AR game

I am interested to see what the new Aeon's End Legacy Kickstarter looks like next month.  It's not an insta-buy for me but I've loved Aeon's End and will watch the campaign closely I'm sure.  I am also interested in #Now or Never.  I just got #Near and Far for Christmas and am looking forward to seeing how I like it.  

There's another Aeon's End Legacy? Did not realize that! Did you know ? (I'm guessing you've had enough for now though and won't be jumping onto another any time soon)

I really need to try out the base Aeon's End at some point. I've heard it's great fun even for solo sessions.

#Splendor and #Dominion: Second Edition were the two games that really pulled me into looking for a more emersive game experience.  I'd played #Catan before that but didn't connect with that and still stuck by games like #Boggle or #Scattergories.

I have since become more enamored with explaoring different types of games with mindfulness toward cost and how much I might be able to get my family to play.  That being considered, I will still pursue games that I know I would enjoy even if my family does not. #Brass: Birmingham being an example of the latter (though Becky might still play it with me).  

I much prefer playing games with other over solo but even in the absence of players I can enjoy the solo experience and prefer a deep story or engaging theme in such cirmustances.  If I was forced to play solo for, let's say a year, I'd spend a lot more time on games with immersive factions and stories.  I think in focusing on the solo variants the following games would get played much more:

1. #Gloomhaven - without a doubt I'd have this set up for quite some time and if I knew I'd be stuck playing solo then #Frosthaven would have been backed and I'd be going to the nines exploring the plot lines a characters.  

2. #Maracaibo - this offers a fairly simple legacy type story line without having stickers or other itmes that force a purchase to reset.  I think I'd enjoy playing through these various plots a few times to see how the story plays out along different plot lines.  I would think 20-25 playthroughs would get through the main storyline at least once and then I could run through a different string of event choices later on.  

3. #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris - these are not in order as I'd choose this option over number 2 in a heartbeat. #Scythe is a fantastic game that I rarely solo as I love the player interactions more than many other games.  That being said, The Rise of Fenris is a fun and engaging plotline and I may try to talk Becky into playing through it with me one day if she has the time.  I've played through all but the last two scenarios (COVID kicked in) and look forward to finishing.  As a solo experience though, I could see this being pretty engaging.

4. #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - offer a lot of options and while there is a solo variant I might consider working with two player boards and soloing that way as well.  The different scenarios are a blast and it is a significantly challenging game.  

5. #Firefly: The Game - Man I love this game.  While it doesn't rank in my top 10 it is still a great deal of fun to play and more so with others.  I think there is a lot to explore as a solo experience though no where near as good as #Gloomhaven or #Scythe.  Still, I try to get this to the table at least onece a year and play Firefly in the background for fun.  I have the #Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun and #Firefly: The Game - Kalidasa expansions which offer the whole damn 'verse for pirating.

6. #The 7th Continent is a great solo game that I'd happily play more if contrained to solo gaming.  I have a saved game with Becky that we will one day start up again but as it stands I still hang onto this game despite few plays because it is a lot of fun when it hits the table.

7. #Obsession - feels a little like a Victorian English story when playing this one solo and I find the quaint tea party invitations to be a nice country repreive.  Though better with others this is not a bad solo experience with a little history.  When playing with Becky, she drew one of the guests and obtained a "Stowell" which is part of her family heritage and Becky noted that the character from the game appeared to be historically accurate with regard to their originating area (not necessarily the negative gameplay mechanic).  

Hm..I've played 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9.  That's a pretty good year all things considered. 

Of the one's I've played...I would rank them

  1. Pandemic Legacy Season 0
  2. Viscounts
  3. The Crew
  4. Search for Planet X
  5. Dune

I know you steer clear of KS generally but I'd think that #Stellaris: Legacy would be appealing to you

Got to play June of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 with our friends.  We screwed up the 2nd half of the month really badly rule-wise, so we're going to redo it >.>  We also snuck in a quick game of #The Voyages of Marco Polo after to get the bad taste out of our mouths.  Pandemic had kicked our butts pretty badly lol. 

Saturday my wife agreed to play more #The 7th Continent and we did the #The 7th Continent: Swamp of Madness curse.  Played for almost 4 hours between 2 different sessions.  Wife had a great time as we got to explore the island a ton and saw some hidden numbers, had some graphics we needed to decipher and a bunch of other actions.  I may need to get my own copy of the game when I return the one I've borrowed.

Sunday played #Potion Explosion at a party with 3 players, including one newbie.  My BIL and I have been playing on Board Game Arena and he liked it so much he bought it.  I came in a very distant 3rd as I had a round where I accidently pulled the wrong marble moving to quickly which pretty much took me out of the running.  Still a great time. 

Left the party with my BiL and went to my normal Sunday game group where I got a chance to play 2 games of #Dune: Imperium w/ 3 players and it was just okay.  The 2nd play was better than the first but I'm not sure what all the buzz is about.  The best thing for the game was that it was over in roughly 60 minutes for the 2nd play.  For a game in which turn order matters a ton, I wish there was a way to determine first player other than having it go around the table.  Felt like there is no "middle" to the game.  The first couple of rounds go pretty quick and then you're in the 3rd error of combat cards giving 2 VPs to the combat winner.  Games ended by 8th round usually hard to see a path to victory in the game if you are trailing by 2+ VPs by the 6th round.  Was really disappointed by our plays of it.  Gave it a rating of 6.5 after the 2 plays.

Finished the night with a game of #Fort that also confirmed our first play thoughts on the game.  While a fun concept its just so hard to build any sort of engine.  Going first in this game is BRUTAL as you almost always end up last on building the first 2 levels of the fort which means you typically end up with the worst of the Special Rules and Scoring cards.  Took the game off my wishlist and lowered its rating from an 8 to a 6.5 after this play.

Today moved my normal Monday game night to game afternoon since we all had the day off work.  Did two plays of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0  Lost the first game in March and then had a Succeeding result on the 2nd try.  Will have a fuller write up in the month spoiler post. 

Finished with a game of #PARKS  We all loved this game.  Starting to see that a couple of the backpack powers are a little overpowered and a couple of the end game scoring cards may be the same.  Such an enjoyable experience. 

Maybe a bus driver?  I know there are games themed around bus routes but how about a game themed around being the driver and having to deal with crazy passengers, things happening along your route, while still trying to do your route on time.  Could even be a legacy game with decisions you make impacting your route the next day.  

Not sure if I would PLAY a game like that mind you but II could see something like that working. ;)