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1.#Star Wars: Rebellion. The Galaxy is wide open. As the Empire you are working on the ultimate weapon and are poised to eliminate the pesky rebel scum. As the Rebels you are well hidden and the Galaxy is full of opportunity to thwart evil and restore peace and justice to the Galaxy. 

2.#Star Wars: Rebellion. Space and ground conflicts are tense. You aren't quite sure if the Empire has located the Rebel base. Perhaps a couple of planets have been destroyed by the Death Star. The imperial war machine is ramping up. Maybe Chewbacca has been frozen in Carbonite. Perhaps Luke Skywalker is still farming moisture on Tatooine. 

3.#Star Wars: Rebellion.  Most likely the Empire knows where the rebel base is and is racing to move fleets there to destroy it. Perhaps they discovered it with a token force and the rebels fight a desperate battle to give them enough time to relocate. The rebels are frantically trying to complete a few more missions that will tip the balance and generate enough support to overthrow the Empire. It might come down to one final turn. One final battle to determine the fate of the Galaxy. 

Not counting my games in the states, I have only one game here that I have yet to play. I am refering to #7 Ronin. I have read the rules, and it really looks fun, I just need to get it to the table.



Ooops, didn't actually respond to the actual post in my first comment. Many apologies. I do actually have several games of "shame" in the way OP intended.

#The Farming Game: This is a roll and move. It has high input, and output randomness. There is no real choice in the whole game, and it still takes 2+ hours. But, man, I still sort a like playing it. It has so many nostalgic memories for me, that I still look forward to playing it.

#Pit This one is too old to be popular. But, it is one of my prefered "party" games.

#Catch Phrase!, this is the edition I have, and I honestly love it. This is probably my favorite party game.

No worries . I definitely have a shelf of shame that has, honestly, too many games on it that I need to get to the table.

I've not ever heard of #The Farming Game. I have played #Pit before with the same friends I woul play Phase 10 with. It was enjoyable. I haven't played in years though. I stay away from #Catch Phrase! though. There is nothing wrong with the game. I enjoy the game. However, my wife's family likes to play it at holidays and my wife gets really competitive. She I more competitive than m in most games, but normally stays civil and remains a good sport. Something about Catch Phrase sets I off in her though. Fun game though.

I don't have specific memories. I do however have a vast store of vague memories of me, by myself, playing #Monopoly, #The Farming Game, and #Chess.

This is a very specific subset of farming. But, have you tried #Vinhos Deluxe or #Viticulture: Essential Edition

Oh man I loved that game as a kid. It was fun to see your farming community grow too. And to participate in the fair! That was fun. 

Thanks for the template:

I could have used this video when we were trying to play for the first time. Gotta love a good farming sim! Thanks for the video!

Games that I like that others don't... Remember these are sorta relative.

  • #The Farming Game. This is not a good game. This is a roll and move, high randomness, way too long game, and has no real decisions. But, I spent hours playing it solo as a child, and telling myself stories about what was on the board. Whenever I play it today, which I admit isn't very often, it transports me to my childhood. So, this is a highly personal game, that I don't expect other gamers to enjoy.
  • #Acquire This is an old game, even older than The Farming Game.... I think that some gamers enjoy it, and it gets a decent score on BGG. But its age works against it. I think it is a beautifully simple financial game. This is what we all should have had growing up instead of Monopoly. I think this is a great game. I know people who actively hate it, but most just seem indifferent to it.
  • #Catan I know this was mentioned earlier. But, I really do love this game, especially when you add the #Catan: Cities & Knights expansion. I don't know of many if any, other games that are that simple to pick up, that short to play, and still contain that amount of mechanisms. And, while it can be a bit fragile depending on your group, I have been blessed to play it with great people.
  • #Spirit Island..... I love it. doesn't..... LOL


Games that I don't like.... That others do.

  • #The Castles of Burgundy I just really don't like it. It is universally praised. It is still 14 on the BGG top 100 even though it is almost 10 years old. Everyone I taught it too even liked it. I just never did. I ended up ranking it 4/10
  • #Dutch Blitz Oh I hate this game, I hate it with a passion. My local youth group growing up LOVED it. My wife LOVES it. I even know people here in El Salvador that have it, play it, and LOVE it.
  • #Pandemic Why is this so popular. Maybe I am just a jerk that doesn't enjoy mid weight coops.... But I like the Forbidden series. I like heavier coops. But I really don't enjoy Pandemic.
  • #7 Wonders. I don't hate it. I just don't like it. I would never choose to play it. 



Camels + Racing = #Camel Up

Too many races + Territory Control = #Small World

Dinner Building + Card Drafting = #Sushi Go Party!

Haunted House + Traitor Game = #Betrayal at House on the Hill

Iconic Monsters + King of the Hill = #King of Tokyo

Bean Farming + Trading = #Bohnanza: Bohna Nostra

Trains + Route Building = #Ticket To Ride

I could do this all day...


For me, I think of several titles. 

I don't know if Bezzerwezzer is mass market or not, but, I really like it. 

I like the #The Farming Game. It isn't a very good game, but I have a lot of background with it, which makes it fun. 

I enjoyed this video. 

I think for me the exception would be #The Farming Game. If it's a super simple roll and move, move, and it has about as many choices as #Monopoly. But, I do enjoy playing it occasionally. 

I'mm glad you're doing Edo's contest! I had a game in the works for that but it ended up becoming not what he was looking for, so now I don't have anything haha But, I do have a new design in the works! I'll never finish my other projects now haha

As for your game's name, I like Farmingdale. The "dale" gives it a nice cultural feel, like I'm visiting the Shire or something. I would think Simple Farm would be super light, and Agrinomics would be a brain burner (although I love the name Agrinomics!). 

#Agricola ...Ive tried many times and I really want to like a farming game but this just isn’t it. 

I like this. 

Game I love: #Scythe

Me I think is underappreciated: #Fief: France 1429

Overrated : #The Castles of Burgundy

Game I can play over and over : #Race for the Galaxy

Game I don't play enough: all of them.. I'm going to say #Innovation

Game that made me fall in love with games : #Fief: France 1429

Game that I wish I made : #Mage Knight / #Star Trek: Frontiers

Game that changed me life : #Dominion: Second Edition. It convinced my wife that hobby games could be fun. 

Game that surprised me: #Carcassonne.... It's actually a lot of mean fun. 

Guilty pleasure : #The Farming Game is a game I shouldn't enjoy but do. 

#Root is clearly a game I should've played by now but haven't. 

I realized everyone's tastes are different, but every time I see how popular some farming themed video and board games are, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, haha. I don't understand the draw. Obviously a game can be good aside from its theme, but I'll probably never even consider a game with just a straight farming theme. Maybe someone can explain the appeal to me?

For me, any farm video game that’s come out in the past 20 years or so wouldn’t appeal to me either. 

Sim Farm was more of an economic sim with a farming theme. I personally like farming so that might be part of it. 

Last week I tried playing Farming Simulator ‘19 was so bad. I accidentally flipped my tractor and couldn’t figure out how to right it so I just went for a walk and found train tracks. Tried to get run over by a train but it just went right through me. Tried to jump off a dam but I ended up just walking on the water...